A quickie is better than sex after a World Cup match

So, yayyyy!!!!! Germany is in. Well, not that I pine for Germany but I had predicted Brazil to win and Argentina was the greatest enemy. Now, do cry for me Argentina….

Anyway, if there is an hour plus break between two World Cup 2006 matches, what is the best thing one can do, other than having sex? A quickie!!!!!

Takes only 2 minutes. It is hot, satisfying, fulfilling and nothing is more romantic than doing it on the dining table. Just the two of us.

A quickie lah. Neh….this wan lor….

Ok, back to ogle the Italian players. If only I can spot a not naked Fabio Cannavaro

8 thoughts on “A quickie is better than sex after a World Cup match

  1. wuching – Wait I tell you my experience of eating KKC’s soup. Wait till Monday when my traffic is higher only I blog about it. I swear, real KKC’s soup.

    michael – If not, you think what? Instant noodle, fast to cook, good to eat.

    ahpek – We call it Mee Maggi over here. But that one is not mee maggi but some expensive stuffs (according to my atm).

  2. Ceh!!!!

    My man went straight to bed after the Germany match. I took a nap and set the alarm at 2.50am and waited for the Italy game. I woke up to the alarm but my man was so tired sleeping like he’s one of the player in the German-Argentina game. Snoring away….. lol

  3. 5xmom!! Why suddenly your photostreams are all about FOOD.. MAKANAN.. FOOD… MAKANAN ??
    Your quickie also a delicious looking bowl of mee ?
    Just made me itch… I am having this hhhhot burning desire in me to EAT….
    Habis lar I. HOW to go on diet ?

  4. sming – Ya, this week flavour is fruits and vegetables. I have over 3,000 photos in my flickr album and 1K are just food photos.

    helen – lomantik hor…watching football together

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