Settlement of bike & van collission & the lesson learnt

I got many good advices, tips, suggestions regarding the little collission between my son’s bike and the van. Let me do a follow-up on what we did to settle the matter.

When he first collided, we were sympathetic to the uncle because from the look of his van, it was quite bad. Let’s not go into about my own son ‘cos I don’t like to discuss his personal stuffs online. That chap actually took a photo of his wounds (which is just scratches) and posted as his avatar with ‘My first bike accident’. Duh! Like so kembang likedat. So, let’s not talk about ‘thank God etc’ cos that fler did obediently followed me to church the next day. I don’t know what he said to God though.

Ok, back to the uncle. My atm sensed that something is not right about the way my son crashed into the van. Of course, we know that fler had been going too fast on his bike etc. But as his parents, we also don’t want to buta-buta blame our own kid and treated him like a small boy. My son did insisted that it was the uncle who turned into the lane out of nowhere. He said he cannot brake in time.
So, after some wise advices from Terence (one of my blog reader) who is a loss adjuster by profession, we talked to the uncle a few times. I was too lazy to get my bum to the police station and never did, btw.

The next morning, the uncle told us that it was my son who rushed into his van when it was already IN the lane. Common sense tells us that no one will swerve into the direction of a vehicle. Uncle said so because if he is on the main road (which he is), it was his fault and we do not have to compensate him.

In a situation like these, we do not want our kid to feel that we don’t trust his words. So, we do believe him and his version. (i.e. the van did not see him and son crashed into the van side rear on the main road) However, considering that the uncle was so nice and all that, we offered to pay him RM300 out of RM520. He asked from RM350 and immediately we banked in for him.

Now, all these is not about money. We can pay him the whole amount. But we will not because we wanted our sons to realise that :

  • there is right and wrong in every situation. We must know and able to judge. We don’t want our kid to feel that it was all his fault in this situation because it is not;
  • we want him to know that we trust his words and trust his actions.
  • we want the uncle to know that though my son is young, he is not so easily duped too. (‘cos he told my kid lots of ‘you shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that’)
  • we appreciate the uncle and his kindness in not hentaming or yelling at the biker (my son) like some people would do, so we gladly bear part of his expenses
  • we also want uncle to feel the pinch a little bit because he shouldn’t have turn in when his visibility is not clear (block by the oncoming Kembara turning the opposite direction) and also for trying to bluff us that my son swerved into the lane to hit his van. (dei, how can uncle see all that? And think my son got no common sense to suddenly turn into the lane to hit his van?)

Anyway, last Sunday, we passed by the stretch of road during the day. (the collision happened at night). We took another look and yeah, we did the right thing. I.e. defending our kid’s rights and giving uncle the pinch of RM170 because it is really his fault.

Of course, we thank God that there weren’t traffic coming behind because it was a red light then. We also thank God that we were actually just minutes away in our car. And that kid has gotten his lecture from the father (who is the one who approves his bike and even bought a new one for him!) that no matter who is right or wrong, the skin will be the first to sakit (pain) if anything happens. So, nowadays, he goes out with ‘Don’t ride too fast!’

We can only do so much because in Penang, bikes are the way to go. And it is not in our plan to be too protective. Sometimes, we gotta trust God a bit and give Him the creidt. Because of that, my atm had bought a new (2nd hand) Suzuki VS scooter 150, bigger, better and eeek… faster. As for the bike that collided, we trade in for only RM500 because the cost of repairs was RM300.

Like Terence said, Bike repair :RM300, Uncle’s compensation : RM520(RM350), Lessons learnt by son : Priceless.

Yay!!! Tomorrow onwards, my son can fetch me on his bike ‘cos he will get his P licence.
On second thought, no, thank you. I treasure my skin very much. Anyway, when I was all 16 yrs/17 yrs old, I had ridden pillion on some guys’ bikes all around the island and also go to tuition with the head prefect several times a week. So, it all depends on our luck. Pray and ask for protection only lor.

10 thoughts on “Settlement of bike & van collission & the lesson learnt

  1. You’re right, the lesson is priceless. I’m glad your boy is OK. Serious, u’re not getting into the bike, right? lol Hey, can u still ride a bike?? Lemme know, so I’ll get off the road next time I go Penang..:-P *quickly hide**

  2. Erm… if you are at a road where two people want to turn in opposite directions and both block each other’s view, how? Both no need to go. Hehe.

    But yeah. The generation now will get into more accidents than the previous generation. Not because people are more reckless but simply because there are more vehicles on the road. Accidents will happen. Just as long as we learn our lesson. Consider the $$ paid as tuition fees.

    I know I’ve had my own share of accidents and learned from them. If not, I’ll still be driving crazy and get into worse scrapes.

  3. aiyoo..why u don’t wanna get on the bike? don’t u remember the old old movies in malaysia as well as italy where ppl used to ‘pak toh’ using a scooter to carry their gf around! wuah! so lomantic wan wor! c’mon lilian 1 fine day u should get atm to take u for a ride around the island in ur son’s scooter..he can be samsuddin with his black sunny & u can be salomah with head scarf summore! hahahahahaha!

  4. And don’t forget to remind him, “everyone on the road is trying to KILL you. Keep your eye open and prepare to dodge from idiot “.

  5. i’m always careful on the road. especially if got biker. if i’m turning into a lane, i’ll actually wait for the biker to pass me first.

    but knowing your son is on the road, lilian…i’ll be even more extra extra careful.

  6. Just started reading your blog and this caught my attention. I was in the same predicament as your son was a couple of years back only that both vehicles involved were cars.

    I was on the left lane heading towards a traffic light junction intending to turn left while there were cars lined up on the right side to turn right at the traffic light. Suddenly, this car appears in front of me from in between the stopped cars. I swerved a bit to try and avoid but it was too near already and BANG!

    We went to make a police report and the other party was found to be guilty. Although later when i read his report, he tried to pin the blame on me.

    I called my insurance agent and he said that i could claim from my insurance first and to let the insurance company handle the claims with the offender’s insurance. So, that’s what i did. I took my car to my panel workshop had it repaired and 2 months later i also got a cheque from the other guy’s insurance company for “Loss of usage” of my car.

    Just sharing.

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