Barthez (France goalkeeper) -My current hero from the World Cup 2006

Damn, it is not easy to watch a football match when you want both Portugal & France to score and yet you want both Portugal & France goalkeepers to stop the ball. So damn frust I ended up munching almost a packet of Kacang Menglembu Cap Pagoda.

I had totally forgotten about Barthez. My hero from the footballs of yesteryears. I like Barthez because he is always smiling. From Man U to FIFA World Cup. So cool lah, this man.

And my Zidane….wow, so man. How he flicked the ball in. So stylish. Tricked the goalkeeper like that. *swoons at the veins on his head, those sweats….* Keep swooning at Zidane and Luis Figo, keep muttering , ouch, my Luis Figo is in pain *pinching atm’s thigh*, Keep muttering, wahhhhh…Zidane so man, so in command, is he the captain ah? *rubbing atm’s thigh*
Atm, “So kacau, you go to sleep lah.”

Me,”Cannot, if I am not watching, Zidane and Figo got no moral support to play. Why ah Zidane wear a band on his arm? Why ah?”

Atm, “He is the captain lah.”

Me, “Oooohh…captain ah, no wonder he is so man.” *swoons*

Atm, “Ok, half time, go to sleep!”

Me, “You promise to tell me who wins later ok? If still France 1 and Portugal 0, no need lah.” ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
So, yeah, I am going to cook something Italian and French for World Cup final. Yes, spaghetti and french fries. But the french fries will win.

9 thoughts on “Barthez (France goalkeeper) -My current hero from the World Cup 2006

  1. GOOOOOOO FRENCH. Hardly the best game I’ve seen France play, but at least they’re in the finals. Sial punya Ronaldo think he can dive and get away with it. If he want to learn how to dive should go see the Italians. They know how to do it properly. Or else they wouldn’t be in the Finals.

    Les Bleus for 2006 yeehhhh

  2. liliannnnn.. cannavaro oso captain larrr.. how?? u support which 1 jekkk..

  3. me duno anything about fotbal…

    i know abot food…seem nice those france fried…send me sam…mak sure it enuf galam… šŸ˜›

  4. ah nel – Ei, you think I McDonald home delivery ah? Hahaha.

    crazygrrl – Aiseh, like this how lah? I am one-man-woman, so now, both captains also fighting, I dunno whose side to take also. But my hubby told me Cannavaro very short guy only. So, I take Zidane lah. He is older mah. Older man more attractive.

    helen – I haven’t make up my mind to sapot who. Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma.

    Keen – Italians are excellent dancers mah, like John Travolta. Aiyoh, I watch the semi with my hubby, he made me so stressed, kept scolding the players like he is the coach.

    Mei – LOL, that’s the only French I can afford.

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