“Cultivation Theory”

Whoa!!!! Big name, intimidating term.

MCB, don’t anyone dare to call me a housewife anymore, ok? Later, I go watch re-runs of The Texas Chainsaw wateva everyday and soon, I take a chainsaw and zrrrrrrrrttttttttzzzzz off all these politicians.

Housewives categorised as “heavy viewers” are easily influenced, to the extent that they emulate the scenes they see on television in working out their frustrations.

A study reveals a high possibility of them resorting to suicide if they were frustrated with life and depressed due to family problems.

Ishak Abdul Hamid, a consultant and expert in communication at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), said researcher George Gerbner explained this tendency in the “Cultivation Theory”.

“The theory states that heavy viewers, comprising individuals who spend most of their time watching television, like housewives, are prone to believe everything they see (on TV) and cannot differentiate between reality and fiction,” he said.

All you situpid politikus never ever come down from your Mercedez and bangarlows to help your fellow brethens. You all live so rich lifestyle and forget how some of your brethens live. Scrimping through to earn three meals, toddy and alcohol problems, gamblings, plenty of prostitutes, domestic violences, expensive healthcare which they can’t afford, a huge disparity between the races causing some inferior complex and etc.

And now you blame these housewives for watching too much TV? Dear Yang Berhormat, Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk G. Palanivel – listen to me, changes have to come from the top. The Government has to deal with the root cause. One of them is how much the Women, Family and Community Development empower the women and how much they provide support for these women.

With chauvinist and insensitive comments from people like you, is it any wonder that these people who are from the poorer income will forever remained feeling worthless and depressed? A person died and you blame her for watching too much TV? Datuk G. Palanivel, I agree that the Hindi movies are very addictive and can be influential but if you have to comment, tell your fellow Ministers and do something from the cabinet level BEFORE rots like these happen.

As for the mother who dragged her children to die along with her, let us remember that she probably loved them too much and do not want to leave her children defenceless upon her death. Everytime you hear of a mother who committed suicide with her children, do not judge her. Circumstances had forced her to that level. We are not there to understand what drove her to it. We may not totally understand mental depression but we must remember that they cannot make sensible judgements when they are afflicted with this illness. It is an illness, not something they can control. If there is any party to blame, blame ourselves that we had not make the world a better place for others. Remember that sometimes, your smile and a little kindness could prevent someone from falling deeper into depression.

‘Cuse, me, I better off to go watch some p0rn now.

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  1. wingz – I wrote that in less than 20 minutes, cun anot? Remember to vote me in the next erection hor? Undilah LimaxMama.

  2. nyonyapenang – But sometimes can vomit blood with them. We chainsawed all liao, we elect ourselves (the women lah) to be the politicians. Our country sure run perfectly like our homes/blogs hor? LOL No porn, no prostitutes. Only gigolos LOL.

    helen – Yalah, remember that fler who even got his own porn? What’s his name liao? Probably the most boring porn I had watched.

    wuching – Go entertain yourself lah.

    michael – Hehehe, I don’t intend to write this post wan but skali read the paper, must write immediately. RM3.

    boringest – Tks a LOT!

    wingz – Ya, good, I legalised Uncle Ho and p0rn if you vote for me.

  3. Wah, TV so dangerous ah… then I better don’t watch so much TV liao lor… like you say, better watch porn on my PC.

  4. Aiyah cik kak.. apa cita lucah jadi naik..
    surprisingly… I got a draft copy of the ‘theory’ from the co-authors and I was NOT surprised… since she had nothing better to do than to chat (and prey) on the chatlines etc.

    WTF I thought… so much for Doctors and their brains. No wonder.

  5. I’m neither a heavy TV viewer nor a housewife, but I remember feeling a bit miffed after reading the article in the paper. I felt it was an insult to one’s intelligence! Expert, my arse!

  6. Er..cultivation theory is usually applied to children cause children is always much easier to be influenced by watching too much tv. But at the end of the day, I don’t think what is shown on the tv should be used as an excused to be blamed for whatever social problems that exist in the society, it’s the family and society themselves that should try to curb the problem by reducing the hours of watching television.

  7. At one time when i was thinking of commited suicide, i really have that urge to bring along kids with me. I know that is so selfish, but i love them too much to even leave them behind. So basically i can understand what those women are going thru.

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