5xmom’s guide on how to surf safely as a ball-less anon

You know what? I baru learnt that my Streamyx IP showed me appearing from every corner except where I reside.

Now, many ball-less people like to flame people. They have this inner, dark, secret where they wanna bully people but dare not show their real faces. As you know, the blogsphere sometimes have flame wars (ooooh…I like….) and the anon-dickheads will start appearing.

As your friendly auntie, I shall leak out some secrets to those who also wanted to be anon. commentors/flamers, but dunno how. Not many of us are techie, so this is for the noobs. Those techie nerdy guys stay out, ok? Unless you want to share even more pahwerful tips.
1) You need to have a fake IP or hidden IP because we can trace where you come from. For e.g. everyone who see an IP from Penang will assume it is me. Tiu! Don’t so perasan, I don’t simply visit any blogs. So, surf anon by going to surf-anon! There are many other sites, actually.
2) When commenting anon, don’t be bodoh and use a name like anon. lah, stupid. People won’t have respects for names like that. Use some bloggers name. But cheebye, don’t use the URL or use my sacred name, ok?

3) Lastly, I can tell you little juveniles that doing such thing is not a nice thing. Your mama probably will smack your butt. Your grandma prolly will turn in her grave. So, don’t do it.

But if you still wanna try being a shithead, ball-less anon commentors, fast-fast go to Rojakz’s blog and flame Xiaxue. Faster-faster. Show the world how patriotic we are. We memang rude. We must live up to our names. Cepat-cepat, jangan lambat. That girl said hor, we are lacking in sex so that’s why we all so anal.

*Tralalala, 5xmom goes off to do her chores, singing happy song.*

22 thoughts on “5xmom’s guide on how to surf safely as a ball-less anon

  1. flaming that girl is a waste of time. she’s pretty much beyond help. it’s a shame that there’s alot of young minds reading what she writes.

  2. “Use some bloggers name. But cheebye, don’t use the URL or use my sacred name, ok?”

    jah, it just occurred to me recently that unless a blogspotter is commenting on another blogspotter (or other same blogs) ppl can just simply use any other bloggers’ names huh. veli de danger!

  3. sooi2 – But look at it the other way, the real culprit can do that and blame anon. Muahahar! Anyway, lesson learnt is never be too bitchy on the blog ‘cos someone wise taught me – The internet has a permanent memory.

    KY – Yeah, it is a wasteful cause. But fun, nevertheless. Must let others do it ‘cos I would never want to deal with her fansi, venomous lor.

  4. lol. i was showing xiaxue’s site to my friends yesterday. asked them to rate her looks, they were like, 6? out of 100?

    she doesn’t look good… she writes bs like i do… i’m really puzzled how she became one of singapore’s top bloggers. mind to explain to me about this phenomenon?

    xiaxue’s fans might want to torture me now… *runs quickly and hide* =p

  5. 5xmom : eh, look at ur header makes me hungwee. can order or not. send me the tau sah piah, flame no energy when hungwee.

    ok. send to this ip address.

  6. Hmmm..maybe I should infect her website with the QV virus and write long long comments hahahahaahhahaha

    Yess…we Malaysians memang rude..but not as rude as our that little dinky island that doesn’t have enough water to wash their own C.B. so that’s why they stink so much…(aiyo….now i am turning rude!!!)

    We turn off their water supply later baru they know..talk so much

  7. Let’s face it! There are a lot of rude people out there – the girl at the texi counter at KLIA, the taxi driver, those salesgirl who tail u in the shops as if u’re going to shoplift, the waitress in some Chinese restaurant when u ordered something light instead of a 10-course meal………… MOST of the time, I wopuld be EXTRA nice to them to make them feel bad for being so rude. Other times, I give them a tast of their own medicine! I always insist on my students (and my daughter) greeting me (and I always reply which isn’t easy when u have a class of 40 going to the lab and u have the misfortune of being at the wrong place and the wrong time!) and saying please and thank you!!! Gosh…so long! Getting to be like QV!!!

  8. Addictive isnt it STP 😛 hey..if flight delay later inform ah..dnt intend to lepak at the airport waiting for u hahahaha

  9. QV – You are evil. Hahaha.

    STP – Glad that the old generation teachers are still around. My kid told me, Cikgu said he won’t care we do our homework or not because if he scold or beat us, the parents will come and complain. So Cikgu said to let us rot.” LOL

    michael – Heh, then I can disclaim everything I post.

    Immom – Yalor, I didn’t know that the preacher also got an evil side to him. (BTW, he studied to be a priest before, I think I read somewhere 😉 )

    ah pek – Hahaha, why ler. I am teaching the community to surf anon only mah. You also must use it to visit porn sites what.

    Palmdoc – Got me thinking for a while before I get it. LOL.

    azrin – If you are referring to XX, it is her stunt. And it always work.

  10. Buzz – Actually I do read her posts and sometimes, she does see things we never notice. Quite refreshing, actually. Hehehe.

    frostier – Sent liao.

    wingz – Puadah.

    Jon – Hahaha, you are so bad.

    mott – She always do this, irk Msians ‘cos we always take up her bait mah.

    Wuching – But you never write that the whole OZ is rude mah.

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