Moaning, flirty skirts female Wimbledon players

Yesterday, there was one match on the Wimbeldon  between these Russians women, I think  Sharapova  and some Dementia woman. These two female [tag]tennis[/tag] players were moaning. And by moaning, I mean like ermm..moaning. I told my atm if he didn’t turn off the volume or switch to other channels, I am going to strangle him there and then.

My gosh, these women really went ‘urrgghh…ahhhh…oooh…eeehhh…urrgggh…hnggggg’. I bet some perverts must get a high just listening to them. I hate, hate, hate tennis. These women sound like they are doing some whatcha call those people who get a high by asphyxia? Those sado-machoism thing?
Then, some days back, my kids asked me. “I can see their panties!”

Me, “Those aren’t panties, those are shorts.”

Kids, “Whatever lah. Why do they wear such short skirt? Why not just wear the panties? Enough already what.”

Yeah, why indeed. I can never understand tennis and the nuances. Why would people pay hundreds of British pounds to see two persons battling it out for hours, groaning, moaning, thrashing over a little yellow ball? Those short, flirty skirts and those nipples protruding? Is it the sex that sells or the sports that attract?

Give me the World Cup anytime.

15 thoughts on “Moaning, flirty skirts female Wimbledon players

  1. well sharapova really likes to moan. that’s her style of attracting spectators!! urghh…arghh…uhhh. they’re having multiple orgasms when playing!! LOL

  2. I think the moaning part was started by Monica Seles back in the 80s… she was even cautioned by the umpire for being too loud… I guess now it’s just a norm… LOL!

  3. Don’t complain! They could be playing wearing those black outfits worn by the Iraqi women!!! Then it will look like ninjas in conflict!

  4. if footballs were played by those moaning women u would give it up too! similarly if tennis was played by those sweaty football players u would watch it too!

  5. Got this one from one of my many girlfriends! FIFA announced 4 next World Cup, all goalkeepers – use women! They will never let the balls get in!!!

  6. I dono if they purposely “moan” ornot but i know it takes hell lotta energy (hence the moan) to hit that one small yellow ball like the pros. the ball can fly as fast as 200kmph, faster than a honda can go!

  7. Very well put Hijackqueen. Short skirts, glimpses of panties, bouncing balls, sweat drenched see through shirts, aiyoo…..remind me not to let my son watch Tennis!

  8. Hijackqueen – Hahaha, ya hor.

    KY – It seems to get worse and worse. This Sharapova is not the regular one grunt but long moan.

    sooi2 – They do it to exert but this Sharapova (which is not pretty btw) draggggged it soooo long, it gets very scratchy on the ear.

    STP – But what if she ran out of the goal post to chase the balls, lots of them somemore.

    wuching – I no watch World Cup la. I only wait for penalty kicks, then baru shiok. So easy and simple. I kick one time, you kick one time. Like one-two-som.

    STP – I know you sure sit there in front of the TV, drooling, after you sent the missus and the daughters to your mother-in-law home lah.

    egghead – They do that all the time but this chaboh Sharapova really jialat wan.

    abe – Yalah, if neighbours hear think we watch porn LOL.

    helen – Hahaha

  9. think they’re trying to promote badminton by getting the female players wearing mini skirts in badminton tournament.

    sex sells.

  10. It’s more screaming than moaning. And what’s their problem? Are they trying to startle or distract their opponent? Even Bruce Lee didn’t make that much noise.

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