How man and woman differs – Part One


One man (regardless of age) walk through a bunch of scantily clad girls = Heaven for the man

He probably slows down his steps

He definitely ogles

The groin may stirs

If the man is old, and the girls are young, he may have gone up to seventh heaven


(video linked removed) (sorry lah, the video no more. But what happened is the Italian player held Zidane from behind and what looks like fondling his nipples. Then, they separated but pass some words. So, [tag]Zinedine Zidane[/tag] got damn pissed and head butt the guy on the chest. Don’t pway-pway wei, players like Zidane very kuat in giving head…I mean head butt. After watching this closely, (I didn’t watch the World Cup match, only the penalty kicks.) I still love my Zidane lah, he was just being man, defending his nipples from being fondled.)They [tag]headbutt[/tag] each other like what Zidane did here during the World Cup 2006. Men don’t hold grudges, they whack each other terang-terang (openly).

However, if we change the gender around…..(part two next time)

20 thoughts on “How man and woman differs – Part One

  1. Wrong auntie. This is what happened when pig face Fabio Cannavaro meets ATM and claim “Lilian is a prostitute” non stop for 110 minutes, that’t what ATM will do to blardy, unethical stewpid Fabio. He deserved it. No wonder Italian soccer is in turmoil.

  2. Lilian, everytime ur blog comes out, it shudders…like man after urinating! Women do that or not??? Ha ha ha! Now, let me submit…and see what happens! If comment doesn’t appear, I guess I’m still SPAM!

  3. Yahoo!!! (Sorry, google!) I’m no longer classified as SPAM!! Zidane got head as hard as rock lah! Wonder any other part also so hard! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! That Wuching anti-Italy kah!!! Download song by Italian-Australian Joe Dolce and send to him – “Shaddap yer face!!!”

  4. Yeah, I’d been dozing on and off throughout the game but funny that actually kept me really awake. Kesian Zidane, when he injured his shoulder earlier, he really looked tired and old…i imagine he was under pressure, dunno la, didn’t really watch this time.

  5. Head butt. So kiut.. Ok, that’s happening. Nobody will remember who win WC 2006, but Zidane famous (no, it is not infamous) head butt will show for next century.

  6. After the WC, I slept almost the whole day yesterday. Niamah, why am I more tired than the Italian stallions har?? lol

  7. Luckily, Zidane didn’t kick his kkc, or else…. habis lah his “Balak”.
    I wonder do the players wear something there as a protection or not. Injury happens always, they might kick the wrong balls/balaks, instead of the football.

  8. Hmmm, repeating the video, I think Zidane headbutt is timely, and manly. Forget about the craps about Ah Kua “gentlemen”, sometime people just had to let out for their own dignity. Well, as long as it doesn’t carried out excessive violent.

    Many people should let go the stereotype of French doesn’t speak other language. Like Swedish and Gemans, French do pick up multiple language. Unlike many hypocrite government in Asia, the French government even funding classes for minority ethnics to learn the mother tongue language and history.

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