Bigfoot and finding the shoes that fit

The Fila black shoes is olijinal but the DC Shoes is Made-In-Korea (fake one lah). The Fila is almost twice the price of the white DC Shoes. The toddler’s shoes is RM119 (if I remember correctly ‘cos it was several months old already) but the white shoes is RM80 only.

The hairy leg is the eldest and the cute little hand is the youngest son. Their age differs by thirteen years.
The white shoe is size 12, DUA BELAS, TWELVE, cap jee, sap yi, 十二 !!!!!

Which is the reason why I had to tag along from KL to Ipoh to find the shoes that fit. We can’t find any from The Curves, MidValley, BB Plaza, Sungai Wang….And we got hopelessly lost in Ipoh and found them from Yik Foong (Ipohans, don’t laugh at the mention of ole Yik Foong, ok?)

We didn’t mind original DC or ES or any of those streetwear brands. We tried Nike, Adidas and God knows how many brands. They either don’t have the sizes, the designs, too narrow etc etc etc. Arrggh…I hate shopping with my atm and fussy kids. They took after him, studying every damn bit about the stuffs they need to buy. Reject and reject and reject. After a few shopping malls, cost is no longer a concern. I don’t freaking care anymore, as long as I don’t have to trudge into another shoe store and spend the next two hours and come out empty handed. RM199, also can. RM299, also can. RM399…errmm..must think twice la but when I am dead tired, I will just scream “Just buy lah, who cares anymore!”.

Tiu, with that amount of time, I can buy a whole wardrobe to last me till I go into coffin liao and they are still going from shop to shop to shop to buy that ideal pair of shoes.

Finally, we found them in Yik Foong. It is a dusty, mouldy, sad looking shopping mall in Ipoh. But they stock speacial sizes. And yay!!!! We fast fast bought two pairs. One DC and one ES (made in Korea lah). (BTW, the old lift in Yik Foong can take only five person in one lift. Lau beh anot?)
Haih…I don’t know what I had fed my kids to get a size twelve shoes which must have w i d e designs. My 10 years old wear a size 38, my 14 years old wear a size 41, the eldest size 46! Me? I wear a size 39 (size 7) shoes only. Used to be size 5 but after 5 kids the feet grew two sizes. 🙂 Go figure. Like my mom used to say : You are all wearing boats, not shoes!

Don’t you hate shopping for shoes? And if you know where to get big sizes shoes, do tell!

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  1. i also got problem lar buying shoes or sandals…owes they say size paling besar habis liaw…u punya kaki ini maciam besar mer?cheh if not that big why wana bought so big size…

  2. wahdoi!!! you must be wathcing a bigfoot photo when you conceived this fellow! where got normal kids wear so big shoes wan??

  3. **ROFL** Auntie ah, i almost fall of my chair when reading your post. LOL Normally, I only heard the man complaining about the woman about shopping but not the other way round. Come, come, ur son can easily get his shoe size easily over here in Australia. That is a common size for a 14yrs old.

  4. hmm i thought normally bigger size shoes are easily attainable? i’m not sure what shoe size is common for men (your eldest son is growing into a man isnt he? :)) but i thought shoes are like bras on sales for women, where only big sizes can be found most of the time! LOL
    ermm maybe next time you can try out warehouse? i know there’s one corner lot shop near swattow lane (is that how you spell it?)/ the continental bread house selling sports stuffs + sports shoes too. never really been in there but you could give it a try 🙂

  5. Me, i have the same farking probelm with shoes. Only i’m a size 3????? SIZE 3!!!!!!!! Can hardly findly shoes that fit my dainty cinderella feet. niamh. But i do get to walk into Vincci and tell the shop assistants, ” Get me ALL your size 3 shoes with this pattern/design/color/wateva”. Then try on, and ask them to pack it all up.

    Psssst, Vincci hardly stock more than 3 pairs of size 3 anyway. So, normally, i only walk away with 2 – 3 pairs. Not that bad lah; damn cheap sommore. Other places…. SIZE 3??? Forget it, dont waste time scouring for that ultimate pair of heels.

    I dont fare well with those Nike/Fila/Adidas either…… from $99 – $599 also no luck. Designer shoes like Ferragamo…… aiiiggghhhhh; sad sad story. Can only dream…..

  6. 5 kids and grew two shoe size. Me two kids already grow two shoe size. I would be a big foot if I have 5 kids then. Hey now we same same shoe size.

  7. I suffer from that problem of looking for big size shoes..I’m a size 13 but 14 is most comfortable as it will be wide enough but there will be a slight toe gap…

    I know its very difficult to get shoes my size here in Kuching or even in KL and usually gets my sis or friends to buy it for me from overseas..but I found this shop in KL, in Campbell Complex, an old shopping area, but the shoe shops on the ground floor has up to size 16 shoes not to mention XXL shirts and pants..sooo..STP note that ah…Campbell Complex at Jalan Dang Wangi

  8. Hijackqueen – Heh, my genes la. My loukong also size 7 only.

    Wingz – OK, jadi siap, next trip.

    QV – Yalor, nowadays people seem to grow bigger than normal. Must be my cooking also. Hehehe.

    wendy – Yalor, Yik Foong very lauyah but got funny funny stuffs there.

    WMD – Don’t worry, the feet stop growing after a while.

    Samm – The basketball shoes got la but my son wanted walking shoes and must be cool somemore so that’s why have to keep hunting lor. Wuah…size 3? Can buy from children section liao. Barbie shoes! LOL

    Sharon – I think I know where you mean, will look at that. But my kid (ya, very man liao) wants streetwear fashion. Next time you look at those teenager’s feet. They wear their shoes-strings in different colours. One side green/orange, the other side red/yellow kinda thing.

    Prometeuz – Yalor, they got their father shopping genes. I hate shopping, I just grab what I need and get over with it. But they will check the expiry date, quality, made in where, material…..Haih..

    ah pek – Nowadays all kids like that wan lar.

    ah nel – Yalor, buying slipper lagi headache ‘cos need to buy strong ones and right size. So, if there is stock, quickly buy two pairs. Hahaha.

  9. I think kids these days have such big feet because parents always buy new shoes for them. Last time when we in school, wear until have to curl up our toes…and got holes everywhere…those canvas shoes from China!!! That’s why our feet not so big! It’s like foot-binding in a way!

  10. Did you try the Thieves’ Market next to Jalan Stadium? They got shoes made from original leather that can fit giants!

  11. for wide/broad sneakers, try New Balance but I’m not sure if they stock size 12 or not. there is one boutique in 1U

  12. I must remember to commit this shoe store to memory. My son is 13, and his shoe size is mens’ US 9.5! Still prebubescent – He hasn’t even gone through that growth spurt thingy where they shoot up a few inches in height. I don’t dare imagine what his shoe size will eventually be! When we bought school shoes from Bata, we were told by the salesgirl that he’s wearing the biggest size (is 11 the biggest?!?!) already, and that if his feet grows bigger, he’ll have to buy from somewhere else.

  13. Hey, been a long time since I came to your blog. Was busy. You are as good as usual! 🙂

    I don’t know how they measure sizes out of India but I wear a Size 11 Shoe. 🙂

  14. Your kids should really get ori DC Shoes, they are so comfy and give the best protection to their feet. I got one pair myself, bought it in KL 4 years ago for over RM300.

    Too bad, we hardly see ori DC in Malaysia, only in some shops selling unique stuff. You can get it from their online store though. Usually I wear size 7 but the size 9 DC fits nicely, so it’s a bit risky if you get it online.

  15. atcherly these days not so difficult as the pre 90’s to look for large shoes. I wear ten1/2. But because of the study mentioned by Qua Vadis normally I tell people it’s size 12…lol

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