Of Goodyear tyres and leaky cars

There is a Hokkien saying that goes something like, “Chiat bee mm chai keh” or ‘Eat rice but dunno the price”. It applies 101% to me. We went to change four tyres today. Our credit cardd cannot get through because the computer line was down between the car tyre repair shop and their merchant bank. So, I asked my atm why not pay by cash. In all the din and noises, I earlier heard RM300+.

“Aiyor, pay cash lah.”

“You siao ah, where to find? I don’t carry so much.”

I stood up and offered my wallet. Damn belagak like dat ‘cos I have RM50 in my wallet mah…. LOL. It is RM300++ PER TYRE, woman! Duh! Where to dig out RM1,200++ from your pocket? Spare tyres, you got a lot lah.
In the end, my kids and I ended up as pawns whilst my atm ran to the nearest ATM to withdraw the money in a heavy downpour. *roll eyes*

Then, if water (sui) is any indication of plenty of money pouring in, we will be extremely rich. Few weeks back, my car was leaking from the clock. We thought it was just dripping some water from air-cond condensation but it turned into a waterfall (when the car was parked). So much so that the towel we left in the car soaked up gallons of water when we wringed it. Turned out that the sun roof has some pipes that was blocked by fallen leaves.

It rained like more than twelve hours today. And another car leaks. This time from the back roof. Haih…..this is what locally made cars are.

So, everybody, got buy 1280, taruh big-big in Da Ma Cai, Sports Toto, Magnum and illegal betting. If strike already, sponsor me a Satria Neo.

15 thoughts on “Of Goodyear tyres and leaky cars

  1. In case anyone notices some funny feeds from my site, sorry lah. I itchy hand installed some damn pahwerful plugin and ended up importing some posts from somewhere and slotted in here. Wasn’t my intention. Was actually looking for something else. Installed the wrong plugin. 😛

  2. ahpek/michael – Ei, you go ask those Datin, Puan Sris and see they know anot? Chey….It shows how ho mia I am mah….

    Jee – Yahor – Want to buy wood to make bullock carts wheels also need more than RM320 hor? My kid’s skateboard wheels also cost RM175 for four tiny ones liao. LOL.

  3. itulah …. u guys buy big big car thats why tyre very expensive! my iswara 13″ tyres only 70 per bijiks … 4 bijiks baru 280 oni niah …. u change 1 bijik i can change 4 liow … rich peeple ar lu!!

  4. Heh, wingz, itu company mia tayar la ‘cos company mia kreta. If sendiri mia, I use re-thread. Go midway, bits and pieces come out like dat? You ever use a re-thread tayar buruk before? I got ler…in my Nissan March and Honda Civic FIRST generation.

  5. Wahh… RM300 per pcs, can buy Beemer tire already. Your ATM use 17(diameter)/210(width) tire ah.. why so expensive?

  6. even with the line broken, the company should be able to just do a manual credit card transaction..they couldn’t be bothered, wanna get cash from rich ppl!

  7. wuching – The shop cannot do manual approval ‘cos prolly they bad leg before or what. Anyway, my atm not so easily kena. He gave them the money, told them to keep it. Then, he returned later in the day and zap his card and take back the dough. Hehehe, never mess with an accountant.

    moo_t – 16″ cos my atm drives long distance to his factory in Kedah mah. ‘Grandpa’s’ dough nvm lor.

  8. Wah Piang Eh!
    Tyre is still tyre… whatever make it is.
    Heck, I ever spent RM3200 on full set of wheels and low profile tyres before… and I regret it since!

    Now…I just get the modest BUDGET brand: PRADO aka made In Indonesia DunLops! Remind me to get MOT for the car now… (JPJ pull me over other day, cos flat sparewheel!)

  9. Robin – Yalor, perdana

    azrin – You mean JPJ kat UK lah. Kat sini JPJ tarak peduli la, you don’t have spare tayar pun, you punya pasal.

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