Zinedine Zidane , still the best!

Zizou, still the best!

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I found this pic on Flickr and can’t resist linking it on my blog. (I can blog direct from Flickr) Photo belongs to mybono.

So, here’s the hero, the bad boy, the defender of his personal pride, the guy who threw it all with one headbutt.

Looking back, I think humans are generally very judgemental. Before we knew the actual situation, there were lots of bad comments about him. Even the Shabby Singh talked about his bad behaviour.

Now, the opinions are changed. Suddenly, the same group of people who criticised him are praising him. (to those who did not follow the news, apparently, the other guy [tag]Materazzi[/tag] said something bad about Zidane’s mom and sister)

Me? I must say I adore him! [tag]Zinedine Zidane[/tag] will be long remembered for being a bad boy with a good excuse. To hell with sportsmanship and glorious football career. If indeed [tag]Zidane[/tag] [tag]head-butt[/tag] that guy due defending his mom and sis, I salute him.

14 thoughts on “Zinedine Zidane , still the best!

  1. My sentiments exactly…in addition to that, his looks doesn’t hurt too! Lol. (I’ve a thing for bald men…handsome bald men that is…hehehe)

  2. Gallivanter – Hahaha, everyone hates the Italians. I wonder why.

    Neo – Shhh…testing yr theory, it works a bit. But what I did not very obvious hor? Shhhh…Hahaha

    Selma – Any man would also whack that MM lah, ‘cos of the things he said to Zidane. It involves not only Zidane’s mom but calling names and smearing Islam.

    Prometeuz – I think all moms should start to teach their sons – if anyone say anything bad about yr mom, head butt him till all the teeths dropped. Hahaha.

    lmoktar – Yeah, he got the molten look. Whatever that is, like can make you melt like that. Hahaha.

  3. I’ve been following the headbutt news. Apparently Materazzi said to Zizou: “I slept with your mother last night. Your mother is an Algerian whore.” ZZ’s mom is seriously ill. Other sources reported that MM called ZZ some terrorist.

    I know many people will say that Zizou should have known best. But ZZ was under pressure and MM had to add salt to the wound. Who wouldn’t react to such a nasty statement?

    BOOOOOOO Materazzi.

  4. Eileen – Yeah, I read that too but dare not write it here in my post ‘cos sked stir up religious matters. The other version is I heard (those lip readers one) Materrazi mentioned about ZZ’s wife too. Something like, ZZ said if MM wants his shirt, ZZ will give him after he won the world cup. But MM said something like he prefer to take off the clothes from ZZ’s wife. LOL. These are all the rumours flying around.

    Helen – Heh, coming from you, I dun belief it. But if some dude went on and on about sportsmanship and upholding the world cup title, then, I will probably farked him off that mother is the highest of all. Nothing else is more important.

  5. Even before reading those report about lip-reading, from the video, I can clearly see Zidane is doing the headbutt in a manly way.

    If only more Malaysian headbutt our parliement /municipal council shitters…

  6. hahaha I’m not talking about sportsmanship… i dun feel his act is justified just becos he is defending his mother and sister? The simple truth is, he is just merely defending his own pride. Maybe I’ll write later when things are not so hot. DUn want to kena flame. 😛 lol

  7. Zidane rocks! 😉 But I guess I got a thing for sexy bald man! BTW, Lillian, love that posting on nakey Fabio!

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