Domain names and cases of mistaken identities(of drliews)

My heart goes out for a certain drliew. The drliew that probably never get to launch his website because he was unfortunate enough to have the same name as THE Check out Muahahar….he had his website since 1st August, 2004 and it has remained as ‘The future home of….’. If I am that drliew, I wouldn’t want to risk using the domain because THE drliew is THE doctor that reveals all.

I mean, which doctor would give community messages like these on his blog?


If you are wearing a G-string or T-back, you donÒ€ℒt have to pull its waist band down when your doctor is going to administer an injection to your buttock.

This is a community message brought to you by

Sorry hor, you need to register to read the restricted posts of So better hurry and register soon so that you don’t miss out on important community messages from our good doctor.

Therefore, if you are thinking of buying your own domain, which incidentally is very cheap to acquire for around RM35 per year (can give my webhost a call now), you better check that the same name with different dot (com, org, net, biz, etc) are not taken up by some p0rn sites.

Otherwise, habislah your reputation. Imagine your grandmas, uncles, distant cousins heard that you have a website with your family name. Wuah…damn bangga lah, the whole clans. Your ancestors in China also must be very proud. So, they went Googling for the name and ended up with a website which belongs to a pimp. Die lah!

I wonder if the owner will offer the domain free to owner. He should, for his own peace of mind, in my humble opinion.

And who wants to acquire for me as an appreciation for the daily entertainment and bull’s penis adventure? It belongs to some parked domain while waiting for the right chanlilian to come along and buy it. (it must be damn expensive now hor?)

How? Everyone chips in RM1 and ask Bryan to see it is on lelong anot? Wuah…good karma, you know. St. Peter will fast-fast let you through the pearly gates. [inserts your gods name] will give you priority VVIP lane to wherever you are supposed to go, heaven or hell.
Amaciam, good deal anot?

10 thoughts on “Domain names and cases of mistaken identities(of drliews)

  1. HEHEHE….clicked on, nasib its not some porn site πŸ˜› but then again, wouldn’t be surpised it if was hahahahaha……if it was…would contact STP straight away πŸ˜›

  2. Lelong lelong… who want’s to buy for RM2 million and use it to sell porn screensavers?

  3. Neo – If you put hot-girls-screensaver, maybe can fetch that price lah.

    Jon – Doc doesn’t exist anywhere wan lah, only a figment of our imagination

    pisanggoreng – Yalor, he never touch the site at all. Bone doctor.

    doc – I am Xiaxue if you are Dr. David Liew, Chiropractor.

    QV – That used to exists, some arty-farty person from Hongkong. In fact, all the chanlilian in the world are phD holders, accountants etc except this 5xmom.

    SA – LOL, no wonder you dropped the american

    Wingz – You oneoneone for what lah, I got no medal for you also.

  4. I remember back in 1998, that Dr of Chiropractic are NOT allowed to advertise on any media and use the title DR unless they are registered with the SMC (Dentists too) as I recall I had to charge a Lt.Col back then for going AWOL cos his MC was from this Dr Liew, as he is not licensed.

    Sad,but true

    Lilian,why not also get the ORG and .name too before pple sabo you.
    Registerfly is having $3.75 specials now

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