Have you posted 200 blog posts in 8 hours?

Well, I think I just did. Not only that, I had to find a theme that works minus all those ajax and widget thingie which I don’t have the faintest idea how it works. And I also have to find plugins and rss feeders which involve copy and pasting the right code at the right place. For a WP noob like me it is like a blind man holding a sharp pin and poke here and poke there. If got pain-pain (like fatal error, parsing error), then I have to go back and find a place where it works.

So, I had been stuffing durians for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No need to cook mah, just pry open and you have a complete meal what. And drink some Tongkat Ali Kopi which my in-law gave. Wuah, Tongkat Ali ada pahwer!

So, yeah I am going outta my mind. Back in….5 minutes.

No lah, I am not starting a new blog. I have a Dreamweaver website which is three years old with 120 pages which I am converting to WordPress (after failing to understand Mambo). Dreamweaver can kill man ‘cos I only use a template and not css files.

BTW, one blogger called me today and said ‘Wuah, you sound so young!’ That is enough to fuel me another 8 hours of copy and pasting that blardy 120 pages which after conversion will have like 400 pages posts (‘cos last time my one page is like one mile long, so one page, I break into 4-6 blog posts).

And guys, please keep Albert who has brain injury after an accident in your prayers. I am so sad to hear this ‘cos Albert is this cool guy, with long hair and a pony tail, long moustache   who rides a big bike.   Albert is our choir member, singing bass part. Lord Jesus, look down kindly on Albert, keep him safe and provide strength to his family to ride through this storm.

Life is so unpredictable, isn’t it? I wonder how is SCB doing, btw? Keep them both in your prayers, ok!

It is 273 posts! So, I am officially dead until further notice ‘cos I need to change permalinks somemore!!!! And, and, and re-format the fonts, add line break, para, table etc ‘cos I copy without the visual rich text ‘cos my ccb old site uses blue font in Comics san serif! Fark my reliance on Dreamweaver!

22 thoughts on “Have you posted 200 blog posts in 8 hours?

  1. Keen – Yeah, I accumulated 120 static pages with freaking long articles in the last three years. Mostly articles written by doctors and some of my published articles in the newspapers. Got no choice lor, so have to convert to WP lor or else it is a nightmare to update them with Dreamweaver.

    cyber-red – Huh? Not referring to Blogathon ler.

  2. Oh, my, oh my, first the Chendol, now the durian. Are you sure u r not torturing me? The durian look yummy!

  3. with such a hot weather you can manage to eat so much durian…wahhh…keng…make sure drink more liang teh or salt water… 🙂
    thats a lot need to be post…fuhhh…
    every 1st and 15th on chinese calendar i visit temple praying also included ask blessing for scb but sadly duno her full name…hehe…duno god noe which 1 i refering o not for his blessing… 😉

  4. Durians !! my Fav…..
    ah nel, I can’t help to imagine when u pray: ” Ang kong, please bo yao siao cha bor ka meh hor”.. 😛
    ok.. sorry… on a serious side.
    Silent prayers and asking blessings for SCB and Albert !!

  5. Better than me lar… I only know how to post comments on other people’s blog…hahaha

  6. I worse… seldom even post comments…. Today, exception.

    Lilian, You’re famous. Your blog is mentioned in Digital Life, a supplement that comes with Singapore Straits Times today. They quoted your post on Zidane – your last para “…. Zidane will be long remembered for being a bad boy with a good excuse….”

    Wah…. Durian look fantastic! I love durians.

  7. sming:thats what i told god lor but then i think it should be Siao Cha Bor@Lisa… 🙂

  8. Auntie, u r the onli person on earth that can do 25post/hr lar. U posts so fast that i even run out of words to comment ur posts. LOL.

  9. Kinda reminds me when my site went down and I had to recover some 60 odd posts from Google, MSN and Yahoo cache pages. Never managed to recover them all though 🙁

  10. gbyeow – Wuah….like that mah nightmare hor? So, those with WP, remember to instal the backup plugin and back up all the time. Heh, I talk only but too lazy to do periodic back-up.

    Prometeuz – I only copy and paste, minus paragraph, line breaks or add in permalink. Later when my site is shifted, then only do that. That is even worse that copy and paste.

    swifty – I saw that but see if I got time to do it ‘cos I am way out of touch with the issue. Remember briefly read in the paper only.

    ahpek – Bo pan huat lor ‘cos this is like an ancient website that I am trying to modernised. All the useful info there so must update it nicely for parents’ info.

  11. mikum – Wuah…people will think I am Zidane #1 fan but hor, I only post for the sake of drawing traffic. Kehkehkeh, not very sincere hor?

    fire80 – Learn lah! I can kasi tution.

    sming – Hahaha, I bet god knows what we want liao, so any name also can.

    wuching – So kesian….durians heaven here.

    ah nel – I steel woman, can tahan all heaty food wan. ‘Cos I don’t believe in heaty or cold foods wan, that’s why my body doesn’t care lor.

    SA & The SR – Yahor, you guys can’t get durians there.

  12. Will definitely pray for Albert.

    By the way..the durian makes me lau nua…think I should fly to KL and gorge on some soon.. hahahahaha…over here in Sarawak..our durian season is normally in December…

    Incidentally..not being rude…but my quirky side couldn’t help but grin when after reading and looking at the durian and then reading of poor Albert’s case….a thought came into my mind…did he get the accident because a durian fell on his head? hoo boy..sometimes I can’t even understand my brain..but yes..that was the thought that flew in….

  13. Fresh durian… envy you.
    Just 2 days ago, I can only get a hold of frozen durian, a product from Thailand.

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