The drama surrounding Siti Nurhaliza & Datuk K

TERBARU! Update 21st  August 2006 – Gambar pertunangan dan gambar perkahwinan di sini dan sini. 


.. my client’s secretary AA, she let out that she is very, very upset with [tag]Siti Nurhaliza[/tag]. AA said she and her whole family are very loyal fans of the singer until yesterday but not anymore now. She ranted and ranted and I only gave the occasional nod of the head So, AA told me that her whole family tore up all the posters in the house, packed up all the tapes, CDs, magazines and memorabilia and had chucked them out unceremoniously at the neigbourhood dumpster.

Wah, these fans can get really, really emotional and all worked up. So much so, that some took emergency leave from work just to hear breaking news of their idol’s wedding announcements and others throwing away every shred of momento they had paid good money and collected and cherished all this while. Something like a bad breakup! (NyonyaPenang’s blog, who had to hold the fort ‘cos her staffs all disappeared from work to watch the live telecast!)

For someone who is cut off from the real world and hardly making contacts with any adults, I was thoroughly amused to read about the reaction towards Siti Nurhaliza’s choice of life partner. I was never a fan of hers but had admired with her almost spotless image except for the egg drinking Sharifah Aini’s case. But I know many Malay guys who adored her. One of them is Pa’din Musa whom joked that he is Siti Nurhaliza’s fiance (mentioned by the MC during the Asian X-Games) and our very own blogsphere Menj!

When I casually mentioned – ‘how come people are not happy with Siti Nurhaliza’s wedding’ to my dear atm, he gave me the reasons. Fuwah, this taukeh has lots of staffs who probably had been talking about nothing but ‘Siti nak kahwin dengan [tag]Datuk K[/tag]’ in the office. Imagine my accountant husband also knows the public reactions to Siti’s choice. Kan dahsyat. World Cup pun kalah dan tak sehangat berita ni.

Atm said that firstly, the man is way, way older. Secondly, he is just divorced. OK, so that’s the reasons. I hope this man of mine won’t get gatal and wants to get a young wife next time when he hit 50 years old. (eh, berapa umur Datuk K ah?)

Come to think of it, I think generally wives get short-changed. Say the wives had been labouring with the man. Bring up kids and stuffs. Then, the jantan gets richer and richer. Anak dah besarkan? Tak lah trauma kalau nak ceraikan? So, tunggu apa lagi? Ceraikan bini tua, kahwin bini muda.

Things like these happen right in front of me when I was working. Sometimes, I played devil’s advocate. I told lies to get the husband out of trouble. At times, I had to spy (by finding out from the grapevines) to prevent some senior managers from getting involved with their young staffs. Once or twice, I had to receive sobbing wives who came into the office to ask the boss to intervene because the senior, old man manager is keeping his pretty production operator. These were all part and parcel of my job. Aduhai….gejala jantan yang dah kaya, katakan…

So,now Malaysia most eligible anak dara dah kata jodoh, apa lah kita nak ambik tau. Tapi bini-bini tua sekalian, kan risau noh? Bila jantan dah tua-tua, rasa nak [tag]kahwin[/tag] baru, boleh kata, “Jodoh tu kan di tangan Tuhan…..” And my best advice, as usual ala 5xmom –

If your children is old enough, make sure all your husband’s companies have them as shareholders. If their age is not above 18years, hold in trust. Transfer kesemua harta-benda, syarikat-syarikat dan setiap sen masuk nama anak. Baru kita tak berenang berdiri (stand swimming means cannot find a foothold). Because if you transfer the properties to your children, no one can claim you are a money digger. Muahahahar, this is one of the best lesson I learnt from all the Datin Seri and Datin-Datin. But errrm..too bad, my laki doesn’t own much properties and no companies so I don’t get to practice it. Remember, if you have many properties, get hold of a Sendirian Berhad company and put all of these properties under the company. If the laki mampus, no anak di luar nikah and bini tua (if there is any) can come and claim.

Frankly, if one has been married for that long, it is not the man that we feel sayang (pity) to lose. It is the money! If you want to hurt a man most, hit his pocket! Kehkehkehkeh.

62 thoughts on “The drama surrounding Siti Nurhaliza & Datuk K

  1. Kesian CT. Pretty with tons of money but lacking in the brain’s department. Reality sucks….

  2. When they walk down the aisle, it’s jz like a father giving away his daughter on her wedding day …. 🙂

  3. dasar betina gila batang nilah dia.tak kira batang tu org punye ke tak,main sauk je.yg si jantannya pulak mmg muka gila biji.apa dia ingat biji ct tu ada mutiara refflesia ke?kesian kt xwife.sabaujelah tz..selalunya pompuan baik utk lelaki baik.oleh sbb bekas laki akak tu x baik,so dia dapatlah isteri baru yg tak baik.

  4. sbnrnye ct ni x penah,bile ade jantan pndai main kate,pompuan mane yg x cair…
    abih,nk bt mcane da jodohh(kate ct ler)..
    biarla ct dgn keputusannye..
    lgpn,dah selamat jd bini org tua 2 pn..
    ssh sng ct yg tanggung kelak..
    jgn jd cam era ngn yusri sudahla..
    anyway,i hope ct bhagia..
    p/s: now,all it’s over!so,let them happy with their live..ok!!! chau!!

  5. Datuk mau kahwin CT sebab nak test mainan CT pandai ke tidak. Datuk pula mau yg masih…CT pun ingin cuba mainan Datuk K. Pandai sangat ke X.. Wow…Tengok saja pandanagn mata Datuk K sebelum nikah… harimau. Malam Datuk mesti ganas punye

  6. saya peminat SITI.saya berharap kak siti berbahagia disamping suamin tercinta.jodoh kak siti dgn datuk.semua orang yang pasrah dgn perkahwinan SITI diharap jgn lah mendoakan kebahagian rumah tangga SITI N DATUK retak tapi doakan SITI N DATUK bahagia di samping keluaga tercinta dan dimurahkan rezeki agar dapat anak-anak yang soleh dan sihat sejahtera…

  7. akum datuk ct,,saye sokong sgt ape yg irwanis ckpkn…jodoh,mati 2 kn kat tgn TUHAN,kalau kite salahkn datuk ct maknenye kte salah kn TUHAN la..ape pon i always hope u happy with datuk k,& i hope u cepat dpt baby

  8. wei korang nie suke fitnah ct mcm2.mcmla korang 2 bagus sgt….jika jodoh ct ngan datok k biar jelah yang nak mlebih2 apasal….

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