I am outta here, KL

So hazy.

All the regular hotels we put up are full, full, full with mid-eastern tourists.

So, we  stay in Boulevard.

But we are getting outta here today.

Writing from Coffee Bean, Mid Valley.  Who wants to join me?  Hahaha, going off in few minutes.

7 Replies to “I am outta here, KL”

  1. Wei…don’t forget to get me some pirated software while UR at it…
    Windows 2003 Advanced Server
    …and some games…

    MidValley mall….
    All my memories.. miss eating and drinking there…

  2. i was there…alone..cos my friend ffk last minute!! why dint you tell earlier, i can meet you and learn few tips in bloggin! haahaa

  3. hey, 5xmom.. i came across one of ur fren kikiwey (if not mistaken) who asked me a question on my blog but didnt leave a reply address… the only thing she left is your flckr photo list (of Bon Odori PG). You got her email?

    BTW, nice visiting your blog again as i saw it’s much more crowded now,.. woooooohh!!

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