World Cup meme

Your Best worldcup experience? My traffic surges 🙂 when people are searching for a naked Fabio Cannavaro, world cup humour and world cup sex. Before this World Cup, I have never heard of Fabio.
The best match? Portugal vs. England. I love it when underdogs to win. Of course, Luis Figo is handsome too.

You’re favorite chant? Chant? I don’t know. But I know Crazy Frog, We are the champion.

Most beatiful jersey? Germany – I like the white and black.

Champion of the hearts? Germany ‘cos they win Argentina
Best beer during the worldcup? Guiness Stout + Carlsberg – Ratio 1:1 which gave me an allergic reaction after that!

Most favorite player? Zinedine Zidane. He is very aggresive in chasing the ball and commanding his team. *swoons*
Best moment on TV? The final of the World Cup match and we cannot get our satellite signal due to a heavy thunderstorm. My hubby missed the first penalty goal because he couldn’t find the other cable to connect direct to our local TV. *evil laughs*
Worst moment on TV? The shitty way England played. With all the celebrity factors, they played like wimps.
Did you enjoy it? Oh sure, this is the first time, I get hit by the World Cup bug through my blog and at the same time, see traffic surges. You would too if you see how people search for Fabio Cannavaro naked in all sort of languagues, from India to England, from China to Canada, Russia to Spain.
And now? Are you up for more soccer? Nay….only interested in the gossips and rumours surrounding Zidane. Life is too short to spend 2 hours every night on TV.

This meme comes from Jürgen Hösch , a German working in Malaysia. I want to pass this meme to all the football fans. Whoever didn’t take it up are wimps. Nyek….

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  1. Mr. Fabio – I already thanked you in my first post liao lor. Hahaha, got good stuffs remember to give me hor? Like these humsup-humsup ones?

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