Be sweet, play nice

(Haagen Daaz chocolate fondue)

Flickr is such a fun thing to do.  I can keep changing my sets of photos.  Now, I put red karer for ong-ong.  And lots of chocolates, ice-creams, sweets, dessert, cendol and ice-kacang.  So, be good boys and girls and be sweet to each other.

(Ben & Jerry Chocolate fudge)

Actually, I was rather disturbed with the happenings at some blogs.  It is really none of my business but then, when you know a blogger for a while, you tend to get fond of them.  So it is pretty sad to see the whole gang getting nasty with each other comments.

(traditional sugar biscuits)

If the matter is between two persons, then, it is cat fights.  But when, the rest of the people started calling names (more on one party, the other not so) and hurling personal comments about a person’s looks, it turns pathetic.

I wonder…why do some people tend to pick on others?  Like why do some bloggers/commentors who seem to drop all the unflattering comments about the other bloggers?  Some did it on almost a daily basis, directly in the person’s blog.


The day I notice a trend like this, i.e. observing how some commentors/bloggers who love to pick on people and making fun of their weight, look, etc, is the day I lost my respect for the person.  There are 101 nice things you can say.  There are 101 things you can joke. If you keep quiet, no one will say you are dumb.  But when the person kept harping on the same less flattering features of a person, that’s it.

(cream caramel)

So, what I wanted to say, minus the bitchiness (that I had wanted to spew earlier) is – When you (whoever you are) start to see the negative parts of every  person and seem to enjoy poking fun while pretending it is funny, you are one sick arsehole.  There is something lurking deep in yourself that is very sad, very much desiring some affirmation.  By putting others down, then only you get the satisfaction that you are the most desirable man/woman/girl/boy/assholes/wateva.  Yes, this is a very cryptic (LOL) post.

(sweet little munchkin from Dunkin Donuts)

Heck, enjoy the desserts, folks!  I am taking my kids to Mont Kiara for some skateboarding and also shopping till Sunday.  See ya!  But then again, maybe I will be checking out the wifi which our gahmen had spent millions to wire the North-South Highway rest-stops.  So, I could be blogging every 3 hours to see if the signal works.

Have a good weekend to all!  And if you are in Cineleisure Damansara street party, don’t forget to say hi in case you see this woman with four kids and two cameras, ya?

27 thoughts on “Be sweet, play nice

  1. People don’t like me or my blog I hope they stay away. I don’t mind a debate. But insults are not a debate or conversation.

    Enjoyed this post.

  2. I’ve been silently reading your blog for quite sometime now, and I want to say thank you for making such a profound statement.

    I had some annonymous dude putting negative remarks on my tagboard, I wish he/she sees this.

    Thanks for being sweet, looking at the pictures of the donuts makes me hungry (at 4am)! 🙂 God bless you!

  3. I hear you .. Lilian..!!
    I too do not understand why ppl go about doing that..! surely they got better things to do with their life..?? no..??? Ppl got no life at all..!! as far as i am concerned .. when they do things like that.. outta whatever.. and i certainly do not respect that.. nor condone it..!

  4. Amen to that. U hit the nail right on the head. Ooooh, Chendol, u r cruel! Can take picture of Indian Rojak or not? I am suffering.

  5. At my age, I’m immune to anything people say. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, words never will!!!” Too many things of REAL concern to be bothered about such things! If anyone doesn’t like me…just the way I am, it’s their misfortune!!! BTW, do I see a certain shape in your chocolate fudge??? The one with the red cherry!!! I’m sure that was deliberate!! ha ha ha!

  6. The photos are such a distraction!! Help ar…. I’m resisting the urge to go grab something sweet fromt the fridge! lol

    I think I know whom you’re talking about……… hee hee.

  7. OMG!! STP you perverted mind…typical senile old cousin of mine…only got one track brain hahahaha

    HEEHEHE..Aunty, I hope Wuching, Mine and STP’s insults and sarcasm at each other doesn’t throw you off and loose respect of us. Its just how we were brought up..I mean STP, KNB and Me, sarcasm and insults were part of life, it prepared us for the real world and allowed us to be less sensitive over what people say about us as it just bounces over our skin and we dnt take it to heart and make it eat up ourselves and affect our day to day lives

  8. eh, how come i never see pretty DD’s munchkins like dat in kl wan??

    and i’ve noticed…it’s always a female who’s on the receiving end of negative comment abt physical looks. Esp certain bodily parts. slew of arseholes wud just go on and on and on forever abt it.

  9. yummy desserts! Making me hungry! Never seen those cute doughnuts b4 either. Are they for real???

  10. Me writing from Sg Buloh!
    STP – You are not the only one! I only saw the resemblance after I took the pic. The cherry is coincident, not intentional.

    Gotta run!

    HAZE IN KL IS SO BAD!!!!!!!

  11. HAHAHAHA Aunty…also One Track Mind….u sure we not related after all ah? hahahaha….

    Dnt forget to wear Face-Mask when u go out later aunty..or use the model that STP recommends… Ladies Bra 😛

  12. I’ve heard such comments abt these in real life. This rich “friend” i hv, made some rather rude comments abt this “plump” teenager. She was performing in a ballet. After she said that, I told her, I think she is a really brave girl to dance in front of a full audience.

    I tend to think such ppl hv very low self-esteem themselves. so…pity the fools (as Mr. T wud say).

  13. Drool….

    Who’s gonna read your posts with all those yummy pictures wor? Lol.

    Is there Dunkin Donuts in Penang yet?

    Continues drooling…

  14. There are so many trolls out there … can’t really stop them, but I agree, most people who say nasty things about others are usually insecure about themselves. That’s why they need to pick apart other people to feel superior. Good call.

  15. i know what you mean. i saw that too but i don’t know if you mean the same blog. sometimes when a blogger is so straight-forward and direct, they think they have the right to be so crude with her too. they forget that she’s a girl after all.

  16. Hmm … didn’t know that our gahmen install WiFi on every rest-stops … you learn something new on tis blog everyday 🙂

  17. Just when i cant have ice-cream, i see it now. Now i’ll be dreaming of cooler days in my dreams…… flowing slowly down my throat.

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