Do you prefer to be male or female?

When I was small, I always wanted to be a boy. I grew up with a nickname Tomboy. I would roam the kampung with a bicycle, chopped banana trees, picking betel nuts (shell and sell to some Indians), catch tadpoles and earth worms (to be fed to ducklings) and etc etc.

I did play masak-masak with a neighbour once but I didn’t want to clean up and left her with the mess. After that, no one wants to play masak-masak with me anymore. Anyway, I played ‘cos I wanted to play with fire.

At one point, I even punched banana tree trunks (which is very soft) after watching too many Bruce Lee’s film. But sigh….I am still a girl. A girl who has many disadvantages because girls have rules.

Still I did not give up pretending I am a boy. When I was in Form Four and Form Five, I sat on the boys’ side of the classroom. God knows why I join the pack. And no, I wasn’t a butch, finding girlfriends. Not a lesbo too. I just want to be a man.

Now, if say, one day, a bright light shines down and a voice boom from above (picture Moses with the burning bush?) while you are in an open space :

Do you want to be a man or woman?

What will you choose? (assuming that nothing in your life gets upset, not like your wife will be living with a woman now instead of a man or your husband will turn Brokeback Mountain or you kids will have two dads etc, just imagine, pway-pway lah).

Me? Of course, I will shout – Give me a huge dose of testosterone and a big KKC plus a male chauvinist attitude.

27 thoughts on “Do you prefer to be male or female?

  1. The first to comment!! LOL

    Make me a woman, anytime. I loathed nothing more than to bear with chauvinistic pigs.. so for sure I won’t be one myself too. Just my opinion, no hard feelings.. šŸ™‚

  2. Sometimes, having the sense of the opposite sex does help, that you can get yr job done better, esp when you can feel and know the thinking and mindset of the opposite sex.

    that is my 2c worth

  3. Wouldn’t change who I am, am happy to be a woman, although I’ve always had more male friends than female since I was at school. My dad used to say I had plenty of bodyguards around, hehe.

  4. me think it is easier for a man to become a woman than a woman becoming a man.
    for man. they just have to cut it off, but for woman, how to stich a new functioniong one?

  5. Since this one is for play-play only…
    As a kid, I also always wanted to be a man. I read about a female tennis player went for a surgery and I thought it was just possible for me to do the same. Off course this was before I knew about ‘halal haram’.
    Even now, I have silly thought that I can be better if I’m a man…hehe! But looking at the HUGE responsibility my man has, I’d rather stay a woman, and I’m happy to be one..hehe.

  6. hmmm.. interesting thought..

    which bring me to think of people sitting in the sex change room waiting for the surgeons

    hope their mind is makeup by then.

  7. Though I sometimes bitch about being a woman, I still prefer to be one. lol

    If I can choose, can I say an attractive and ‘teh’ woman so I can enslave the male and make him work for me?? lol

  8. I would still prefer to be a man. One thing though, I would love to get multiple orgasms like them. šŸ˜‰

  9. Adam: which cerita dongeng u heard that ALL women get multiple orgasm??? :p

    i wud choose woman anytime…there are miracles that only a woman can perform! šŸ˜‰

  10. MOM, what happens when u r a man and then u found out u have a damn small shrivel KKC ? WIll u want to be a man then.

  11. I used to think that being a man is easier.
    But now, even if i’m given a choice to choose my sex, I’d still want to be a woman šŸ˜€
    We can’t go wrong with skirts/dress/pants/jeans
    IT’s not wrong when we cry
    It’s not wrong when we dont know things
    It’s not wrong when we make mistakes
    yadda yadda yadda
    so woman anytime! šŸ˜‰

  12. A woman. Because I saw this notices on the pillars of parking lots IN FRONT OF THE LIFTS in Cineleisure Damansara…

    “Parking for Ladies only”

    I was astounded when I saw that notice.. but nyahahaha..

  13. I don’t mind as long I would be happy, rich and good looking and smart.. hahaha
    Anyway, 5 xmom, I have done your 5 questions interview.( Also took so long to answer.. eye for an eye..
    heheh.. no lar. I was in Hong Kong for holiday. So took abit of time.
    Anyway, guess which movie star I saw in HongKong ? hehehe

  14. I want to be able to switch between male and female as I wish šŸ™‚

    Sometimes, in certain situations a male is better than a female and vice versa…

  15. sming – Gallen Lo? hahaha.

    Folks – Sorry I didn’t manage to reply each one of your comments. Been out the whole of today. But hor, very greedy lah you all. Give one gender, wants to have both pulak. Later become those sexless human baru tau.

  16. Lilian.. heheh.. no lorr.. You crazy over him ah.. Keep guessing but anytime wanna give up and know the answer is in my blog. šŸ˜›

  17. abe – Ya hor, true also.

    sming – Heh, I thot some lengjai HK actor.

    SA – It is a ‘cooking game’ like English girls playing tea parties.

  18. hahaha.. yeah…. the ‘contrast’ in expectation is so HUGE hoh..
    My fren tot it was my love, Takashi… so she laughed her head off when she saw who I met
    Wingz, no offense yeah.. šŸ˜›

  19. As a gal i was a tomboy 4 sure , i use to tuck my hair in my
    baseball cap and go play baseball with the boys hehe.
    Of course back in those days gals weren’t allowed to play with boys at school let alone play baseball .

    Of course i like being a woman , but there is still a tomboy inside me hehe that comes out to play.

    cheerz tcz

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