Me so bitchy

Went to watch X-Men 3 today because Pirates of the Carribean is not showing until July 13. Duh (mis-read the month) and my kids don’t want to watch Superman because they told me it has too many kissy-kissy parts. Anyway, am glad also ‘cos I never like Superman because he looks so nerdy and the woman reporter looks anorexic. (previous Superman lah)

After that, we went to the skatepark. I arrived later than my two older skater boys because I had to chase a toddler who rode his tricycle.

Now come the real part (those above are fillers 🙂 )

Two older kids whom had been known to be public nuisance was tayang-ing their old bicycles. My two kids probably annoyed them before also. Anyway, there was a separate time frame for BMX-ers and skateboarders (as they aren’t suppose to be in the same place at the same time for safety reasons). But you know lah, Malaysia semua pun boleh.

By the time I got there, I know the two cyclists with their ciplak normal bicycles are purposely blocking my kids way. So, I observed from far. They then continue to annoy my kids (probably thinking my two thin, scrawny kids are alone) by tailing them. After a while, I got damn annoyed and called out to them. The park is huge so I had to raise my voice to be heard.

I told them, “Ei, now is not the time to cycle lah, if you all want to cycle, don’t block people’s way lah.”

DNMCH, that two public nuisances not only don’t respect my comment (not that I expect it but tiu, I am an old lady, they are two monkeys age around 10-13 years only), they tailed even more.

At one point, they intentionally stopped their bicycles right where my son suppose to land, thus, blocking them from skateboarding. But what do I know? My 2nd son purposely skate down, let his skateboard roll and jumped off his skate.

If you have never seen skateboarding, all I can tell you that a flying skateboard can chop off your neck when moving real fast. And that skateboard rammed into the spokes of the bicycle wheels. One of the spoke came off. Muaharhahhar.
Tralalalala, I didn’t see that, ok? 😛

And these two kids, whom probably have futures to be politicians (when semivalue retires for good) came to me to ask for compensation! DNMCH. WTF. Kids only you know?

I told them off saying they aren’t suppose to ride their bikes there. Anyway, it was an accident and they shouldn’t stop their bikes in the middle of the skatepark.

Wuah…cilaka mia bebudak. He went on arguing with me like some hotshot lawyer saying that he got permission from the guard. He asked me to go get the guard and ask him. Chey…I told him, Gua tarak cakap sama guard mia. If I want, I will go write to MPPP (city council), the Rotary Club (sponsor) and the newspapers. After that, I took out my camera to take photos of the notice board (with the time schedule) to scare them a bit.
Then, a batch of BMX-ers, this time, the regulars who follow rules and not public nuisances like those who joy ride came by. Cilaka mia budak pulak challenged me wor. He said, Nah, go and tell them to get out la.

Niamah, I wonder what kind of parents they have. So small only, so clever to ‘teng chui’. I also want to teach my kids to argue with strangers like that. So terror mya. I taruh-ed them that they are professional riders who follow rules, not like ‘you two who don’t know how to ride properly.’

Later on, I went away for a while with my toddler. And these two monkeys again went to kacau my sons wor. Anyway, my kids have a big gang of older skaters who are working adults so I don’t worry so much about that part. But hor, what if these two monkeys see my car next time. Die ler, sure go calar my car wan hor?

So you think I am bitchy anot?

(waves to BBB for the T)
Ha? Bitchy anot? No hor. I feel bad for bullying small kids but hor, if kids like them don’t get told off, they later turned into Bollywood gangsta how? (makes mental note to see that my sons eat more to grow muscles and improve their karate chops )

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  1. I hate kids like that. My son is small for his age. Because of this I have developed Clumsy Fu. The art of accidently on purpose bumping into bullies and knocking ’em down. Then sat exceuse me wif lots of sugar coating. Little punks. Aiseh…

  2. The sad thing is there are MORE & MORE kids like that these days?? Is it because both parents are working, no time to teach their children…or parents these days irresponsible…or they spoil their kids rotten??? We get lots of them in the school??? Dont wanna study, buat kacau…! All bo-ka-si wan!!!

  3. I think that’s what you get when you spare the you agree STP?? U didn’t get this kind of problems during your time right…. hahahaha.. I can see the long lectures of “during my time as a student..blah blah blah…” hahahahahaha

    Kids nowadays are too easily influenced by the media and thus the result of their bo-kah-si-ness. I guess there’s nothing much we can do except pray that they all get strike by lightning 😛

  4. Been there, done that. But I try not to do that too often especially infront of my kids. You know la. They pick up bad habit pretty fast.

  5. I blame it on their parents. A lot of spoiled kids around. Some people give birth to a whole football team but don’t take care of them. So they end up roaming here and there picking up all the bad habits.

  6. I’m quite concerned also when i think how my kids will turned out…training ’em from young wud help but the majority of the kids out there are PUNKS and kids being kids, are easily influenced. boys get rough and girls get bitchy. sigh.

    simple american, i like ur style of educating, LOL!

  7. Wah, taiko habis!! When they get older can become TONTO.

    Urgh..I’ve encountered children like that. Rasa nak piat je telinga. Bloody bad manners!! I pray my kids never become like that. Naughty ok (all kids are naughty what), but to the extend of being rude. Gua baling dalam gaung..bikin malu famili saja.

  8. eh auntie, those punks from semivalue party?? double tius! be careful of punctured tyres!

  9. Digital Camera FTW 🙂 . Mobile phone camera will never give the same “scary” effect.

    Just don’t under why nowaday there is more and more annoying people that don’t follow the public rules. I bet those celaka children must have c*b** parents that double park or block the whole street for something nonsense. It is some food they eat that make them retards?

  10. Mother hen must protect the chicks wor, so bitch away! Next time add some more spice like “I work for the presslah, tomolo u see ur pix in paper then u two si liao”. Err…but about your car *shake head liao* sure habis one next time.

    On the other hand, maybe not all the fault lies with the parentslah, sometimes kids mix with wrong crowd wor. My kids still small so better shut my mouth first

  11. mott – Hahaha, you made me laff but seriously, these are all signs of how kids are brought up nowadays. Just open the paper and we can see so many kind of stories. 13 yrs old bashed by gang, 17 years old part-time student/part time robber, 13 yrs old borrowed money to play online games, lost it, ran off to work selling DVD.

    Immom – I think generally, they are more hostile towards other races and can’t take no from them. 🙂

    moo_t – Yalah.

    sooi2 – Wuah, your eyes very sharp to catch the subtle hints hor?

    along – Yalah, I am amazed they have such skills in arguing and debating. Makes very good politicians next time.

    sooi2 – It is hard to find the right balance when they are older, on one hand, you want to be the morally corrected parent but on the other hand, you want the kids to survive the real world. So when we (parents) are doing something not exactly right, we would tell them, ha, this is wrong but sometimes we have to be like this in order not to get bullied.

  12. Adam – I think the parents are also confrontational and that’s how the children behave like that. Like my kids, if kena chided by strangers (adult), they quietly retreat away, right or wrong also dun care. But these two, terang-terang doing something and still denying. Fuwah, very naik api ‘cos they are much bigger in size.

    Hijackqueen – Yalor, at first I thot let my kids sorted it out on their own but they kept tailing with their bicycles. I thot I told them off, they would stay in their corner. Manatau, lagi terror.

    QuaVadis – Hahaha, nowadays, the students beat the teachers time pulak. The tide has changed.

    STP – It is part of the parental upbringing definitely and we have forgotten the part about being respectful to authority. Like a student should have respect for the teachers? But no….parents go scold the teachers in front of their kids, challenging the teachers’ wisdoms, questioning their qualifications IN FRONT of their children…etc etc etc. That’s why I never want to step foot in school for Open Day anymore ‘cos the way parents belittling the teachers, I very beh tahan. Some will tell the Form Teachers, “I don’t want to argue with you, I can talk to Bro Paul anytime.” All these for just a few more marks in the exam papers. Duh. Think what kind of message is getting across to the child?

    Somemore hor, STP, I am very proud of the fact that my children do not discern races and they are chummy with all without any hostility towards anyone. But I can sense some of the hostilities amongst some. True anot, you get that from your students?

    ahpek – Yalor, that area their territories mah. But no sked lah, got a lot of ahpeks there who are gym goers with muscle-muscle. I only need to scream a bit, all the muscled ahpeks will sure come and protect me.

    wuching – Hehehe, you like the Mitsubishi logo ah?

    SA – Yeah, I also find it hard to deal with a child that has small size than his age. (still waiting for puberty LOL) People tend to think that just because one is small, they can bully the person. And when they get challenged back, they can’t accept the fact.

  13. I know what you mean about this new generation of fearless brats. I remember back in my time, teachers and other ppl’s parents are symbol of authorities, so i very takut mia.. lol Guess things are now different.

    Lilian, I think the real culprit should be the guard. He’s the person paid to ensure order in the park. How can he make the rules and allow bikers to ride on skaters’ time?? Go after the blardy guard! He’s setting his own rules and therefore wrecking havoc.

    As for whether you’re bitchy or not? I think you’re just being a mother who’s instinctively protective of their kids. lol

  14. No lah! I very nice to my students, respect them as individuals…good or bad at their studies, and they’ll respect me back. Then they listen to anything I say. (Besides, I’ve got the size advantage!!!) If they nice, I nicer; if they not nice, I turn into green monster…”Don’t make me angry! U won’t like me when I’m angry!”

  15. STP – So, your four tyres never kena pamcit yet la? Maybe Sibu kids more well behaved than our Peninsular side?

    helen – Hahaha, the guard? Sama pangsa wan, so I dunwan to create any scene la. Just let it be. If the two kids again come and tail my kids with their bikes, then, we shall see.

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