Test your pagestrength & a little kembang

Never mind that it is a rather peverted way of getting the search engines to hit me. Who cares when you are number 1 in Google UK for ‘best looking men 2006’. Do you notice that there are ONE HUNDRED AND TWO MILLION PAGES! (102,000,000) and my page on the best looking football players is on the number one spot?
Ok, enough of that. I got this link from LiewCF about checking our pagestrength. I am one of those people who loves to measure up where blogging is concerned. It is more to assess how much we have improved. I was excited when my photo blog and women blog got a PR4/10 Google ranking recently.

So, to check your pagestrength (which claimed to be better than Google pageranking), just go to Liew’s page for more explanation or you can click the below and check yours. I got a 4.5 over 10 which I must say is pretty good. Come test your pagestrength and remember to leave your result in the comment box.
Page Strength SEO Tool - SEOmoz.org

15 thoughts on “Test your pagestrength & a little kembang

  1. lilian,
    you know, after you encouraged me to revive my handyman blog? i went and posted some articles and i realised that it had achieved a pr4 ranking from google oredi!
    my old blog, after one year still languishing in pr4 oso.
    you are right. i should pay more attention to the handyman blog.

  2. Neo – Hahaha, made me suspense and curious oni.

    kstang – My pocket lah, due to added ads income mah.

    anastasia – Hahaha, work harder!

    ah pek – Yalor, I also dunno why suddenly the pagerank hit 4/10. My food blog already almost one year and still there at 4/10 eventhough traffic is not bad.

    dragonmummy – Ya, needs time to improve wan.

    kittycat – That’s the general ranking. Mine is higher ‘cos I read up a lot to learn the ropes. šŸ™‚

    MG – Ya hor, feel shiok momentararily.

    sming – Keep writing. It goes with the age of the blog.

  3. Congrats, Lilian. Come…come…let me give u a pat on the back!! Does that mean more adverts…more money??? Good…then when I go Penang u can chia me makan lah???

  4. OMG!! i must be the worst…they cant even FIND my URL!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! *sniff sniff

  5. Talk about people old and senile…but some people seem to be losing their memory….Sure, I ask people “chia” but all the time, I was the one paying!!! Memory lapse? Got knocked in the head or what? Sure I won’t sponge on 5XMom with 4 kids in tow (Reminds me of Kenny Rogers’ Lucille, Lilian….”Four hungry children” and I used to hear “four hundred children”! No wonder she was leaving her man!)

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