Changing templates for Blogspot blogs is so easy!

Blog template gives me the same thrill like walking into a boutique or shoe store with unlimited cash. Just imagine being of the perfect size and everything fits you. You can grab as many as you like. It is free, free and free.

I don’t know php or any html thingamajic. I learnt them through trial and errors. From Yahoo Geocities Pagebuilder to Frontpage to [tag]Dreamweaver[/tag] to html tutorial online and now, php codes. Just pure determination, a desire to learn and experiment, a sharp eye and a good memory. Plus a thick skin to ask when in really deep shit. Like the first time when I owned my own domain and over-write my whole public html folder when I try to use ftp for the first time and cause the whole site to disappear.

But never depend on others too much and got into the habit of asking people to rescue. You will never learn a thing like that. DIY is best.

So, back to blogger blogspot. I got curious and explore. I found that it is so easy to change template on Blogspot. Mammamia! Back then, when I first started blogging on blogspot in October 2004, there aren’t such stuffs, no? We only depend on whatever is given by Blogger. Now? There are endless supplies of template.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Google for ‘free templates blogspot’.
  • Check out all those nice templates and if you find one, just take the html file.
  • Copy it over to your current template.
  • Of course, if you killed your blog in the process, that’s not my problem. šŸ™‚ Ok, back up your original html file first. Just copy and paste to your notepad. Nothing will go wrong, don’t worry.
  • Republish your blog and tadaaa….new face! A new attitude!
  • Oh ya, don’t forget to paste on your adsense.

So, during the weekend, in between eating out, church and shopping, I have managed to change the template for my two dead blogs.

  • A Durian’s Lifestyle – Warning: template sexy sial. May be 18 SX or 18 months old (drools only mah), depending on your impression.
  • Travel & Food of Penang – I found the most calming, blue, deep sea template fitting for a travel blog. Sooooooo nice!

Plus, I added my current blogs rss feeds to the two blogs. They will remain dead though. Such a waste because they used to have PR5/10 which dropped to 4/10 and PR4/10 and now dropped to PR2/10.

Anyway, having a WordPress hosted in my own domain is even more thrilling. On a scale of 1 to 10, it is 8.5 high. Blogspot is about 3 only. So, it is really worth it to host our own blog.

Bloggers on blogspot, go change your template! It is a whole new attitude!

After this post, I promise to write something more palatable. Like how I ate kote lembu last Friday. I swear, I ate bull’s penis! But this will depend on whether you folks want to hear about it. Say yes, please.

8 thoughts on “Changing templates for Blogspot blogs is so easy!

  1. So malas today..dnt know why…weather in Kch 2 hot for any creative thinking…..lethargic…so come on…give me all the hamsapness you can find aunty so I would be more alive tomorrow hehehehehehehe…

  2. was supposed to shop around for WP templates, but connection so slow over the weekend… some more no mood to do anything… sigh.

  3. before changing template, better make a copy of your original template in case your blog disappear like lilian said! have fun!!

  4. Hah, just changed my Blogger template to WP-ish template few months ago. Yea, it’s good to change template once in awhile for a brand new start! šŸ™‚

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