Two more WP plugins – Bsuite & SimpleTag

Hey, blogger friend who are noobs like me.  I found these two fun [tag]Wordpress plugins[/tag].

BSUITE -  [tag]Bsuite[/tag] generated statistics  is one of those things that keep me blogging.  I can live on stats.   It is like chocolates to me.   I check my Sitemeter often to see what kind of visitors came by.  OK, I admit my blog has very misleading titles but that’s the thrill of blogging.  To be the magnet for all sorts of visitors.
Now, with this supercool Bsuite’s WordPress Plugin, I can even display for my readers to see what actually people are looking for.  Look at my side bar on the index page and you can see the funny things people search.

How to get Bsuite?

1) Go to this page

2) Download the zip file, activate the plugin. (the zip file found under Installation)
3) Sit and stare at what draws people to your blog.  You can display the stats on your blog by adding in the functions.  (code can be found on the above page)

2) SimpleTag

Finally, I know how to add those little squiggle at the bottom of the post.  You know…those Technorati tags?  Just download SimpleTag WordPress plugin.  When you write, just add in the [tag]tags.  Read the instructions lah! Real easy.  So, go download SimpleTag WordPress plugin if you enjoy having little tags to boost the ego.
Ok, ok to my regular readers, I am going to blog about the bull’s penis taste next.  Promise!  With photos somemore.

3 thoughts on “Two more WP plugins – Bsuite & SimpleTag

  1. I wanna comment on your bull thingy meal but my office pc has blocked the access to comment due to your uncensored “words” wor…sheeesh….*piak piak my IT people*

  2. Immom – Hahaha, so notorious my site hor?

    Neo – Heh, that’s my dirty trick. Psst…don’t tell anyone.

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