Crazy Frog little pecker censored and Google for World Cup footballers ermm… peckers

I am not going to spell out what I found from my sitemeter. Take a look at these screenshots and if it is not clear enough, do check the larger pics on my Flickr. I must explained that I found the results in my Sitemeter and followed the link there, not I sendiri pigi cari mya, ok?

That’s for Zidane from Google Spain. (bigger pic)

Looking for Ballack’s balak. (bigger pic)

CRAZY FROG little pecker censored

Oh boy, people certainly are fascinated with the kkc isn’t it? Which of course makes me wonder if the censorship on [tag]Crazy Frog[/tag] video ‘We are the champion’ on [tag]MTV[/tag] is the reason. The more you censor, the more people wants to find out.

(photo taken from

In case my readers don’t watch MTV and doesn’t know who Crazy Frog is, let me explain. There is this music video with Crazy Frog, i.e. the ugly frog above with one big juling eye and one small eye with a little dangling, wriggly pecker on MTV. Can you believe that our censorship board actually mosaic-ted the little pecker out? In the video, there are hundreds of Crazy Frog singing Queen’s ‘We are the champion’ and they censored the hundreds of little peckers. OMFGoat! It was hilarious!

At first, I thought that it was a parody or something. Later, when I watched the version from P2P, I only realised that our Malaysian (probably) MTV has the part mosaic-ted. Duh!

As if little boys and girls have never seen a little pecker like that before. Neh…let me show you …

See anot? There, the wriggly, green-green thing? When little boys and girls Google for Michael Ballack or Zidane’s peckers, then you know what will happened if their mommy found out? Mommy will chop off the little pecker like this.

And put it on a plate. Fry it with kam heong chillies and dried prawns. Bestnyer…Slurrrppppp balitong is very teh stim.

9 thoughts on “Crazy Frog little pecker censored and Google for World Cup footballers ermm… peckers

  1. frog fried with dried chili damn cun…make sure its kkc chop off 1st… šŸ˜›

  2. Wah!! Turning into a porn site eh šŸ˜› I’m sure Wuching would be so fascinated with that little peckers šŸ˜› hahahahahahahahahahhaha

    Hey..KNB….does it reminds you of something of someone’s? I mean, you would know better hahahahahahahahha

  3. Hijackqueen – I not only suck, I blow. LOL, skali the chili fly out.

    sooi2 – Those searching for his balak are gays, probably. If I find, I kasi sama lu the pic ok?

    QV – No lah, this one balitong, a kind of shellfish lah which we need to suck out to eat. Crazy Frog and the searches just happened to tie in.

    ahpek – Dun dream lah!

    ahnel – Nowadays the frog not so nice anymore, no sweet-sweet, all rear in farm one. Not those caught from padi field. But hor, last time my bro caught a lot of frogs also I never see frog got kkc wan, dunno why Crazy Frog got.

    Jon – See what I come across lor. Hehehe.

    STP – YOU HAD BEEN ACCIDENTALLY DELETED AND LABELLED SPAM ‘cos your comment went into the bin and I too fast ‘delete all’. Soli, I never got chance to read the whole thing but if your comments also disappeared in Laksa, that means he must have labelled you spam. The Askimet works across the board, one person label you spam, we all also caught it as spam. Muahahahar. Please do comment again, this time I make sure I check first.

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