Cutest World Cup 2006 ever!

This will go down as the cutest World Cup 2006 ever where my family is concerned. I wonder what this little footballer-wannabe will be like in another four years? He will be seven years old, probably losing his two front teeth and no longer categorised as cute but more like annoying, like all seven years old.

I can’t be carrying him around, squashing him with big bear hugs, smothering lots of kisses because he will not want to be seen with mommy. Not man, you know. Big boys don’t even want to hold their mommies’ hands.

Hugging his Ronaldinho #10, free football from Breeze washing detergent. We just bought another 5 kg bag last night for another blue ball. Duh, I wonder if Breeze wants me to endorse their detergent? Breeze – untuk semua ibu-ibu yang malas basuh baju. Cuma sesudu Breeze, kesemua pakaian anda nampak macam baru, tiap-tiap hari.

7 thoughts on “Cutest World Cup 2006 ever!

  1. sigh … yea the next world cup my devil also 7 yrs old liow …. i wont get to sniff sniff him as much as now …. kinda makes u wanna slow down the time abit doesnt it?

  2. Aiyo so cute…beh tahan. My son too will be 7 next world cup. That time I think he will be able to shout “goal” at the right time.

  3. cute cute cute cute cute cute cute….!!

    I don’t think he will ‘not want to be with his mommy’ by 7 la… though you’re the 5exmom

  4. Soooooo cuuuuuuuuute… Alah Lil, tak semestinya bila dah 7 thn you dah tak boleh peluk dia… he’s still your baby boy eventhough dah besar panjang nanti… Lil, you make me sad … my nuzul will be 6 next World cup…. Thinking about what is going to happen to nuzul that time buat I tertanya2, dia pandai jln ke tak masa tu… boleh tendang bola ke tak .. 🙁

  5. Your boy-boy is so cute. I have a 7 yrs old son too but like small baby lar ……. Maybe I pampered him too much. My hubby always says that eventhough dah besar nanti he will still stick to you like nobody business. MAMA BOY lar ………

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