Get connected to the world wide web while on the highway, doh!

So, many of you didn’t know that our very efficient, nice and generous (heh, note the sarcasm) PLUS has wi-fi connection on most of the rest stops along the North-South Highway.

Besides providing atms, rest areas, toilets, handicapped parking, surau and playground, they have wi-fi connection! YAY!!!!! Malaysia Boleh!

Son : Papa, next stop, I must pangsai (poo) liao.
Me : Good! Ask your sai (poo) to wait till Sungai Perak rest-stop, ok? Can wait?
Papa : OK, next 15 KM only.

Stops at Sungai Perak rest stop.

Me : Son, you take your time ok?

Papa : Son, you want to take the laptop to pangsai or not? While you pangsai, you can check your forum.
Me : Hoi, I want the laptop first! Later, you drop my laptop into the lubang and get sai habis lah!
Son : Ok, you faster use, I very fast pangsai come back. *runs to toilet*


Really…I think PLUS is collecting too much toll already. How come they can afford to give free internet connections throughout the highway stops in Malaysia? Frankly, how many people need broadband connection when on a long distance drive, anyway? Aren’t we all more interested to get from point A to point B instead of stopping in the middle of the hills, jungles and kampungs to log on the internet? Moreover, how many families can afford a laptop anyway?
However, it is fun to be able to check my blog at every remote locations, from Gunung Semanggol to Tapah to Sungai Buloh and back to Tapah, Sungai Perak and Jawi. Way cool, man! And my two older sons got to check their mails and MSN whilst the two younger ones can play free online games. Like this, everyone must pangsai more often!

What will they think off next? Massage parlours and kiu kai places?

21 thoughts on “Get connected to the world wide web while on the highway, doh!

  1. Jayelle – Yeah, the one they rape with no mercy. Such beautiful limestone hills robbed off for its limestones (or is it marbles, wateva). What a pity.

  2. That’s great. I didn’t know about that. Thanks for the info. I travel up and down the NS highway everyweek and maybe I can post up soemthign from a rest stop next time. Any idea about which stops are wifi enabled?

  3. Adam – All the major R&R which has eating places. You can just lepak in the car park to get the signal. Really convenient. We tried it at Tapah, Sungai Buloh, Sungai Perak…. My son even logged on to MSN at Sungai Buloh toilets (outside, while waiting for us) LOL.

    wuching – Yeah, wish they wire the whole country then you can read my blog 24/7. Hahaha.

  4. On the way to Perhentian, the roadside stop is not very appealing with no proper lock on the door of the toilet. I convinced my son tht we dun need a lock to do job 1 lah !! Juz point n shoot ! I m sure tht he will be over the moon with wifi, if you could see in the dark !

  5. Funny…
    If I have to go, I’ll go. I am surprise your son didn’t go in his pants.
    Is PLUS private or gov’t? Great to know Malaysia has hotspot along the freeway, but is it available thru out Malaysia or just certain spots?

  6. Like that you’ll need 5 laptops for kids and you liao, unless you all are willing to take turns. Kekke…

  7. I didn”t know Plus highway got Wifi ler…. lol

    Seriously, You can type and read your screen in a moving car? *tabek to you* lol

    BTW, hey, how many batteries do you have wor? Mine can only last me 2 hours or so with the Wireless on.

  8. helen – the wifi only near the rest stops, which have eating places lah. not the whole highway LOL, if not I sure get dizzy

    michael – PLUS got too much money liao

    bryan – we just want to test out the wifi, did not really stop to surf la. Like that, 10 hours also cannot reach KL

    kc – My older kids lah, LOL. Only rest stops. I think PLUS is semi-gov? I also dunno. I think under Semi Value ministry?

    david – LOL, don’t even mention it. They don’t even have water. Ewws..that’s the bane of travelling on the East-West highway

    Fird – Hahaha, like the movie?

    toxicle – I must call you sifu and learn all the trades. LOL.

    wuching – Then, read somemore like 2 x 24/7

  9. Is is “private & unprotected” or “public free” WiFi network? I suspect it is for their office use only… but unprotected. 😉

  10. Now only I know got free broadband on the highway stops. Then I can read your blogs while I am in the toilets lor… haha…

  11. Neo – Extra oomph hor?

    gbyeow – Yeah, Sungai Buloh? You can sit outside the toilets there and get connections too. We use the laptop in Burger King. Cheaper than finding the nearest Starbucks.

    LcF – No wor, this one for the public use and advertised all over the rest stops.

    nyonyapenang – Ya, those Thai massage will be good. LOL.

  12. LcF,

    Last year, it was reported that Ipoh intended to be the Malaysia very first “wireless city”.

    Perak’s Menteri Besar Tajol Rosli said all Perak towns would offer the wireless service while facilities along the stretch of the North-South Expressway in the state would have them by 2008.

    “This year alone, between RM3 million and RM4 million will be spent to provide the needed infrastructure to extend the service in Ipoh and several selected areas in the state,” he said after launching a free wireless broadband Internet service at the Tapah rest and recreational (R&R) area, near here Tuesday.

    “Ipoh is 60 per cent covered with wireless broadband Internet service, and all the three R&R areas at Tapah, Sungai Perak and Gunung Semanggol jumped onto the bandwagon today.”

    The service, which is known as “Wireless Perak”, will elevated Perak’s status as the widest broadband Internet service coverage when 80 percent of its area provides the facilities by the end of the next year.

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