I have been busy + Text Link Ads

*put on artificial voice, tune-tune to screeching tone, imagine those receptionists in small towns’ supermarkets and their announcement over the PA?*  I bish to ret my lear reeders lou lat  I hap been busi  rately.  Soli that I hap not been bisiting your bollocks as mush as I bish.  I also bish to tengkiu for bisiting my bollocks legulerly……

MUAHAHAHAR!!!!  Does that makes your skin crawls?    But I notice some bloggers do that, feeling pressured to explain and stuffs. Personally, I think this is a bit egoist, don’t you agree? You think everyone crane their neck waiting for you to fart, meh?
After some years of blogging, the desire to ‘please the readers’ is deaden. The urge to keep up with the socialising circuit diminishes after a while. Not that I don’t like to peek into every bloggers’ lives but I just can’t find the time. At times, I feel it is a bit superficial. Other times, I know I don’t have the energy to keep remembering who is celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries, getting married, lying the hospital sick, graduating etc etc.  Not that I don’t care if you have kicked the bucket or still blogging but you know…things can get hectic in real life.
A lot of people asked me how I keep up with so many blogs. Well, there aren’t that many blogs if you look at it closely:

My parenting, critically ill children and bereaved parents blog are mostly copy and paste of the latest news and they came from almost the same sources.  One stone kill three birds. I did it because I had been through that path when I want to search for information and had no knowledge where to go or have the ample time to search the net. So, my critically ill children and bereaved parents blogs are sort of ‘paying back to society’ for what my good doctors had taught me and also what I had wisen up to. Do you know what sort of shits some irresponsible websites are doing to vulnerable parents? Promising them nonsence and giving false hopes?

BTW, please do check out my new, pretty templates at Little Heroes and Healing Path. I had spent hours searching for something I can use and something bereaved parents and parents who are extremely stressed due to their child’s critical illness can find stuffs easily. Nice lerrr….  While doing the upgrading, I also found out that I had been meddling with building websites since June 2002 starting with Yahoo Pagebuilder on Yahoo Geocities.  Mammamia, that’s a mighty long time since I dabbled in the internet.
As for my food blogs, I can type with my eyes closed ‘cos they are so easy to do. And that leaves only my personal blog. Which is even easier to manage.

Anyway, I really have been busy. And did not notice that Text  Links Ads  have sold a link for me! Woohoo! Did you notice the little ‘Free baby stuffs’ link there? That’s Text Link Ads. If you haven’t sign up, go try your luck. But they are very picky with sites they accept. I submitted five sites but only three are approved. Thanks to LiewCF for his generous sharings.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t know if this is real or scam.
It works like this. You can offer to place up to eight ads links on your site. Each link’s rate depends. I cannot reveal how much I am getting for the link but it is for each month. Not bad eh? Go, go, go sign up with Text  Links Ads.

Meantime, the Ever Ready bunny gotta work.  Ciao and I missed popping by all your blogs ‘cos I have  to hunt for some missing files in my mountain of CD-Roms. *sniffs* I don’t read Chinese and I have to find my Mandarin files!  *sobs*  I want a Chinese-ed man now.  Chiu ming ah!!!!  Ta nan ren, ni chai na li?

15 thoughts on “I have been busy + Text Link Ads

  1. QV – Good thing he is in OZ.

    Ahpek – You banana think I dunno.

    STP – HOI!!! You wanna get smack with dirty diapers? I am looking for my ICU guidebook in .pdf format to upload to my site Little Heroes lah. I got a few Mandarin versions and cannot tell which is the latest version. So I have to count the pages ‘cos I dunno a word.

    LiewcF – I pasted the code but forget my single sidebar. Tks for the tips.

    Jon -You need to ask this question? You have seen my site anot? It is not for me lah. Go play football far-far. It is for parents with dying children, terminal, ICU chidren. Boleh faham?

  2. i see i see. didn’t really explore every blog of yours. even this is huge enough for me.

    erm. if you need help, i think i could help… I do know some chinese btw.

  3. Very nice templates!

    WTF, in blog comment also wanna put affiliate link? Dude, you need the USD25 so badly is it? You are f*cking shameless!

  4. Bryan – LOL, ya hor. I just notice the referral link. It’s ok lah.

    Jon – I found it finally, tenkiu! But now you know la, this blog is not my main focus.

    wuching – You grow money tree mah?

    foodcrazee – Not use to your name yet lah. Everytime, I thot who commented. 🙂

  5. TLA is more of a Pain in the Backside as much as I hate crispads.
    Pay lousy rates too. So I stick by my in-house Click-Thru ads instead, which pays on average USD75 per sale! Better than Google too!

    LiLian…. You don’t want your money issit? I still have to write you that check I owed for the ad space!

  6. It’s true TLA pays lower than average rates, but affiliate fee is another source of income too, azrin. 🙂

    That’s why we see people heavily advertise them, just like the shameless guy. Advertise in own blog is ok, putting affiliate links every where else is pathetic.

  7. Bryan – Wuah…like that one issit? So I must put up lotsa lotsa affiliate banners hor? Until cannot see which is my post and which are ads? 😛

    Azrin – Aiseh man, I tarak bank account and no one believes me. 🙁 Never mind lah, I keep kasi you keep in bank until enuff money to buy some ads space to advertise breastfeeding is best.

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