Fifa World Cup 2006 – Best looking football players, according to 5xmom

I have Fabio Cannavaro, the player from Italy to thank for the surge in traffic this past one month. So many women wanted to bed him and said so in my comment board. Fabio said he attributed his prowress on the field due to good pasta, good sex and good sleep, courtesy of his wife. Mucho gracias, Fabio!

I have Simon to thank for, for giving me this Luis Figo’s name. I thumbed through Yahoo Official Fifa World Cup 2006 website and found not a single Portugal player that looks good. Some of their faces even look kerepot (hahaha, my own BM term for face that looks like roadkill).

BTW, I hoped I got the right person ‘cos I only google images and take the photo. Forgive me if I make a mistake ‘cos I can’t tell the Brazillian Gigi terkangkang Ronaldo from Cristiano Ronaldo (of Portugal, Google says so) nor Ronaldinho muka macam caveman. ‘Cos they all looks equally ugly.

I dare not ask my dear hubby who is the most handsome player from the German team. Later he banned me from accompanying him during the semi-finals matches. Since I heard of name Balak (means log in Bahasa Malaysia), I decided to take this Ballack. If you know of better looking (older) German player, tell me.

Finally…the man of the moment….

A name that had been playing in my ears for the past few years. He is one of the reason why I like bald men. But waitaminit, I don’t know if the below picture is the Zidane I am talking about. LOL. But this is handsome, so?

Now, who will get into the final of the World Cup? I bet it will be a duel between Germany and France. With the Germans winning. Never mind, boys (referring to Fabio, Ballack, Figo and Zidane lah), if you lose, there is always 5xmom’s bosom for you to cry on. LOL.

Wanna bet?

33 thoughts on “Fifa World Cup 2006 – Best looking football players, according to 5xmom

  1. Mater Dei!!! (Latin for Alamak! (allah mak..hmm..see…even malays call for the virgin mary when they get a shock..makes you wonder)

    Aiyoo…Wuching is right…for ladies and maybe STP..he might be interested..let me go and ask him…EH??? Wuching? I tot you interested in this kindda posting also? Come on..dont lie lah……

  2. AICK!!!! Tieu ne leh moh!!!

    HAHAHA..aiyo Aunty..I ask for you to be hansap but end up Wuching pulak become hansap!!

    Die..going to the monastery and hide from Wuching for a while!!!

  3. wuah…i dunno I got so many closet gays on my blog. LOL.

    Qua Vadei – I sang Agnus Dei all the time but didn’t know that Dei is God! OMG, I need Latin lessons. Any place to learn Latin online, free one of course. What is Panis Angelicus? Such beautiful song too. And Ubi Caritas?

  4. Panis Angelicus means Bread of Angels, Panis means Bread and Angelicus means Angels… yes..very wonderful hymn by St. Thomas Aquinas

    Ubi Caritas means Where Charity, its the first 2 words from the hymn..which goes Ubi caritas et amor Deus ibi est, which means, where charity and love there is God seems that everyone is closet gay here hahahaha…time to step out of the wardrobe everyone..hahahhahaha

    Wuch…very funny… thing you know..there’s a lion in the wardrobe 😛

  5. Wah, auntie, u make Zidane looks like supermodel la. Did u watch yesterday match ah? He looked like someone who have cancer and been taking chemo la. LOL No matter how he look, he is one of my all time favourite player.

  6. Nicktay – I don’t care, as long as England is out. Hahaha. I have been very happy since.

    Prometuez – That old man had been playing for years LOL, no wonder so teruk already.

    QV – I can sing Ubi, Panis, Agnus without even looking at the music sheets. Clever anot? ‘Cos ermm..Latin is very easy to remember. But my kids can’t stand it, torture, they say. Revenge la, for playing their loud music so often.

  7. ooohhh yessss…budak balak still my fave toy boy since the previous world cup!

  8. Tsk Tsk Tsk.. Wuching..a jokes a jokes..but what you commented is what we call..carik hal!! Nanti His Eminence, George Cardinal Pell of Sydney come and lecture you later…dnt forget..he used to be a player of the Richmond Football Club Aussie Rule Football and I’m sure he can lift you up and throw you into the Yarra River for a good cleaning of your hansap brain 😛

  9. Very Impressed by Aunty…I used to be able to sing Cesar Frank’s version of this Hymn while in the Seminary..can still do it as its stuck in my brain to this very day…hahaha

  10. Gregorian Chants and Latin Hymns are one of the most beautifully composed hymns ever. Some people find it very boring and they say they dnt understand it, but once you take the time to study it and translate it, you will greatly appreciate it….still have to “tabik” you aunty for being able to sing it without having to look at the notes..keep it up 🙂

  11. Zidane is my choice. I don care what the heck he looks like on the football field. I droooool on his pix in mags 🙂 Oops, *wipe wipe saliva on the screen*

  12. Figo Figo Figo Figo~~~~~~~~~~~

    Lolx. Like the way you post. Gonna link you up~! (o=

  13. aiyoo Lilian, for aminute i thought i was in the wrong blog! ampun, ampun, kak teh baru balik from umrah u know! aiyaaaaah!!!!

  14. HA! HA…. Germany won again!!
    Yeah!! M. BALLACK rawks!!!

    Can’t understand why people are so crazy about that D. BECKHAM, have they not seen M. BALLACK ?

    PODOLSKI (#20) is also good, take a look, how is he ?

  15. Tot Panis…would mean something else! How disappointing! Balak! Wow! Wonder if any part of his anatomy’s like a log!!! Ha ha ha! And the lion in the wardrobe…who on earth could that be?? And Lilian, don’t be so mean to England lah! Our friend, the Sarawak/Kuching dish, already in mourning for 100 days!!

  16. Can u believe that the Sarawak/Kuching dish turned sour…santan spoilt I guess because England Kalah 😛 He taking it very personally..I wonder whether he will go into mourning or not when QEII dies 😛

  17. Leng Lui Lilian, mind if I ask U something, because U are so techie. Where can I download the previous football matches on the internet ar ? I google for it, but find nothing leh!
    Help please, techie sexy super 5xmum!

  18. Cannavaro is the best. he has it all : skills, excellent technique, looks, SEXY BODY, great family, everything! I love you canna FORZA! t.a.t! (ti amo tanto)

    ok but when you say you can’t tell ronaldinho from cristiano ronaldo because they are both ugly: YOU MUCT BE INSANE!
    cristiano ronaldo is one of the best looking guys in football (number 2 after canna). you are insane to think he is ugly:evil:
    and you say zidane is hot? eww…seriously…GREAT FOOTBALLER AND A GREAT MAN but hot?…no

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