Italy wins!

I told you so!

Copy paste from here on ‘cos I am busy taking calls from my bookies and also from Fabio Cannavaro!
With a perfect finish, Italy won its fourth World Cup. Italy made all five of its penalty kicks in a shootout to beat France, which lost Zinédine Zidane to a red card late in extra time.

19 thoughts on “Italy wins!

  1. Look at this way…
    France was a host CANNOT WIN
    GERMANY is also cannot win
    Portugal kena kelong…..
    So..the obvious answer..Italy…

    So…2010…ENGLAND may win
    Ghana is a good bet….
    Germany very good chance to win.

  2. Yes…FINALLY over!!! U no sleep kah, Lilian?? I MUST say…Italy did not make French fries out of France, a 1-1 draw…and won on penalty! That’s part luck!! All the Italian Catholics must be praying real hard! BTW, my favourite, Rafael Nadal lost the Wimbeldon!!! Sob! Sob!

  3. STP – I tidur mati lah but woke up just before penalty kicks. Maybe Big Boss up there kick me awake to sit there and pray over every balls. And I mean every balls! LOL. Since I slept at 12 to 4 am, I mah got ‘cheng sin’ to blog lor.

    gbyeow – The only part I enjoyed about the World Cup are the people searching for Fabio Cannavaro. Traffic surge mah. Now over liao, no more…..

    Azrin – Like that prediction also can?

  4. tiu…the last team i want to see holding the WC. They cheated for a penalty when playing Aussie la, auntie…or maybe they have paid the referee beforehand. I declared the WC void. LOL.

  5. I won la!! in football bats overtime and penalty tarak count one ler … u derno meh?

  6. Immom – Never mind, I will celebrate with Fabio Cannavaro and let Luis Figo cry on my bosoms. LOL

    Wingz – Cibai lah, u think I betting kaki meh? I really dunno but my predictions damn cun hor? Like this, you must sponsor me one year webhosting liao. ‘Cos I said so in Italian and French, whoever wins money using my prediction (of 1:1), must do that. NVM, you got Bryan’s number, just bank in for me. 2GB diskspace. Later we run p0rn site ok?

    Prometeuz – Dun care lah, I oso never watch,only see penalty kicks.

  7. bz taking calls from cannavaro?? lol!! liliannnn, wake up!! hahaha!!

    btw.. i tot u support zidane geh.. kesian him horrr..

  8. wuching – Why lar you don’t want the Italians. What they do to you?

    ah nel – Hehehe, what is fried loose?

  9. haiyo, those stewpid italians here damn hooligans lidat! tiu lah! years ago when italy lost they cried on the streets wor! hahahahah! so happy was i! hehe

  10. I promised not to write about WC and I stuck to it… almost. For some reason lost interest in WC after the semis. Didn’t sleep cause playing video games whole night and went straight to work. Damn ‘seng ko’.

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