The drama surrounding Siti Nurhaliza & Datuk K

TERBARU! Update 21st  August 2006 – Gambar pertunangan dan gambar perkahwinan di sini dan sini. 


.. my client’s secretary AA, she let out that she is very, very upset with [tag]Siti Nurhaliza[/tag]. AA said she and her whole family are very loyal fans of the singer until yesterday but not anymore now. She ranted and ranted and I only gave the occasional nod of the head So, AA told me that her whole family tore up all the posters in the house, packed up all the tapes, CDs, magazines and memorabilia and had chucked them out unceremoniously at the neigbourhood dumpster.

Wah, these fans can get really, really emotional and all worked up. So much so, that some took emergency leave from work just to hear breaking news of their idol’s wedding announcements and others throwing away every shred of momento they had paid good money and collected and cherished all this while. Something like a bad breakup! (NyonyaPenang’s blog, who had to hold the fort ‘cos her staffs all disappeared from work to watch the live telecast!)

For someone who is cut off from the real world and hardly making contacts with any adults, I was thoroughly amused to read about the reaction towards Siti Nurhaliza’s choice of life partner. I was never a fan of hers but had admired with her almost spotless image except for the egg drinking Sharifah Aini’s case. But I know many Malay guys who adored her. One of them is Pa’din Musa whom joked that he is Siti Nurhaliza’s fiance (mentioned by the MC during the Asian X-Games) and our very own blogsphere Menj!

When I casually mentioned – ‘how come people are not happy with Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding’ to my dear atm, he gave me the reasons. Fuwah, this taukeh has lots of staffs who probably had been talking about nothing but ‘Siti nak kahwin dengan [tag]Datuk K[/tag]’ in the office. Imagine my accountant husband also knows the public reactions to Siti’s choice. Kan dahsyat. World Cup pun kalah dan tak sehangat berita ni.

Atm said that firstly, the man is way, way older. Secondly, he is just divorced. OK, so that’s the reasons. I hope this man of mine won’t get gatal and wants to get a young wife next time when he hit 50 years old. (eh, berapa umur Datuk K ah?)

Come to think of it, I think generally wives get short-changed. Say the wives had been labouring with the man. Bring up kids and stuffs. Then, the jantan gets richer and richer. Anak dah besarkan? Tak lah trauma kalau nak ceraikan? So, tunggu apa lagi? Ceraikan bini tua, kahwin bini muda.

Things like these happen right in front of me when I was working. Sometimes, I played devil’s advocate. I told lies to get the husband out of trouble. At times, I had to spy (by finding out from the grapevines) to prevent some senior managers from getting involved with their young staffs. Once or twice, I had to receive sobbing wives who came into the office to ask the boss to intervene because the senior, old man manager is keeping his pretty production operator. These were all part and parcel of my job. Aduhai….gejala jantan yang dah kaya, katakan…

So,now Malaysia most eligible anak dara dah kata jodoh, apa lah kita nak ambik tau. Tapi bini-bini tua sekalian, kan risau noh? Bila jantan dah tua-tua, rasa nak [tag]kahwin[/tag] baru, boleh kata, “Jodoh tu kan di tangan Tuhan…..” And my best advice, as usual ala 5xmom –

If your children is old enough, make sure all your husband’s companies have them as shareholders. If their age is not above 18years, hold in trust. Transfer kesemua harta-benda, syarikat-syarikat dan setiap sen masuk nama anak. Baru kita tak berenang berdiri (stand swimming means cannot find a foothold). Because if you transfer the properties to your children, no one can claim you are a money digger. Muahahahar, this is one of the best lesson I learnt from all the Datin Seri and Datin-Datin. But errrm..too bad, my laki doesn’t own much properties and no companies so I don’t get to practice it. Remember, if you have many properties, get hold of a Sendirian Berhad company and put all of these properties under the company. If the laki mampus, no anak di luar nikah and bini tua (if there is any) can come and claim.

Frankly, if one has been married for that long, it is not the man that we feel sayang (pity) to lose. It is the money! If you want to hurt a man most, hit his pocket! Kehkehkehkeh.

62 thoughts on “The drama surrounding Siti Nurhaliza & Datuk K

  1. #1 Yea I’ve been waiting for this next post. Just wait and see how long their marriage will last la.

  2. I heard he is 47 and she is 27. 4727 anybody wanna buy 4D? BTW, what a month for entertainment desk. 1st was someone got divorced, then someone putus tunang and now someone getting married.
    Joke of the day was “Datuk K got a brand new Honda CT but Datuk Effendi got himself a 2nd hand Tiara.”

  3. I suppose 20 years is nothing compared to a certain former newscaster who’s 26 (not mentioning name, but you know whom I’m referring to) & is married to a 60-year-old Sultan.

    Lilian, I’ve something to share with you with regards to this topic, will e-mail you later, okay?

  4. My Indon maid also call Siti. Last time I call her Nurhaliza she damn happy. Yesterday I call her the same she damn tulan. Dunno why.

  5. skyjuice – Tsunami, you mean my site? I langsung tak nampak in the paper ‘cos you know lah, what is the greater news? So takde bahan cerita. Will look forward to your updates. 🙂

    wingz – You tarak cukup Msian lah

    muteaudio – Hahaha, that’s a good one, Honda CT and used Tiara. But that other one, really lah, bad moral lah. Wanna putus tunang, tak kan cannot do it the gentleman way, kan?

    nyonyapenang – If every man also follow this example, charm lor, hor?

    SA – That’s the life. LOL.

    kstang – Choi…you put curse liao, like that how to last long? Abuden, good for gossip lah.

  6. doc – Wuah…so dramatic ah? Like that habis her singing career. My atm said, sure end up as housewife. LOL. Cilaka mya atm.

  7. mua never a fan of Siti or any celebs. Celebs do like making headlines or acting out their private lifes in da public – sick – euwrrrr !!! Mua juz a fan of 5xmum la 😉 😀 😀

  8. ROTL. Lilian also blog about this CTDK. I think at the moment when people meet up, hot topic to chat will be CTDK.

  9. on monday my colleague,a malay mom come and suddenly told me…
    her:gila lar siti ya…mauk kahwin ngan datuk yg berumur 47 tahun…
    me:datuk???tak kenal lar…
    her:datuk k…
    me:tidak pernah dengar pun…alah gelaran datuk…kaya bah…sapa tak mau…
    her:sik kan lah tua ya…
    me:hehe…laki suka cari bini muda macam kata uncle aku dolok “cari bini biar muda dan lagi muda lagi bagus sebab bila kita dah tak larat bini boleh panjat atas dan goyang”
    her:errr…oi…hehe…cilaka engkau…

    btw i ever help my friends cheat on his wife also but end up i didnt go out with that friend anymore as most of the time the bini will call me and ask me about his hubby…i hate to lie especially to girl so thats y i seldom look for that friend d… 😉

  10. I’ve been trying to avoid getting ‘involved’ but this morning I blurted out “No wonder, they tried to keep it a secret, they waited till the divorce case is settled”…hubby just chuckled, something might be wrong with his wife.
    When all this going to end? I dread August already.
    And today, I wanted to read about the Jawa tsunami, saw on the top of front page “Bekas isteri D K tuntuk harta sepencarian”…aiyah, dun wan to read, tempted pulak…and wuah…D K is really rich la, like that…one house RM7mil, and I’m not even CT fan….now seriously I better get a life!

  11. well, at least we know one thing for sure la…CT din marry DK for money. she herself prolly rich enuf to buy the entire perlis. but i’m curious…did DK divorce b4 or after he got to knw CT? that makes a lot of difference dun u think so?

    ah nel, i hope dat next time when u’re married and ur wife happen to be cheating on u, none of her friends help her telling lies to u.

  12. Normal….tat’s all I can say…

    Anyway….heard this rumour running around of Datuk K payed for the whole Royal Albert Hall thinggy (where they first met) and thus she owes him mucho monies….so…can’t pay…wat to do..marry him loh….but dnt qoute me on that lah…just rumours…..

    Anyway…2nd Hand Tiara joke has been flying around for ages hahahaha..but was amazed to see the 2nd hand tiara dancing around during the rainforest festival…so unbecoming for the wife of a minister…..

  13. sooi2 – You say leh? If what I read right, it looks like another ditching process. 😉

    ah nel – You are so funny. About helping another to cheat, I guess when stucked in the middle, very hard to ‘cho lang’ (diplomatic). Mine was between my salary and my principle. Of course, I choose salary and a job lah!

    sofhib – Hahaha, even my part-time housekeeper also just talked about it. And she has no inkling who Siti is previously.

    David – Aiyoh, I no act out my private life lah, I only lie my way through. LOL. *points to tag line of life, lies…*

    kljs – Who? Wuah….you are the king of TV and you ask this question.

    doc – Oi, so clever hor?

  14. QV – Wah…from preacher to celebs gossip. You terror hor? Hahaha, The Star said he also wanted to finance a movie for her last time.

  15. If she wants to play the “wuleijing”, too bad lah. Her almost flawless image now gone down the drain. Niamah…. that man old lah. A few years down the road, when old man’s afflicted with illness and can hardly “do much”, then she’ll feel the loneliness…. and that’s when we’ll all get to see/hear more stories. But till then, we wait and see lah. Adoh!!!

  16. HEHEHE a preacher also have to have fun and get ideas for his sermons mah hahahahahaha… I don’t think that the rumour that he paid for the Royal Albert Hall thinggy is just a rumour….but…tat’s life isn’t it…..

    so…gadis gadis muda and also lelaki muda out careful when you receive favours from rich rich datuks or datins…they might want something in return that you might not be able to give them……..

  17. The Star reported they first met in 2004. The man divorced his (first) wife the same year, but only finalised early this month. Go figure.

    I couldn’t believe The Star devoted 3 whole pages to these 2 people. There were (still are) more important and pressing issues than this!

  18. Haiya…people want to get married, let them lah! They want to get divorced, let them lah!! It’s their lives!!! In this present day and age, anything goes! Just have to learn to live with it! Jaga diri dan anak sendiri…cukup pening kepala dah!!! Man proposes, God disposes!

  19. don’t really understand the whole fuss about this though…’s just celebrity marriage…….. and the fans really are overreacting…… or something like that.

  20. alamak lil, panasnye topik hari ini. sensasi jugak blog you hari ni kalah melodi rancangan tv3 tu…. terkejut betul i baca comment2 yang terpampang kat blog u… ni dinamakan jodoh tak mengenal usia. tapi memang i terkejut betul penyanyi kesayangan malaysia ni pilih org yg berumur ye… all this while i selalu tanya my hubby siapa jodoh ct maybe one of kerabat diraja or anak datuk but last2 pilih datuk duda anak 4. tak sangka betul… tapi apa nak buat kita nak cakap ape pun itu dah jadi pilihan… biarlah rahsia ct kenapa she go for older man that boleh jadi bapa dia

  21. sooi sooi:i’m stil single u oledi curse me lidat…i no wrong wad…i’m sure your parent also told you we must help each other… 😉

    lilian:its true lar as stuck in middle really hard to ‘cho lang’…thats y i chosed not to go out drinking with him anymore…my friend that go out with him also told me he kena called by the wife also…

  22. Beli 1 dapat 4 free…what more can U bargain for ?

    CT says “saya suka dia(Datuk K) kerana terlalu kasih kepada anak2nya”…………… what!!

    Eh,CT what about the treatment Datuk K gave to his first wife? U tak sedaq kah???

    Harap semua ok, jangan syiok setahun saja frust seumur hidup !!!


  23. Let’s moo_t do a mind scan…

    Notice that is more girl/lady that craze about Siti than man? Because in their mind, Siti is their idol of independent, success female, with choice. And the marriage just destroy their dream about Siti, especially on the man she choose.

    Because Siti fames is all about dream she gave to them, I afraid this might be the end of her carrier.

    OTH about money digger. Instead of make his successor super rich, Warren buffet just announce to donate most of his fortune(USD40 Billions)&Melinda foundation. Beside real-estate tax(inheritance-tax ), he don’t want his succesor rotted with his money. I think Malaysia should brought back the inheritance-tax , so Malaysia datuk and rich people will not be so “gatal” 😉

  24. *sigh*….. agree that it is usually wives that get short-changed. But like what my buddhist frens say, karma => what goes around comes around. Hope in the “unfaithful” husband’s next life, they are born into women who got “betrayed” by their husbands..then baru tau!

  25. Yalah, QV…as Lilian said holier than thou preacher already turned celebs gossiper, rubbing shoulders with rich and famous, all the datuks and datins, so someone has got to fill the vacancy!!

  26. *** tak tau la, tp baca je la.

    pd sesape yg suka nk baca kisah dato k ngan siti.. ni ada cite lg, mayb
    korang pernah baca kot… ntah ye ntah tidak, hanya tuhan je yg tau…..

    mcm2 versi pasal ct ngan dato’ k ni…cher baca yang ni plak
    apa lah kan… dia yg nak kahwin, kita yg but speculations. but let me tell you the storyla.. kesian tgk korang2 ni buat speculation…

    Minah ni mmg nak kawin ngan Dato’ K. Before this Si Fazley ni pun dah 2 kali family dia gi risik Siti, but Siti mmg x sukakan dia. Masa family siti gi raya rumah dia, mati2 dia xnak pegi. Org tak suka jgn dipaksa. Dia suka org tua. Matured la kononnya. Parents Siti plak mmg sukakan si Fazley ni, kiranya sepadan la ngan anak dia yg muda. (infomer from Sham Kamikaze).

    Siti mula kenal Dato’ K masa tgh stage nak buat filem pasal Siti
    Remember that dia supposed berlakon satu filem.. last yr kot.. ha.. inilah masanya. Director utk filem patutnya Ahmad Idham. Dato’ K is the financier for this filming projects. Masa tgh proses2 nak reccee kg Siti, know her family background, Dato’ K ngan Idham went to kg siti. Masa ke kg siti gak yg diaorg jumpa bapak siti and mintak approval utk siti berlakon. Yelah, budak baik… ikut ckp mak bapak. Lepas tu, ada one time, family Siti (whole family tau, bapak, amak, adik beradik, termasuk Ahmad Idham & wife)
    went for a dinner at Dato’ K’s house. Jgn tak tahu, masa ni Dato’ K x divorce lagi ngan wife dia. Semua berfamily2. Masa ni, father Siti dah approved dah dia berlakon, but apakan daya.. pada masa ni jugak berdepan2 keluarga ni Dato’ K dah mula pandang2, jeling kat Siti… FYI, wife Dato K mmg suka giler kat Siti ni.. but dia mana tahu laki dia ada syok kat minah tu…

    Benda ni berlanjutan sampai Siti ke London. Dato’ pun pegi. Masa ni xde sapa tahu pasal kidah syok2 ni even her family. I think it started from there la kot. After her father got to know pasal kisah cinta ni, her father was fuming mad. Pada dia, he trusted Dato’ K, bagi approval berlakon but si Dato’ ni dok ngurat anak dia. Ini balasan kepercayaan dia.. Anak dia pun dok main2 balas sms kat si Dato’ ni. Sama2 miang. Now i think her father cannot say anything dah kot. Cinta mana boleh dipaksa2 beb… so.. itulah
    yg terjadik sekarang. Yes, they are getting married. Dato’ K & Siti. August la kot… Xde kena mengena pegi sbb si Fazley. I dont know la if dia org tu ada relation plak. (infomer kawan dato’ k la)

    For me, aku takde hal la diaorg kawin, just kesian kat wife Dato’ K je. Si Siti plak sanggup plak tu. Tu yg x sangka… apa xnye, kau pegi rumah org tu, makan sama2.. tiba2 tu ambik laki dia. Well, that’s not nice…. anyway, it’s just my personal comment..

  27. for me yes si siti memang gadis yg tidak disangka2 perangainyer..i memang dah lame tau siti n dato ada affair coz ofs a.idham didataran palma ni sebelah ngan ofis i. memang siti juga gatal2 ngan si datuk k ni…memang datuk ada masaalah with ex-wife tapi kalau tidak siti melayan si tua tu memang tak kan menjadi punyer. ex-wife memang peminat siti masa tu sebab tu ler dia buat dinner untuk family2 siti and family dia..well ini la jodoh namenyer…tapi kita sebagai perempuan ..pernah kah terfikir perasaan ex datuk. dulu datin tu yang banyak tolong khalid..tapi sekarang bukan main seronok ..senyum2 sebab dapat kawin siti yang muda dan cantik…pada i..siti memang boleh dikategorikan sebagai perampas…

  28. kenapa wartawan tidak pernah menghebohkan keburukan ct seperti mana artis lain. MEMANG BETUL agaknya ct da beli wartawan sehingga sekarang wartawan masih lagi memuji ct walau pun yang berlaku sudah terang terang depan mata. DIMANA PERGINYA WARTAWAN

  29. biarlah. itu hal siti dgn dato’ k. kita punya hal pun siti x pernah kacau. dato’ k tu orait ape. baiklah, di sini saya ingin mengucapkan selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia yang ke 49. tahniah. MALAYSIA BOLEH!

  30. yg siti pun bodoh tak tawahala pi kawin dengan orang tua,play boy,pentingkan diri sendiri,tiada belas kasihan,dan macam- macam lagi.ala tak lama lg mesti kena cerai macam era ngan yusri la….hantaran punyalah banyak……..alah waktu kahwin seronok sangat……la tudia hampa semua tengok kena cerai dah…macam tu la dunia semua tu ….artis hebat sangatlah tu…………..ingat sama allah tuhan kita sembahyang kita cukup dak,tutup aurat dak,cara pergaulan kita dengan orang bukan muhrim………bayar zakat dak……penah kita bangun buat qiammullail………pernah dak kita sentuh al-quran…………ingat sama harta nanti tak boleh bawa pi masuk dalam kubur………….benda dunia yang kita buat tidak membawa apa2 faedah pun…….tak bawa bekal akhirat pun…….ingat manusia mana tak akan mati……….tuhan boleh menarik nyawa manusia bila bila masa shj…………………….semua perbuatan yg kita buat tuhan sentiasa tengok tak pernah dok miss hah………………………cuba pikir balik apa kesalahan yang pernah kita buat…..dan insaflah sebelum terlambat…………………………….yang hidup pasti akan mati,sembahyanglah kamu sebelum kamu disembahyangkan,sembahyanglah kamu di belakang imam,sebelum imam sembahyang di belakang kamu……………………wassalam…

  31. Ct was attracted to K because of his wealth, not his ugly looks. In 2004 when she was invited to his house for a dinner, there she would have seen his wealth as a beautiful mansion.she was ready to break up his marriage with tengku Z.
    I bet you this 2 would have gone beyond the limit.
    Why must they have a grand wedding, why cant they just donate some cash to the poor.

  32. haiz…ape nak buat..kalau dah cinta tu itu cintalah namanya.Biarlah rumah tangga yang dibina berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.Tiada guna kita mengeluh dengan cinta siti pada dakto K.dIA yang empunya diri.Aku juga kecewa…kerana jarak usia mereka yang sangat ketara bezanya..haiz..tidak mengapalah.Apa yang saya harapkan adalah kebahagiaan dan moga tiuhan memberi sinaran dalam hidup siti buat masa ynag akan datang.selamat siti.

  33. siti!! siti!!!.aku kecewa..tapi aku juga bahagia…tapi entahlar…kenapalah dia yang dikau pilih…baiklah sekalian umat yang sedang membaca…..terimalah kepitusan siti seadanya..majlis pernikahan mereka akan berlagsung tidak lama lagi!!!!=(

  34. r u sure datuk k’s honda ct is brand new? have u checked thorougly? i suggest you send it to puspakom for a complete test. anyway, i think datuk k’ got himself a
    mercs ct rather than a honda ct. brand new or second hand nobody knows.

  35. Eleh.. Ada plak yg over ckp pasal ct & c datuk tu,betul ke apa2 ntah,jealous! Dah mulia sgt lah diri tu! C ct ne plak buta sgt nak pilih laki, kalau tak duda bleh lah terima hakikat sikit, alasan pn tak msuk akal, mcm lah org lain tak syg anak :p atok aku pn syg anak dia, pun dah dpt title ‘Atok’.. Bleh gak ct jdi nenek tiri aku.. Eee.. mudah mudahan kau d bahagiakan. – esok dah nak nikah lah 🙁

  36. ape ke heinye ct deme menikah ngan org tua.. burok benor… eiii geli keh. org pahang semua tok suke deme doh… kepada datuk k.. sedap deme le yer menikoh ngan hok yg fresh… jgn lupe anok2… em.. benci nyeer keh!!!!(lorat pahang tu wehhhhhh!!!!)

  37. well..

    Guys!!! you know what is the true things………
    God sake!!!!i have no more words to siti and datuk menyampah,geli and digusting, some more dengar lagu siti nyanyi kat suami tercinta,…it justl ike a she did nothing wrong!!!!!
    and i hope datuk ew.wife will find her peaceful life.

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