Motor vehicle accidents, insurance, busuk kaki other party & that ‘dependable’ tow truck services

(photo taken this afternoon, just minor accident only but MCB, they jammed up the whole Greenlane and Scotland Road. There are more tow truck operators, busybodies than the actual parties involved in the accident)

There are two very ‘dependable’ services in life. They are like the sun and the moon which constantly rise and shine. One is the undertaker. If you or your relative is dying, an undertaker is always at hand. You can bet on that. Long before you relative is dead, they would probably have passed you their calling cards.

Another ‘dependable’ service is none other than the tow truck services after a motor vehicle accident. With the speed of lightning, faster than Superman, some Ah Beng or Muthu is sure to be there, talking into their walkie-talkie and handing you their card.

In a chaotic situation, they are like some knights in shining armor, riding on a white horse. But chup, waitaminit. Don’t get conned. Most time, minor accidents can be settled by ourselves. So, just tell the Ah Bengs to fark off and tell them ‘Wa lang ka ki eh settle.’ (we settle it ourselves) You need to repeat like 10 times before the flies buzzed off.

I like this blue hair Ah Beng. Photo taken on the day of the tsunami in 2004. KS Tang told me he is the tow truck services Ah Beng. These chaps here certainly know all the lubang (tricks) on claiming insurance and etc.

BTW, in case some of the younger drivers do not know about NCB (it is not ‘no chee bye’ but No Claim Bonus, ok?), let me explain a bit. If you own a vehicle, you need to get either a third party or first party insurance. 3rd party is cheap but doesn’t cover the repairs of your own car. First party yearly premium is much more expensive but will cover your repairs. If you never get into any accident for a few years, they will give you a discount for the premium. Which is call NCB.

For e.g. like me, our car is in my name because my atm had crashed a few times and the car was repaired for thousands of RM. So if he owns a car, the premium will be high. Therefore, if we ever get a Ferrari, it will also be in my name.

Referring to my son’s collission with the van, one of my readers had sent me an email to highlight what happened to her. Mizz_Angie had an encounter with a nasty, snakey fler who knocked into her car. Do read about it.

Mr Policeman said, if he didn’t write (LIE) in his report that my car reversed, then I would win the case. So my thoughts at that moment were, if I were to bang someone one day, all I have to write in the report is that the person reversed and hit my car instead?!? So there you go, a tip for all of you out there.

Meanwhile, another reader, Nigel also met some busuk kaki (cheats) who tried to pin the blame on him and butcher their police report.

We went to make a police report and the other party was found to be guilty. Although later when i read his report, he tried to pin the blame on me.

I called my insurance agent and he said that i could claim from my insurance first and to let the insurance company handle the claims with the offender’s insurance. So, that’s what i did. I took my car to my panel workshop had it repaired and 2 months later i also got a cheque from the other guy’s insurance company for “Loss of usage” of my car.

So, now we know that there are lots of cheats out there who will try to do everything to get away from their responsibilities and even dare to lie in their police reports. And not to mention that all the too-eager tow truck services who are very excited you got into an accident because it means huge commission for them. I just wonder….. if there is a life and death situation, would the tow truck services paused to save lives or do they stand there to mark their territories (to avoid another tow truck company operators from grabbing their business)?

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  1. i agree and thats why i quit my this partime job…it can let u earn 10-15% of what they claim but smts will involved in quarelling and maybe fighting also and thats what i dont like…
    i felt really guilty also when intro my fren car to their workshop when they call me as their car had accident…once the car repair i sure kena ask why they cincai do eh n how come so long…e lang kong cin sui but cho liaw ka na sai…
    last few weeks ago i saw a little girl head bleeding n crying in van but no 1 cared for her all cared about their cars…
    lilian:all i ever saw was my fren cared for the victim and called ambulance but i saw many other tow truck people dont give a damn about ur life and they even go to hospital not to see ur condition but to ask u let their company repair ur car…
    suituapui:the coffin dealer wait at the emergency area so when there a death they will straight away gv their name card…

  2. if life & death situations, don’t be surprised if they give out another of their calling cards, representing RIP undertakers. semua pun boleh kau tim

  3. STP Oh yes…actually not even at the Morgue but at the ICU entrance. I think the nurses or the H.A. got commission money….this is a case of profitting from other’s bad luck..

  4. Answer: they will mark the “exclusive rights” 1st.

    Talking about traffic police report, it is yet another 3rd world standard. In 1st world country, accidents are never taken lightly, as it can be cause by bad road design and lousy indicator beside “driver negligence”. Information for the accident is kept and analyst is done in order to implement metthod prevent or minimise the chances of accident for the same conditions.

    So the police traffics divisions in 1st world country is just as important as the criminal busting. Those police are PRO, not like ours.

  5. Yep, in malaysia it is also called “Jerung” (shark) by most of the malays.

    Once i saw they towed a car, and drive the tow truck as if it is a sport car, take sharp turns at high speed, u turn like crazy. I pity the car at the back, swerving like nobody’s business. I’d cry if im the owner

  6. Good post. Indeed they are vultures but then again they are also trying to make a living. Majority of them do not promote a good image though.

    On Mizz Angie’s cases, we can actually ascertain who knocked into who by looking at the point of impact, skid marks and severity of the damages.

    Blue hair ah beng very cool…………. 🙂

  7. yeah, i had the same situation. and they wear green reflecting jackets.. and i thought they were the police. and they look ‘busier’ than the police! busy body lar..

  8. Eve – Your eyes so sharp hor?

    abe – Ya, usually they looks so ‘official’ like that. And they usually arrive faster than the police!

    terence – So far, we had met some good ones, the kind, reassuring ones which towed our cars. But nowadays, they are getting younger and younger and some looks like hooligans.

    wuching – So, it is an international vulture culture hor?

    Fird – Now, I learn a new word, jerung.

    Bryan – Like Nicholas Tse so cool.

    moo_t – Our police here mana ada datang unless some very serious injuries invovled.

    QV, Nyonya, STP, mott – Let me tell you all a story. Last time, immediately after my son passed away, we called our undertaker in Penang, Modern Casket to get a space for the funeral wake. Then, immediately got one fler came to our bedside in the ICU and told us he can arranged the funeral and get coffin and send the body backetc. For a while we thought he was assigned by the Penang undertaker ‘cos his company is PJ Modern Casket. My son died in KL. So, we thot, wuah so fast the service, the moment we finished the conversation with the Penang one, the PJ came. So, we talked about the arrangements etc and the more we talked, the more confusing it got. We had planned to take our son’s body home just like normal, minus any funeral rites. Finally, we realised that guy was informed by the spy in the ICU to come and not the Penang undertaker’s counterpart. Duh, that’s how efficient undertakers are.

    If you got relatives ailing in the ICU, they sure passed you their calling cards. My mom and mom-in-law got them before.

    ah nel – Wuah….you got such interesting job before? Got feel like those paramedic from 911 or not? You got good heart hor, cannot bear to put work first before your heart first.

    SA – Ya, vultures. Over here, some parties accused them of putting nails on the highway to cause the burst tyres. Not sure if they are true, though.

  9. still remember when i was form 4, with “L” and hit a old drunk guy. that time my dad still in police force.actually i hit him but at the statement my dad colleague write it to ” the old guy use his bicycle to hit me”
    well…if u know someone in police station den will be easy settle…lol
    btw…nice blue hair

  10. hmmm weird, KL “callmen” ar, they dont allow bikes wan, if you reach by bike, you are not entitled to any commisions …

    my exp was worst, had an accident, within minutes i was surrounded by callmen, my car = mild damage, the other party’s car = mild damage, so i was tengah settlekan with the other party la, but phone came in, the other callmen ask that driver to go report, so he can claim from me, coz i bang from the back … that fella hasut kau kau …

    all this while i was surrounded and passed name cards … i just lay them on the bonet … so i made a call too, towtruck friend, this the real fella driving a tow truck wan, he told me not to sign anything, not to promise those callmen anything, just wait for his call in a minute.

    i was surrounded by more than 10 callmen cars … trailing long .. causing a bad jam too, in the end my friend called back, and asked if there is anyone from his company, all of them said they are from the my friends company, so in the end i drove it home, waited for my friend to come over … so they say ohh “kakilang” but still asked if their service is needed or not …

  11. scared till leg also shaking how to felt like paramedic?saw their hand and leg broken and blood everywhere nearly fainted me and want to called ambulance also dont know what number to call and luckily my friend with me work in medical line and he know the number and called for ambulance while other people and police also just care about the accident…cheh…

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