The Cars – Watches + bedsheets = pokkai

The latest edition to toddler’s collection of The Cars memorabilia.  A watch with who else but The Cars, Lightning McQueen. This is from BonusLink points exchange.

Arrived by courier this morning, Thank God!  ‘Cos I had been asked, “Today is long-long yet anot?  Postman come yet anot?” every single day, almost hourly.  (we told him it will be a loooong time before he gets it ‘cos we had to order online and wait for them to make the watch)

Pheww….I hope this will be the last of his craze for The Cars.  We have bedsheets, the whole range of McDonald’s freebies, cushions, stickers, cards……

Just to recollect the thoughts:

#1 son – Crazy for Power Rangers and we even spent over RM400 to take him to see some pyrotechnic Power Rangers show in Stadium Negara sometime in mid 1990s.  Included in the craze was some kick-ass super expensive over RM200 per box Power Rangers than can morphed into a huge beast.  Go, go Power Rangers….

#2 son – Had the craze for miniatures ships and planes.  The whole lot of the WWII stuffs, including those tiny cans of paints that cost RM7.50 per can (and you need like a dozen cans to paint a single ship).  Must have spent over RM2K on his craze.

#3 son – Was crazy for Power Puff girls (heh, lucky he no longer fancy them anymore, OMG!) and we had Power Puff girls soft-toys, bed sheets, pillow cases, curtains…..

#5 son – This is just the beginning of another childhood indulgence.

Of course, the above are just some of the unique things they like.  This does not include the boxes and boxes of Legos, Lasy and other boys’ stuffs.  There are things like bicycles and now skateboards.  Plus the eldest is now hunting for a motorbike.
Anyway, it is worth every bit of it.  My toddler had been following me around the house and even banged on my door when I was bathing and shouted, “MOMMY, I LOVE YOU ALOT!”   After 3 hours since the arrival of the courier man, he is still holding the box, walking around, saying, “I am so happy lor.”  *sigh*  Who can resist that? Moments like these only last for a few years, so parents, better indulge and enjoy.  Hopefully next time, when I am 70 years old, I can ask for a 1 carat solitaire diamond to don my wrinkly hands.

24 thoughts on “The Cars – Watches + bedsheets = pokkai

  1. Lil, at least I have a long way to go before my Nuzul can ask me to buy him this or that. And I’m really waiting for that moment after what we’ve been through (u know why lah) 🙁 Your boys boleh tahan jugak ye … Seronok jugak dikelilingi hero – hero … I can bet when dia org semua dah besar nanti they will take care of you until the end of time … & you should be proud of them nanti

  2. >

    awwwwwwwww! we may complain abt the price tags but such moments are priceless eh?

  3. Lilian
    No need diamond ring. If sons continue to need you, feed you, take care of you and remember to say “MOMMY, I LOVE YOU ALOT!” till the rest of your life, that is plenty enough.

  4. I like this sentence:

    “Moments like these only last for a few years, so parents, better indulge and enjoy.”

    Yes, it’s undeniably true. childhood indulgence doesn’t last too long, and it’s a priceless moment.

  5. Aiseh! Why wait until 70 years old? Ask NOW! Hehe. Eh your toddler’s eyes in the photo showing of his watch says it all. I can see his happiness reflected in there. 🙂

  6. 5xmom so easy to satify. 1 carat diamond, cheh! In Japan, can easily get with RM4K-6K with certificate.
    Luckily you don’t have a girl, otherwise collecting barbies accessories, more expensive than boy toys.

    I notice children now a day really know how to “lum” adult. Gosh, my friend little hyperactive girl can make you gone crazy for the next minutes, but neutralise your anger in few seconds.

  7. just wish ur kids will have healthy good lifes is enuff for a parent, never mind about buying you diamond ring lah! they need to spend their money on their wives & kids too!

  8. phew ! even without a kid as yet…….thank god my nieces and god son and daughters dont do that to me…..chuckle!

  9. Bryan – Now already pestering the papa to buy Smart4two after watching Pink Panther. LOL.

    Neo – A lot ler, 7,000 points. But the quality not bad ler. I think it costs about RM70 like dat if 7,000 points.

    toxicle – No tenkiu, I have enuff.

    michael – Heh, your turn will come. Pester until you grow white hairs.

    wuching – You bad. Must reward the parents wan wei. Cannot spend all on the kids and wife, you know?

    moo_t – Huh? Like that must ask for how many carats jek? I worked in jewellery factory but dunno 1 carat is how big oso, never pay attention.

    Jyrene – Yeah, 2nd childhood.

  10. Dg – Yalor, my #2 very clever wan. He oso marked how much I spent so he can claim for same amount. LOL.

    MG – No ler, must claim from them. Wuah, he is sooo happy, carry the watch until go to sleep. ‘Cos he just learnt numbers and can tell us where the hands of the watch is, by numbers, not time. So, he feels grown up mah.

    Tiensoon – I hope it stays with them always. 🙂

    Silent Reader – Hahaha, you think they will still go around and shout Mommy I love you, meh? So repay in gifts lor.

    sooi2 – That’s why it is always very profitable to do parents business lor.

    Immom – You are second!

    mamanuzul – Yalah, kuat-kuat berdoa, moga-moga nuzul cepat sembuh. I am sure you also have many good moments with him jugak kan? Cuma kita si ibu ajelah yang boleh appreciate all the little miracles.

  11. I dunno also. According to wiki, 1 carat = 200mg(0.2grams)

    And link to the carat articles, the order of mass
    It is about the mass of 150-200 mosquito 😉

    1 carat diamond is abundance in Japan. Before Japan economy bubble burst, those herd mentality “tai tai” buy 1 carat diamond. A Japan company is guarantee same value buy back for those who bought from them. End up the economy bubble burst and the company that give the guarantee also went bankrupt. Just do a counting, with population around 125 millions, 50% female, even 1% from the 50 % female bought it, you know Japanese tai tai has abundance of 1 carat diamond. Oh, don’t forget, after the bubble burst, the useless diamond is the first thing to go.

  12. Wah, at least you can afford to buy them all. Must keep this entry nicely. When you are 70y/o, show them this entry and tell them you spent so much, so much for their gawd dem $$$ toys.

  13. i thot u don’t like diamonds?

    anyways, i’m restraining myself from buying all of the “cars” barang. i wud love too…but that wud mean less money for food..sniff…

  14. I had just blogged about the expensive prices of kids’ items when I read your post. Looks like we should go ahead and buy the pricey items huh?

  15. Couldn’t agree more with all the comments! Enjoy it while it lasts! B4 u know it, they’d have graduated to collecting…girlfriends, cars and all kinds of stuff that they think their ketinggalan zaman mom knows nuthin about!

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