I sat through almost three hours (plus trailers) of movie today and enjoyed every minute of them. I am talking about[tag] Pirates of the Caribbean[/tag] – The Dead Man’s Chest 2006 or Harta Lelaki Mati (duh!). Harta Lelaki Mati, HOHOHOHOHO is the first of many laughs. Lucky they never translate as Tetek Lelaki Mati.

It stars the very devilish looking[tag] Johnny Depp[/tag], heroic [tag]Orlando Bloom [/tag]and Captain Sotong aka Davy Jones plus that pretty girl dunno whatshernamelah. Damn! I wish I can get hold of some raw Japanese sotong that is still moving for some sashimi. I am pretty sure I would love to chew that Krakken, with its tentacles and little suckers popping out of my mouth occassionally.

Well, I did not watch the first show but certainly enjoy the second one eventhough most of the times, things don’t always make sense. Anyway, the movie is so action packed, you have no time to thread the things together or make sense of anything. So, I just sit back and take in the marvellous sets of dark, scary and sinisters cabins, beautiful beaches, stomach splitting jungle and cannibals scene and just laugh my head off at those quotes.

My most favourite quotes :

Two bums were at sea, one trying to read, flipping through a book (its a Bible) and the other bum quoted :

Pintel : You don’t even know how to read!
Ragetti: It’s the Bible, you get credit for trying!

Many of the scenes were so well co-ordinated (not sure this is the right word) it kept me laffing with side splitting aches. The part where the crew were trapped in a huge cage in midair and they tried to swing themselves to the cliff. The merry-go-round music in the background made the whole scene funny yet suspenseful. Then, they lifted the cage and ran. “Lift it, lift it like a lady’s skirt!” Plus the fruits that were stucked to the pole tied to Jack’s back.

Oh ya, Jack acting all gay and ahkua as the ‘god’ of the cannibals with that 4 pairs of eyes. Plus the chinaman whose head was smacked off by Jack with a coconut. So, the head was speaking Cantonese telling the body where the head is lying.  But the headless body bumped into the tree instead.
Gosh there are so many memorable scenes like the three men, Will, Jack and Commodore fighting on this huge wheel that rolls downhill. And when Elizabeth pretended to faint to disperse the three guys from fighting at the beach, no one notices and kept fighting.
For a Disney movie, I expect those cotton-candy, feel-good, right moral parts but glad they did not overdo it like Pixar. The pirates are tough, fearless, heartless and just out to kill each other though no one was really seen to be dead in a gory kind of way.  The only soft touch is probably Will’s dad helping him out during the dice game.
I certainly recommend this movie.  But not for too young kids because many parts are dark and scary with loud music.  Thank goodness my toddler got tired of playing games and taking photos with my Sony Ericsson and fell asleep midway.

Now, I am looking forward to  Pirates of the Caribbean part three.  Official movie site here.
(quotes copied from IMDB)