Haiyor, those blogs…

First, I am going to be another one of those parents whose ego is bigger than the grand canyon (learnt this from some international blog) when it comes to showing off our kids video (who usually bored the hell out of me). Ooh…see, my kid is so clever. Look here, my kid is so smart. Pay attention, will ya?

(tiu, I dunno why I can’t embed Youtube video on my post, must be karmic. You can access the link from Youtube. Found the solution on WP support. Turn off WYSIWYG. Make sure you listen to him sing Linkin Park ‘Numb’ hor? And see how he manoeuver his tricyle.)

I am going to rant nevertheless.As you know, my kid is only 14 yrs old and I must say he writes pretty good. Whatever you see on his blog is written by him with bits taken from forums he joined. I drilled into him that if he is seriously going to keep a blog, he gotta follow my rules. I.e. no blind copy and paste except for important and useful parts, no hotlinking and no f-word. The photos are taken by him and my #3.
The reason I suggested to him to start a blog is because he bored the hell out of me with his constant lectures on mechanical stuffs about bearings, wheels, spf (not the sun) which I am not interested to know. So, I told him to ‘Go blog it and if I am free, maybe I will read and understand.’ Actually, it is to justify his claims why he need to buy imported stuffs etc. Anyway, I must say he does know a lot of stuffs.

So, back to the blogs. OMG, I just notice (after alerted by ST’s rant on quality of blogs on PPS) there is one SEO-blogger wannabe who can’t even write as well as my 14 years old kid! Holy macaroni! Didn’t your mama teach you that it is not ok to have crappy English and then copy some high profile real SEO professionals’ articles on your blog? That is blasphemy. I have nothing against grammar and sentences structures etc.
But little kids, as young as 7 years old HAVE TO KNOW WHEN TO USE ‘IS’ AND WHEN TO USE ‘ARE’!!!!! Basic rules like these also you don’t know, how to write an Ingrish blog leh? There is no excuse for mistakes like these because if you are sincere about starting a blog, at least improve your English. Dei, Word document also can teach you liao lar. My three years old also know when to say ‘We are, You are, They are, I am, He is, She is, Ali is’ and not Xiaxue are.

Tiu, if you want to know SEO stuffs, come ask me also I know lah. Simple only what, read the bloggingpro and other angmoh blogs also got lah. Just dont’ siasuey all of us Malaysian bloggers and later, the whole country kena label as blind copy-pasters. Doh!

15 thoughts on “Haiyor, those blogs…

  1. Very interesting comment. I blog as well, but only on places we’ve been and certain holidays.. Not everyday like you. You kept me coming back, so you must be doing something right.

  2. First link links to me again not your son’s blog.

    I applaud your efforts in teaching your son the correct way to blog though, it will certainly make the blogosphere a better place if some parents understood what their kids were doing and educated them in this way.

  3. Haha, I reckon if they’re not going to write in proper English then they should probably be better off writing in their original… uhm… their first language. Like Chinese or something. Then there might be *some* hope of a proper sentence structure.

  4. LOL I am so amused that you’re teaching your son how to blog. like showing him the ropes like that.;)
    his blog really got quality la..surelah..Mummy is Chanlilian.net worr..:)

    good good!

  5. wow ! good english…better than the mum lar….chuckle !

    Yeap ! definitely good and what a pic too. Good job there mom..no wonder u r proud of him. Better make sure he doesnt write those sms english….lolz

  6. Hey Lilian!
    I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and I must say that after reading each post, it just keeps me returning for more šŸ™‚ You’ve got such a great blog and I truly enjoy reading your posts.

    Your little boy is so so so cute! šŸ™‚

  7. Hahaha Lilian, the way your son blogged about making the mocktail sure sounds like your byproduct! kekekeke. Speaking of those blind copy and paste ppl, I’m still upset that someone copied many of my personal posts word for word even though she has removed her blog after being discovered. šŸ™

  8. MG – Heh, like mother like son. Your blog got plagiarised? Wow, you are femes LOL. How do you know it? I also wonder if my stuffs have been stolen, including my pics which are All rights reserved. Wuah, if I get my hands on these….

    Lady-Homie – Tenkiu šŸ™‚

    SA – Whatever that takes his fancy! Channel those extra energy out and improve the English at the same time.

    azrin – Dah jumpa, tks to your pointing out.

    buaya – Not until after 18 yrs old.

    michael – Wuah, perli me again.

  9. jayelle – Kena maintain standard mah. But seriously, kena keep an eye ‘cos he is still so young mah.

    Keen – Tks! That one I was referring to, I hope you have read it too.

    ahnel – Dun bluff lah, your Ingrish veli spesel wor.

    wuching – šŸ˜›

    ST – Ya, there has to be some education related to this ‘cos there are so many angsty teenagers bashing each other up online.

    kc – Must share mah your blog…

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