Stupid comments we bloggers don’t need

What do you normally do with stupid comments from strangers?  Thrash it, thrash them or what?

I am not referring to my personal blog because for my personal blog, I can fark them for my own pleasure.  But for those more proper blog, where it is not nice to show our fangs, very the lan tiu wan hor?

I have lost count of blind readers who think I am Kim Gari restaurant.  Asked me what time open, what time close.  Cipet lah, I did a bad review of Kim Gari but they buta-buta ask and still want to go.  So, I just ignore them.  And closed the comments.

But got one that made me so mad.  She emailed and asked for recipes.  I told her those stuffs aren’t cooked by me, obviously!  ‘cos I said I ate this at such and such place.  So, as a courtesy I went searching on the internet for a useful link to give her.  Cheebyelah, she wrote, “What is the point of you showing those nice photos when you don’t want to share the recipe?”

Niamah, if  I show her a photo of my handsome loukong, does that means I must share him also ah?  I don’t know where some of these people’s brains are.

Stupid!   These are not the regulars trolls who are out to annoy you but really blur people.  People who thought my site is Lillian Too’s site.  People who thought my site for asking questions like “Why my streamyx broadband so slow?”  How to educate people like these?  I got no heart to whack them so I just ‘Report Spam’ on gmail.  And yeah, I had been getting questions like : Is Fabio Cannavaro gay?”  Like who cares, if he is or he is not, you are not going to get laid by Fabio, ok?  He is all  mine, ok? *gag*

25 thoughts on “Stupid comments we bloggers don’t need

  1. wuching – I said liao, not me, but the Askimet. I cannot use other spam filters ‘cos it messed up my other stuffs. Soli lah, where got filter your comment wan…Red carpet somemore.

    earl-ku – Hehehe, ask me three four times same questions also go. Very ‘kek-sim’. Hahaha.

  2. Don’t reply them loh. If you do … they might start posting crap on your post … then you have more trouble trying to filter the legit ones from the anal ones.

    Alternatively if you just really don’t give a crap, you could send them a short porn video. Haha … name it “Curry Fish Head Cooking Guide” or something like that.

  3. I had a few people that uses my blog as hot chatroom place! They talk into doing each other and whatnot.

    *sigh* I wonder if they know how to differentiate “blog” , “yahoo messenger” and “forums”

    On the good note, thank god they stopped that. Because I shot one of them (not literally) and now she hates me.

  4. Fird – Yeah, I get what you mean. If they are someone regular, then it is ok but sometimes, they are total strangers. (oi, wuching, STP, QV, I am not talking about you guys hor, KAKAKAH)

    Loong – You got me ROTFLMAO with the curry fish head. Good idea hor?

  5. dont cared so much just tought it as daily exercise to thrash those rubbish… 😉

    u can fun sometimes and told them…soak those ingredient with ur feet or must cooked with half kg of MSG for each food… 😉

    if they asking for feng shui told them dont comment again as his/her will had bad luck whole life…;)

  6. I saw the award you got on Stop by my blog if you want and feel free to comment. A couple of us decided it’s time to give the ‘toon girls a dose of their own medicine.

  7. People think I work for LHDN and PIKOM -.-” Used to be nice and tell them what they want to know. Nowadays, just give them canned answers. If they can’t read the full article which has all the answers to their pointless questions, then where’s the sense in giving them more answers? Not like they are going to read it or anything.

  8. Soli lor… bços I did ask U about that question, “Where can I download the previous matches on the internet?”

    I don’t know so much about “Internet Protocol” & “Bloggers’ Rules & Regulations”.

  9. Eh Lilian Two ah, today I want to cook curry and invite Fabio to my place lah. Can you give me the recipe for fish head curry and Fabio’s number? Oso hor, can you tell me how to position my dining tables and chairs so that got good fungshui with this Fabio feller. Thank you very much for your time. Oh before I forget, you know or not whether he is gay anot?

  10. err i heard AKismet works well with Spam-Karma2

    but the config part is dreadful … looks simple but can block out everytihng one go … go play

  11. lillian next time if some wan ask you the same thing again just answer :
    you need a sum of money then go to that restaurent and order the name of that food….

  12. HEHEHE its a case of people having selective reading ability. They only read what they want to read but dont read that it was not prepared by you or you don’t like the restaurant. We have a lot of those people in the world, where they only have selective reading ability, or memory where the only thing they want to listen or read is something that is complimentary to them …but that’s how the world is like…we can’t all be as wonderful as aunty bah..(no sarcasm there…errr..maybe a pinch…hahahah..gonna get a major scolding for sure now hahahaha)

  13. Oh yeah, to answer your question – last time in my blog i have a lot of crazy people like that. I usually have fun and be snarky back. 😛

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