Sometimes having maid is equivalent to modern slavery

There is this kid which I had been observing for a long time. He is about 9 or 10 years old. And has two maids following him around. Whenever he wants to put on his inline skate shoes, he will open his legs left and right. One maid each will tug the shoes, tie the laces and kept asking, “Sudah cukup? Sudah cukup?” (is the lace tight enough)

Then, he will be hopping around the skatepark like all posers do. The two maids will follow him every where, one with a bottle of water each. Every five farking minutes, they will call after him, “Minum airrrrr….”

Each time I see him opening up his legs for the maids to wear or take off his shoes, I feel like lastik (catapult?) his balls from across the park. I mean, he is old enough to do such things for himself. It is not like he is going to die if he did not take a sip of water every five minutes. Arrggh…I just can’t stand kids like that. And especially can’t stand his mom or grandpa (who come in occassionally) whenever they shrieked if he does just a little wee bit of gliding. Most times, he is just mere poser, a public hindrance, major pesk in the park.

Of course, he got two younger siblings. But they are younger and hence, need the attention. So, I can overlook that. But him? I silently wish he would fall flat on his face everytime I see the maids chasing after him with the water bottle. But he can’t fall ‘cos he did not even move but hopping on the inline skate shoes.

Recently, my relative took her son to Universiti Sains Malaysia for his first year of hostel stay. (all students must stay in the hostel regardless) She related to me how so many of the kids (yeah, almost 20 years old kids) don’t even know how to wash and dry their clothes. Duh! Some just dangle the clothes in its twisted form in the sun without even spreading it out and pin it. How stupid can they be?

I don’t know lah, I am absolutely against the idea of having maids waiting on kids like they are some little princes or something. It gives the kids some kind of superior air that they are to be served hand and foot. Wait till they are old and are expected to blend into society where the cruel world doesn’t provide such service. That time they all sure si-khiau-khiau (dead with legs in the air).

And this reminds me of a homily by a priest from a Singapore church, (Father Stephen Heng?) about the breakdown of marriages in Singapore. All the couples he counselled have problem because both parties expected to be served by their respective spouses and no one can accept ‘no’ from each other. You see, they are the children whom had grown up with modern slavery and hence, expect that kind of slaves to serve them. So, when they are living on a one-to-one basis, they cannot adjust.

You got practised modern slavery or not? Heh!

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  1. I want a maid. But you have to be a millionaire to afford a full time maid over here.

    They get paid, so not slaves. Though maybe they are respected like a slave.

    Sad really for servant and child. Though like you I hope the little rat fink falls flat on his face.

  2. hahaha..u r describing my brother’s 2 doters in singapore & their mother! the mother grew up with entourage of maids looking after her every needs & now the doters r getting exactly the same treatments! unless they make lots of money in their future, they’re getting into a shock of their lives when they grow up!

  3. I wish I can afford

    Serious, I guess many parents do not understand that having maids waiting on their kids is not the only love a parent can show their children. Many times, those parents who give in to every whim and fancy of the child, are in their mind justifying and making up for all the lost time they cannot be with their children. It makes them (the parents) feel less guilty.

  4. i grew up with a maid in the house. but i’m not like that spoilt kid, lah… my maid had better things to do than run after me with a water bottle. although when i was younger, she was more like an older sister who kept a watchful eye on me and i would cook up elaborate schemes to sneak out of the house and run along to my best friend’s house, hehe. annoyed her to no end.

    i believe that even if you have maids at home, you have to teach your kids to take some responsibility. do some house chores. even little things help – clean their own rooms, school shoes. iron their own school clothes. help cook melas on weekends. don’t depend on maids for *everything*. then they’d be helpless little buggers, hehe.

    maids are there to *help*, not to *serve*, IMHO.

  5. i totally agree with u lilian.. i don’t mind people having helpers (better word than maid, huh).. to help doing chores around the house.. mopping, cleaning, cobwebbing (got such word?).. since mother and father so free without all the housework, then minding the children such be their job!

  6. Auntie Lilian, What the Pastor Heng said is so true. Me, myself is about to tie the knot this yr end. But my fiancee is a guy who cant accept “No”. His mum has been treating him like a KING since small… and everything are taking for granted.
    I felt so tired and wish i can just walk away from all these…

  7. Well, my parents were working, and my sisters and I had maids to look after us or rather clean the house etc etc etc while we were growing up..till I was around 12…I think..and decided that there’s no point as we could all pitch in and help …(i’m sure STP would have a few things to say about that…hey..I help what!! I help in the cooking!!)

    So, yes..maybe you might need a maid when your children are still young and both parents are working, so that there’s someone to take care of the kids and the house for you (then again, it was not indon maids at that time, but our own local gals from the of my maids, went and look after STP’s daughter years later….)

    But to spoil your kid as ridiculously as mentioned in the above posting is pure stupidity…I know that even though we had a maid…we had to help around the house and sometimes help her do things also…we dnt dump everything on her to helped us to be able to do things….and now…I can do my own laundry..(if i have to that is :P) Iron my own clothes..cook my own meal..water the plants….etc etc etc….

  8. on impulse i wud like to sepak that little bastard’s face, but on hindsight, it’s better to sepak the parents’ instead!

  9. maids ? err…not yet but soon I will need one to assist my mum. They are not slaves as they are paid and I dont think abusing them is good ……treat them like a human . Shoot the parent / grandparent for spoiling this brat.

  10. I don’t coz I dun need to yet. And I can’t afford either. My mom in Pg does have a maid. To help take care of my 95 yr old grandma. We eat what the maid eat what. She can watch Astro somemore. Me staying in KL also dun have Astro to watch ler. Anyway, some kids can sure be really rude to the maid.. Feel like slapping them n that kid. It is all about the upbringing.

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  11. QV…I refrain from making any comments, but I think mothers…or for that matter, parents today spoil their children rotten. U see a lot of them in the school, coming to defend their kids for their CRIMES…and blaming the school!!! They don’t even look decent or respectable themselves! Some people think passing exams with straight As is EVERYTHING!!! I pity them…and their children!!! They’ll get the backlash soon enough!!!

  12. True true…heard enough about this from you and “Antique” and sometimes the story can be quite hilarious..but yes…sometimes..children can be spoilt rotten by their parents…….oh well….never had the chance of being spoilt rotten here..hahahaha… fact…I just realised..was such a good kid….now am wondering where did that evil streak of mine come in….hmmmmmmmm…must be influences from you hahahaha

  13. In extreme case,
    they screw each other with their maid. Proxy?

    IMHO, the country to enable a policies to impose a levy RM3000 per foreign worker per annum. For maid, impose a levy of RM8,000. This will earn the country a hefty coffer and reduce the import maid issue.

  14. used to have them (no, not modern slavery lah)to help out when the boys were small but stopped about 11 years ago. have been sharing out the chores since.

  15. Love this post….hit the nail on the spot.

    Another scene that I hate which i see on holidays or in hotels? You see the maid taking care of the young children by the pool side, walking round the pool as the child wades or play in the pool. Where are the parents? Ooh reading newspaper under the shed/relaxing. This is what they call a family holiday or spending time with their children. Blearghhh!!!

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