Reminder : Tonight World Cup, 3am Portugal vs. France!

Weiiiii…what are you doing reading this post? Go to sleep liao. My dear hubby has been sleeping since 8 pm. You say chialat or not? Since the World Cup started a month ago, we had not gone out for grocery shopping. My house ran out of eggs, instant noodle, fresh meats and vege and worst of all, no chocolates or snacks.

Every time we eat out, we have to make sure we go out by 7 pm and back home before 9 pm. It’s hit and run hawker foods only. We have to forget about yam cha and nice dim sums because by weekend, my hubby has to catch up on his sleep.

So am I glad that the World Cup is finally going to end soon. Because these aren’t the only things I missed out. Haih……

Ini pengumuman penting. Malam ini (maksudnya pagi esok), pukul 3 pagi, Portugal lawan Perancis. Jangan lupa. Malam ini, bukan malam esok. Jangan silap. Tonton, jangan tak tontonnnnn.

Checklist for tonight’s match:

1) Kacang Ngan Yin – checked

2) Hot Milo – checked

3) Muesli & Milk – checked

4) Carlsberg – checked

5) Evian – checked

6) Portugese egg tarts – checked

and finally, baked with love, durian butter cake!

I don’t know what will be the effect of eating at 3 am in the morning and sleeping at 5 am in the morning. But then, it is four years once. Go, go, France!

10 thoughts on “Reminder : Tonight World Cup, 3am Portugal vs. France!

  1. 5xmom, Cap tangan is the WORST packed peanut with terrible QC control and overpriced. Go get fisherman brand.

    Evian? Hmmm, save some money and change your lifestyle lar, IMHO, spritzer is good. (some psycho tea drinker say brewed tea taste better with spirtzer than evian).

    Portugese egg tarts – drooling.

  2. Protugal – Wuah…I thot you in Madison Avenue….Welokam back to Pinangsu.

    Jee – What a reason! You don’t like French fries, French loaf….

    Swifty – Only because of Zidane. I want him to retire with glory.

    moo_t – LOL, I bluff wan la. Where got money to buy Evian. Tap water also can liao. Kacang gives my atm pimples (on the butt) LOL and Portugese egg tarts, wait if Portugal enter the final, I bake some.

    dragoncity – How much you bet hor? (saw yr post)

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