Fifa World Cup fever has reached its max

Two more hours. Italy vs. Germany, match #61 of the [tag]Fifa World Cup 2006[/tag]. Two more hours before I woke my dear up from his sleep. He has assigned me to be the alarm clock because my normal bed time is 3 am to 11 am.

Is it going to be [tag]Fabio Cannavaro[/tag]?

Toast to Fabio. Yam Seng! Psst…can someone freaking tell me what does Jesus have to do with the World Cup? *points to that Google ad right above the glass* I mean, how does religion fits into the World Cup other than those Brazillian knocked-outed players who do the cross over every little kicks?

Yam Seng to Germany and Michael Ballack. Oh ya, my son Michael was the one who did the cocktail and took these photos. How does he get the red syrup to remain at the bottom of the Seven-Up? Heck, I also dunno.
1 hour 45 minutes and counting….Good luck to both teams. I bet on Germany. But my atm said sometimes Italy can play some pretty tactical football. We shall see….*lights dimmed ala American Idol, music gets louder and more suspenseful*

8 thoughts on “Fifa World Cup fever has reached its max

  1. Aiyo, Lilian! U should have asked the chinese medium first! Yesterday, my message was announced nationwide on traxxFm: “France has Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal has Lourdes, Germany has Pope Bendadick and Italy has….Joe Dolce! I choose Italy! Shaddap yer face! (Name of song)”…and you see! Italy won!!!

  2. Niamah, would u believe it if I tell u I mess up my dates?? I thot the match is tonight/morning 3am between Germany & Italy. This morning when my man watches CNN baru I know it’s all over. Diu.

  3. the way u put the glass next to the images of those 2 footballers it looks like ur worshipping them on the altars! i thot catholism forbids that!

  4. Since when that wuching become so “holier than thou”! Gosh! That QV must have rubbed off on him! He IS turning into another QV!!! Lord have mercy!

  5. ehehe, another fabio scored the goal, not the fabio with steel tight, soft bun butt.

    poor michael ballack! LOL

  6. Tongkat Ah Lian – Fabio Grosso, also Fabio.

    sooi2 – My hubby told me the results before he went to sleep (I was already sleeping) and I dreamt of Fabio (dun care what second name) ALL NIGHT! LOL. Not the hamsap kind of dream but just lots of dreams.

    wuching – Yalor, I kasi Thai kong-thau for Germany to loose. That red-red karer is errmm some blood. Now, final, who wants to bet, better come to me and ask me to twist the result.

    STP – I know who Lourdes, Fatima and the Pope but I dunno who Joe Dolce is until I googled. Who is he, very femes ah? Anyway, my atm is right about the Italians ‘cos he worked with the Italians. LOL Tactics at the final moments to win the game. Now, the final will be interesting with France (I bet) and Italy.

    Helen – Can’t Nina lorrrr…lucky it is not the final. But the first half was very slow so I went to sleep.

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