Video link – Singapore girls bullying case

I got this video link from my son. Another sickening bullying case which I heard is from Singapore. Four girls bullying one girl, including stripping her.


(ok, midnight over, link removed)
Just click on the ‘Play’ triangle button.

I am too digusted to watch the whole thing ‘cos it is very graphic. So, please proceed at your own risk.

BTW, does anyone knows what had been done to this case? I want to see some justice and the higher authorities taking some proactive measures to curb this rampant spread of bullying in our Asian, and especially Chinese children. What have gone wrong, man? Why are our kids revelling in kicking, punching, slapping and bullying other children?

Added : LittleSpeck with an article from The Sunday Star

26 thoughts on “Video link – Singapore girls bullying case

  1. OMG! Something is REALLY WRONG with both our societies for this to happen. I was tearing up midway and also couldn’t finish it. The poor girl! How could the other girls just keep hitting/kicking her and laugh the whole time? So sad…

  2. but I’ve heard that this is the UPM case……not Singapore.
    I’m not sure myself.

  3. thanks for the links boringest. can’t quite believe the outcome of this case!!

  4. sighhh……… they will feel like killing themselves when they grow up a little and think back on what they did on that fateful day.

  5. How long did they beat up the poor girl!?? I sincerely hope justice is served. Did they identified those girls?

  6. helen – After I read the links given by boringest, I got even more horrified. You have to read the story by the Singapore papers. It is over a condom, a 13 yrs old girl, a guy asking these four girls to bash the girl up and the girl’s family did want to press charges. And the mom found out her daughter was bullied after taking her to a medium. *roll eyes* And she confirmed it after the video has already been spreaded on the net.

    KSTang – Cilaka lu, better change yr nick lah. I see the name also I cold sweats liao. BTW, your time is an awfully long time ago when p0rn and violent stuffs aren’t so easily available. Nowadays, diff liao lur.

    ah pek – But hor, the girls got away with it ‘cos the victim said she was part of the reason becos she gave a condom to a guy whom is a bf of the bullies. Duh! I don’t know what to make of this. These bullies are only 15 yrs old! That it is ok to bash others up as a form of compensation/revenge/punishment?

    sooi2 – Yeah, after I read the newspapers lagi naik api ‘cos somewhere something is very wrong. What kind of message are the young people getting?

    Lord V – Cannot totally blame poverty also ‘cos not every poor families turned out like these.

    boringest – You are very updated. Thank you for the update.

    iNsuN – Singaporean HDB flat. I heard one of the girls said ‘A lot of people are looking from upstairs’. What kind of people are those mannnnn….

    KittyCat – Yeah, something is not right.

  7. i agree with Lilian on the poverty thingy. I’m from an average family too but i dont see myself bullying ppl. Maybe Lilian will….who knows…chuckle

    poor ATM

  8. Bonnie – Awareness that things like these  happens. Whether we care to know or not, they do. I probably may have overlook it, thinking that the world is all nice and rosy. Providing the link and looking at it from a parent’s/public views is different from putting the link for cheap thrills, if that is what you are thinking.

    michael – I think you better watch your comments. This is not funny, ok?

  9. there is really something wrong with our society nowadays! we are really scared to leave our kids out in the ugly world alone….

  10. Oi oi oi! What nowadays? It’s been happening lar… Just that last time don’t have digital cameras, internet and youtube only…

  11. This is really sad. That poor girl has to destroyed emotionally. Hope the authorities catch those girls and give em a few good swats with the bamboo cane. That’ll take the gleeful look off their face.

  12. After all that, the girl parents just keep quiet. Hey why only the mother goes and approached the girl. And where is the FUCKING FATHER!! If my daughter were beaten like that….I assures very nasty payback…….

  13. ehhh…too late me cant watch d…anyway i still hate those bullier…i will whack them if i see they bully in front of me…kns…

  14. Um, If I am the girl, public awareness or for the good of humankind, I wouldn’t want that video to be circulating around, especially since this involves nudity. Not that the experience is not traumatic enough.

    No offense tho, just my 2 cents.

  15. It wasn’t the beating that got to me it was when they started stripping her that I just found unbearable to watch.

    Happy slapping isn’t a new thing and doesn’t just occur in singapore (wherever it took place) but maybe yeah it would have been better just reading about it and not having to watch the ordeal on video. The sickest part of it is that someone stood there and filmed it.

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