A taste of bull peenis (sup torpedo lembu)

Curiosity got the better of me. Should Anthony Bourdain wants to look for an assitant food taster, I am available. [tag]Anthony Bourdain[/tag]is this handsome looking chef who travels around the globe tasting exotic foods.

I just graduated to that level on Friday night. I can eat anything!

This is a torpedo. Very powerful weapon.

This is a cow. A bull actually because a cow is a female cow with lotsa nen-nen that feeds those poor babies whose mother refused to breastfeed them. A bull has penis. Which the farmer chopped off and sell to the mamak (Indian Muslim) and mamak cooked soup.

NSFW!!!! You are looking at a bull’s penis! X-rated!

The story

Ok, the story behind this. I used to have an ex-colleague, Roslan who often told me about this sup torpedo. “Wei, sup torpedo best tau? Mamak masak sup kote lembu. Hang nak cuba? Nanti I bawak hang pi makan.”

(Want to try torpedo soup? They cook the bull’s penis. I can take you there.)
I screamed, “Celaka engkau, pi mampui lah. Ptuii!!!! Uweekkkk!!!”

(You go die lah, uweekkkk)
Roslan looking very convinced, “Hang tak percaya? Tengkok Hashim tu, wei, bukan main kuat dia tu. Berapa round pun dia boleh. Dia selalu dok makan.”

(bull’s penis is believed to be an aphrodisiac and one of our colleague always boasted how ‘strong’ he is)
And that was many years ago. Last Friday, my kids challenged me to it. We secretly ordered a bowl while my darling husband was parking the car. We walloped it clean before he got there. Only my #1 and #3 kids dare to taste it.

The taste

My #2 looks like he is going to puke. And kept reminding me everytime I spooned a piece into my mouth and as I slurrped the soup, “Mommy, you are eating a bull’s cock. Tomorrow, you wake up, you also end up with a ………” Cut off midway by me, “HOI, shaddap, cannot say bad word, ok?”

The taste! The taste! Well, nothing special. No urine smell. Damn sinewy and some parts are so tough. I can’t tell if that is the kkc or the balls because everything has been sliced and chopped up. Of course, I dare not ask the mamak, “Eh, mamak, ini kote ke, terluk lembu, ha? Apasal keras sangat? Kote tua ke?” So, we fast-fast pretend chew and ptuii out many of the pieces.

Guess what my son retorted when I kept complaining that the meat is too hard?

“Maybe the bull was having an erection when they kill it.”

Duh! Where did my kid learnt that?

The after effect

I can hear that!!!! Did my dear readers just ask? “So, what effect did you get?”

I berak-ed (poo) the next day and that’s that lah. Cheh!!!!! If you want to know, go find some men and try it out. My kids and I were just playing with that bowl for the sake of blogging and life experiences. It costs only RM5. Poor kkc. So cheap only. (full report on the stall on Malaysia Best) Now my next eating mission is dog’s meat. šŸ™‚

So, who wants a bowl of bull’s penis soup? I blanja lah! (my treat) Come!

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  1. To explain : My atm would not allow me to do this crazy stunt so that’s why we fast-fast swallowed before he arrived. Otherwise, he would have given me the killer stare before I even dare to order, “Kote lembu satu!”

  2. u made me ROFLMAO reading this post! i wouldn’t dare try this but i have had dog’s meat years ago when i was still small but can’t remember how it tastes like but i’m sure sh pek can help u with that!

  3. So..did son #1 had a hard time sleeping during the nite or did he keep on going to take a cold shower šŸ˜›

    This story reminded me of the joke of a British visitor in spain and he went to a restaurant that specialise in serving bull’s balls and he loved the dish. He asked the owners where they got this wonderful testicles from as the one he bought and cooked in England didn’t taste as great, the owner said, well, you know we spaniards love bull fighting, and when the matador kils the bull, we buy the balls of the bulls and serve it to our guest, that is why u can never get the same flavour with ordinary bull testicles. Happy with the explanation, he never failed to visit that restaurant whenever he was in Spain, but there was one time, he went there, and the size of the balls was a lot smaller and so he asked the owner, what happened to the balls? The owner said, sometimes, its not only the bulls that dies. šŸ˜›

  4. We have that in Sibu. They call it “Sup Power” but if I’m not mistaken, they use the testicles, cooked in ginseng and stuff!!! Reminds me of a story about a dish in Spain – bull’s balls…but sometimes “bull don’t die…matador die!” Whatever…don’t expect me to touch the stuff!

  5. i dont eat beef if i eat also wont dare to try it…yucks..

    in my hometown u wana eat wild animals there a lot of it…

  6. In Colorado US, they will serve bull’s testicles as Rocky Mountain oysters….hehe..the names people coined for these parts.

  7. “My atm would not allow me to do this crazy stunt”

    So you had to resort to bestiality huh huh HUH?

    *run away*

  8. Guess why chinese rarely sell pig penis soup?
    Because …….
    Most pig are castrated to make them growth more meat (heheeheheheh now you know sex is better than diet to put off weight). Exception is the alpha male pig šŸ˜‰

  9. Ewww…the idea of eating some thing‘s other genital organ does not appeal to me. After all, I already own one.

    – MENJ

  10. Hahha lasted how long?? Longer than the WC match + extra time + penalty shootout? LOL

    If so, I gotta get one…. for my hubby.

  11. buaya – He won’t even want to think about it. So that’s why I fast-fast order when he hasn’t arrived.

    helen – How I know wor. My atm gave me killer stares everytime I wanted to order. He did not know we ate it too. He thought I am joking, I think.

    toxicle – Dog oso good, cat oso good. But my grandma who is a ‘sing ning’ (like Cantonese) said eat cats liao, in winter time, no need to wear wool clothings. So, yeah, my ancestors ate cats. No wonder I got barbaric genes like that.

    mama23beas – Hey, that’s a compliment!

    MG – For the love of blogging, I chew them without thinking what it is. Until my son kept staring at me and said maybe the cow gots Aids.

    menj – Hahaha, after I walloped, only I wonder if it is against the religion. But I guess not ‘cos the Indian Muslims sold them, so must be halal.

    ST – Try it the next time you come to Penang.

    moo_t – Eeww…pigs tend to smell. Even the stomachs and kidneys smells whereas, cows don’t smell. So, I cannot imagine what pigs kkc smells like.

  12. doc – Choy..you think I am an zoophile meh? cilakak lu.

    Hijackqueen – The picture looks drooolls mah. LOL.

    shooi – Oysters? They probably serve it raw? Puke.

    Neo – cannot, I will die if they put me with worms and maggots. One USD million dollar, maybe I will consider.

    ahnel – Hehehe, don’t give me ideas. But hor, I tasted snakes, ostrich, kangaroo, crocodile, rabbits, musang before so it is not so scary lah.

    Max – Next time you go try yourself lah.

    QV & STP – So, you are all educated from the same source lah. Now I know. But funny why QV so religious and errm…STP on the other extreme?

    ahpek – Cook and uncook, how to compare.

    wuching – I purposely keep this post till got mood only write. Rare chance to try funny stuffs like this.

    maR – Yaya, almost like sup ekor or sup tendon. So, I bluff myself lah. Tapi kan, ada juga small little slices that I know is the part ‘cos tengah-tengah ada lubang kecik. Like a coin but with a tiny hole in the middle.

    SA – You ate dogs before! Wow, that’s cool.

    Cocka – So, if I say I chopped up the kkc, I mean it wan hor?

    Wingz – Apalalu, can kasi you pahwer, dunwan ah? Want anot? I freeze them and courier to you?

  13. Hey, Lilian! What do u mean? I the other extreme!!! Go read the gospel…the story of “The Pharisee and the Publican”!!! The Pharisee of course the one who professes to be so good, God-fearing etc…..the Publican the repentent one (well, this one not yet lah!!!…and that reminds me of The Parable of the Rich Fool! Eat drink and be merry…!!!)

  14. No lah….they will still cook it. My fren tried it b4, he said they cut it into half. Called it oysters coz due to the shape…..

  15. shooi – OIC, must be damn tough ler.

    STP – Wuah, your wisdom amaze me. This is like also what-what parable also. šŸ˜›

  16. you’re lucky the mamak chopped it up into small peices. we had this friend down from kuala kedah, he wanted to try sup torpedo, not only he ordered a big bowl (RM8 ones) but he also ordered the same for my husband too…! my husband says that it taste like muscles (yeah lor… p***s are just muscles) and quite sinewy… good jaw action!

    the fear factor part was bila sampai toward the bottom of the bowl, when he scooped out a piece of meat & guess what appeared on the spoon? a tip of a bull’s p***s! it might not be too big, but it was clearly visible what it was! my husband slamba jer push away the bowl. kept asking him if he had actually chewed & swallow the head, does that count as a blowjob? šŸ˜†

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