Another horrifying school bullies case in Malaysia

I just watched the video on Wingz’s site about these bunch of Chinese boys (claimed to be from Kota Tinggi) using chairs and kicks to beat up a fellow school-mate. This is exactly like a scene out of those Hongkong triad movie. So, my conclusion is – Kids have watched too much violent movies, parents are ignorant about the effects.
I am thoroughly disgusted. Very, very sickening and graphic video, so please proceed at your own risks.

Parents – Let’s make some noise. Write to the media and tell them. Hopefully, they will gather enough voices from the parents that we are disgusted with these bullying cases in Miri, Sarawak, this (Kota Tinggi) case and few days ago, at the other school in the East Coast. I had written to the Editor of The Star (email : Please do your part.

Added :  Fulamak, this involves the  Deputy Internal Security Minister but Datuk Fu said :

The incidence of violence in Malaysian schools is still not very serious


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  1. My hometown is Kota Tinggi! Man, I am concerned about all these voilence these days. So different from when we were in school.

  2. That’s because parents are a bunch of complainy bunch these days… It’s all parents’ fault that their kids turn out to be either a bully or a sissy. Teachers are afraid to do anything these days because parents will complain here.. complain there.

    You *really* want to solve this problem? We need more teachers like this:

    Watch all 11 episodes of it…

  3. Datuk Fu is waiting for 10 kids to die in one day then only wana say “ok, we’ll set up a committee to look into this matter” Ptui!!!

    Some ppl say students behave like this coz this is how they’re treated at home. NOT true at all. my 10y.o nephew is like the anak emas of the family but he’s still the “class terrorist”. His parents dun give 2 f***s. Helen was right, unless their kids are bullied, they dun care if their kids are doing the bully! Told my husband don’t be surprised if 1 day ur nephew appear in newspaper for homicide; and then i’m going to tell him “I TOLD U SO!!”

  4. Buli membuli ni dah semakin menjadi2. Mcm mane Dr Fu boleh keluarkan statement mcm tu. If the kid yang kena buli masuk ICU “TAK SERIUS KE?’. Pls think about parents yang mengalami keadaan bila anak dibelasah dengan teruk lepas tu masuk ICU, yooouuhuuu Dr Fu masih nak cakap lagi hal ni tak SERIUS. I rasa nak buli Dr Fu pulak kalau dia masih menidakkan perkara yang betul dan mengiyakan perkara yang salah ….. 🙁

  5. This is the usual Malaysian attitude…..tidak apa lar…nothing to do with me…so why worry….anak dia olang mah…..bukan gua punya.

  6. Thank you for your post.

    As a victim of school bullying many years ago in a Malaysian school,for other reasons, my heart cringes at the low levels of tolerance, respect in this world.Though I cannot view the video on my comp, I can imagine the shock and the stress the poor victim felt and is probably feeling right now as we read this.

    I wouldnt blame it entirely on media, I feel as parents we too are very responsible for teaching our children to be respectful to other children – regardless of colour, shape, size, gender etc. Children need tobe taught that violence is not an option.

    Enough rambling
    I pray that victim from Kota Tinggi will one day forgive these boys. And I pray that he carries on with his head held high and his heart in its correct place. It takes courage to live in this world and I shudder to think of the state of affairs when these kids grow to be adults.

  7. please join this anti buli circle.
    it might sound like a stupid idea. but if everyone cooperates. there will be lesser and lesser bullies.
    you have to know that i never mention my name anywhere in the web. so that means im not after attention. i hate bullies. and in my school there are too many bullies. and i see many bullies in many places. we need anti bullies gathering in one spot. gather as many people. to help each other out.

    i was inspired when i saw a friend of mine standing up for himself. a bunch of malay so called skinheads tried to intimidate him with lame jokes and making weird faces and straight away he got up and send his fist flying to their faces. even though he lost, the so called skin heads didn’t dare to bully him anymore.

    and the thing is, he did it all alone. he totally respects himself and thats why i like him. we need more people like him. and so… please cooperate. gather people to THIS ONE SPOT. it might sound like a stupid idea. but if we really try to work together, it will work.

  8. Dear fellow mates,

    Bullying happens everywhere at school, at college and anywhere. This also includes sexual assault.

    i have a long story to tell a true and genuine story.

    i was a victim of bullied for years since 8 years old. i was bullied mentally, emotionally and even psychally. And i am also being bullied till now, in other forms.

  9. don’t blame them.. maybe they didn’t mean to bullying but the students accused them for bullying.. they were convicted.. there’s a case in my school.. one boy stole my friends stuff and didn’t admit that he’s doing.. then when he was found out guilty,, my friend kick his ass and he reported the wrong statement to the warden.. that way,, my friend was suspended from school for 2 weeks.. so dis is bulls**t man!!

  10. i am bullied by two guys which are paranoid and a**ely ,i am verbally bullied by them using verbal and physical method,it happened in 2009,but i can’t forgot the epic bullying

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