Remembering the good ‘ole days of blogging

Through these past months and year since I started blogging, I notice that I had changed and matured a lot. My choice of blogs to read has also dwindled to less than 10. Out of that, I noticed that 80% are male blogs.

I noticed that I no longer favour melancholy blogs. The kind where they put their hearts out. I feel like prying when I read all the needs, wants, longings, hurts, foolish things etc etc of people I don’t really have time to know. It seems like I am a nosy parker. It is very superficial to continue showing concerns or go ‘hugs’. When I see some women who wrote from their hearts too much, I cringed.

I had also lost interests in parents’ blogs. I actually like to stay away from parents’ blogs because out of 10 times, 8 times I would popped in some parenting ideas. So, instead of being labelled a ‘madam know-it-all’ or even worse ‘madam patronising’, I chosed to peek and keep quiet.

So, my number of blogs to read kept dwindling and dwindling. My circle kept getting smaller and smaller. I don’t know if this is good or what.

I remember the good ‘ole days when I was so excited to wake up each morning to check out who have updated and who have commented. I was like living in their lives, following the ups and downs. Now, I just want to make people think, make people aware, make people see things differently, make people laugh or go away with something in their mind to ponder.

I don’t know if this is a phase all bloggers go through or I am getting too philosophical. I only want to write to entertain. I don’t want my blog to be an open diary of my life. Frankly, there is nothing personal that I reveal on my blog anymore. Oh no, my church members know about my blog, my siblings know, my nephews and nieces know, my kids read, their friends read….

So, I hope whoever reads my blog on a daily basis, it gives them a nicer view of the world, feel a lot more blessed, stop whining and move on with life, dude. Have I achieved that mission?

Who is the cutest of ’em all?

27 thoughts on “Remembering the good ‘ole days of blogging

  1. I can hardly find the time to compose my own posts nowadays. Sommore want to read like 20 – 30 other-people’s-blog meh. Nawwwwww…. i choose the few i like and whatever blogrolling shows updated from my blog…. which is not very update also lah, hahaha. Damn slow.

  2. the red one =p

    i usually come here for some entertainment/rest and … after some o.O or =.=” or XD … I move on.

  3. Hey.. Lilian,
    i read everyone’s blog that is on my bloglines.. coz’ my life is quite boring here.. šŸ™
    Cannot go here and there to eat.. so i read alot on food blog especially.
    I love parenting blog because i’m a first time mom too.. so any kinda advise or experience helps alot.
    And i write alot about what’s going on around me.. and my life.. because i need an avenue to release my stress or share my happiness.
    But to each his own eh..??

  4. Hear! Hear! I don’t go for sob-sob blogs! Enough tragedy and drama in my life! Drop in here & there (usually creating havoc) as a form of escape from this dreary world, to de-stress…and to keep my grey cells working!!! At my age, they say, “use it or lose it! No intention of becoming senile as yet (though that QV may claim it’s already too late!)!

  5. Yo Lilian, I never miss to visit ur blog daily.. errr.. more than once/day.. hope u dun call that stalking! Do continue to keep us entertained ya!

  6. I usually read those with an updated sign on my blogroll, then the famous blogs (like yours) and finally surf to PPS and other aggregators.

    I am not sure whether I have matured because I am writing the same thing that I have been writing since I started. However no more memes for me now. I hate memes

  7. Maybe you have become more mature about blogging and your thoughts are guarded. Everyone would agree with me that you have achieved more than wht you set out to do. Your blogs are thought provoking, stimulating, enlightening, humourous n contemporaneous with lifes in M’sia. Your wisdom is abound and dun stop hen, we need you !!

  8. Hey, auntie, for one who ONLY read blogs, i have the same feelings like youself. I am especially sick of bloggers’ ramblings about their unfortunate events in life. I now only have less than 5 blogs that i read daily, you have 2 out of 5 of them (Lillian, Lillian’s food, food, food & food). šŸ™‚ All I can say is, if you work on something that don’t get anyhting in return that give satisfaction to your own self, it won’t last. I guess Money is still the biggest encouragement in life.

  9. I am not turnin philisophical or anywhere near it, but yeah, I find myself removing “emo blogs” from my Bloglines. And I keep those that are light and with some pictures. As for my own blog, I am also trying to “change its direction” towards the kind of blogs I like to read. But am not sure whether I’m on the right track though =)

  10. once before i’m being asked why i can sit with older generation people and chit chat?
    i told them as i like to hear story of their young days…they also teach me a lot from their experience…i learn to be more matured while with them…
    once i browsed into your blog 1st time i knew i wont missed out this blog once i online…wingz blog also i wont missed out as it really kept me smiling while i’m sad,angry,unhappy and pressure from work…
    maybe some of youngster felt it boring while i never felt that when reading ur blog…i learn a lot from ur blog and thats kept my interest when reading it…

  11. i have great respect for u for never blogging abt ur personal problems regarding ur atm n sons. it shows the level of maturity and respect that u have for ur loved ones!

  12. **applaud**

    I got a confession to make… I’m actuallly a man. So, don’t stop dropping by when you’re free, OK?? LOL

  13. I can sorta relate to your posting today – blogs that i used to frequent do not really appeal to me anymore. i don’t think it’s a phase as in something short term. i’d rather think of it as a cycle of growth…

  14. wuching – Wuah…ask like this terang-terang, how I answer wor? Cannot tell wan lah…you see I got comment anot ah?

    Laksa – Yeah, after a while it sort of gets fakey ya?

    helen – Oi, you are in the couple of female blogs I read, if you also man, I habis liao, no more chee mui.

    gbyeow – Wuah, you are not referring to ahpek’s comment are you?

    sooi2 – Yeah, I never tell the downside one lah. ‘Cos people tends to judge and I won’t want that. There is no such thing as ‘my blog so I write what I want’ cos many people’s reputation are at stake if I said the wrong thing.

    ah nel – Wuah, kembang, kembang. Tenkiu.

    pelf – When we read too emo blogs, we somehow will want to put in our two sen, even if we don’t comment, we tend to think in our mind. Also bad karma like that. So, better stay away hor?

    Prometeuz – Hahaha, I simply hate those who never finished complaining about the traffic lah, bad colleagues lah, ex-gf/bf lah. Sometimes, I feel like telling them ‘Dei, ever look at yourself? It probably is your own problem, that’s why everyone else is bad.’ Yeah, I work hard for the money. šŸ˜› Heh, joking only lah, as if I can get rich like that.

    David – You made my day.

  15. ah pek – Yayaya, like those old man sitting on top of the snow mountain, pulling our beards and nodding all the time.

    Adam – I still like meme, so maybe I haven’t reach that level yet. Hahaha.

    BuzzLife – Yaya, got plenty of stuffs to write wan.

    STP – You are most welcome. I am still waiting for the day you start your own blog. Rahsia seorang guru

    Mama Bok – I like your style of ranting. Those rants are interesting.

    Jon – TQ

    Samm – Now, you how to find time hor? Never mind, five minutes break here and there to read blogs for entertainment.

    earl-ku – I feed you with lots of food photos lah.

    SA – I hope at least a few posts can enlighten you to our lives here.

    nyonyapenang – Ya, blogs that aren’t too long nor too vague is good.

  16. well, i find blog topics in pps getting more n more boring nowadays…its either copycat news-like blog or politics or food…….sien. Dont get me wrong, i like some of them but too much makes u very jelak.
    Then all the good blogs that i like slowly diminishes one by one….either bid goodbye or never update anymore….
    I too have reduced my blog patronizing.

  17. I learn a lot from your posts. I find that on all of the blogs I visit I have kind of skimmed over the World Cup posts. I suspect when I write of American sports the same will happen to me.

  18. Aduh! What “rahsia”?? U make it sound as if I’m Michael Jackson…or one of those old female teachers having sex with young, innocent, handsome boys!!! Well, when I reitre next year, I may just start one…can’t survive on my pension, and I need some side-income!!! Can’t go pimping at Bukit Bintang, that’s for sure!!!

  19. What u wrote here is very true Aunty…

    STP..u memang senile šŸ˜› Aduh?? I do hope you are talking about starting a blog and not an affair with young, innocent, handsome boys!!! hahahahahaha…I can just imagine you walking up and down bukit bintang pimping yourself hahahaha…hilarious…..

  20. just found yr blog. u sound much younger.
    do u know those macdonald statue with his feet crossed sitting on a bench. between his thighs is a hole, i once saw a poor kid got stuck in between. poor thing had his shirt off and the mcD staff was rubbing oil on his tummy trying to get him out… now the holes have all been sealed. kesian..

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