Who is this freaky, ah kua wearing a white lace collar?

Thank you, thank you for all the suggestions.  I will definitely give you guys some interesting reads.  Meantime, service is interuppted to ask this question – WHO IS THIS FREAKY AHKUA WHO WEARS A WHITE LACE COLLAR SHIRT?

It is on 8TV, some Taiwan series, I think.  OMG, if we Chinese continue to watch these type of melodramas and adopt this kind of attitude, habis lah kita bangsa Cina!

Good God, this is reminiscence  of those Chin Han, Ling Ching Hsia, Ling Feng Cheow, Chin Hsiang Ling times when all one life revolves around is love, breaking up, boy cries in the rain, girl brings umbrella, boy embrace girl and they lived happily ever after.  Doh!  Those are stuffs in the 70s!

Please lah, this is so very the  geli mannnn.  I can’t stand that face.  It reminds me of someone but I just can’t remember who.  ( ;)  who can tell me?) and that collar, uweekkkk.

Hidup bangsa Cina!  Please don’t watch these kind of series or else we will have no more Chinese seeds to sow the earth.  The kind which is hard working, enterprising, tough, survives in hardship and remains strong.  Not some long hair ah kua beng with white lace collars and murmuring sweet nothings.

*haih* The danger of channel surfing.

16 thoughts on “Who is this freaky, ah kua wearing a white lace collar?

  1. That is why I never watch Taiwan drama series….. and also another reason why I also don’t watch Korean drama series…both of them have similarities.


  2. yea man, the moment i saw that guy i was like “yer, so sissy punya face also can be actor” what the hell did they see in him anyway?!?!?!

    I totally agree, korean and taiwanese dramas are soooo draggy.. one crying scene can take up to 15 mins! i dont understand how some people can stand watching them :S

  3. I don’t watching those garbage.prefer Johnny Depp anytime. =P

    He looks like the sida-sida (eunarch) in one of the chinese shows i watched before. lol

  4. My missus watches those kdramas. Follows that exact sequence with small change. Just when they seem like they can live for happily ever after one of the couple dies.

  5. LOL see already also not steam. Give me Kimura anytime! lol

    PS: The guy reminded me of a softie version of Kenny. LOL

  6. helen – *hands prize to helen*

    SA – LOL, yayaya, or get into triangle love

    anastasia – Along with this guy, there is another guy with those long straight hair ala Daniel. Ewwws…feel like grabbing the head and snip off the hair.

    Sharon – But lately, all our teens are also into these kind of fashion, the metrosexual one. Even my son also owns a few pieces of pink t-shirts! But, with my approval, of course. NO lace, thank God!

    Ken – Yayaya, I don’t know why this show’s fashion is really, really different from the Hongkie wan lor. They look so abnormal!

    nyonya – I unsubscribed Wah Lai Toi months ago and now got more time to blog.

    moo-t – Cannot, later sleeping time dream of the actors, nightmares!

    Angeline – Taiwanese have always been weird to me. (hope they dun read this)

    Alynna – No wor, they speaks Mandarin perfectly. (lips in sync)

    kljs – Oh, I thot you watch ALL TV shows. LOL.

  7. that drama called magician of love but i watch the girls and definately not him…duhh…if u notice that movie also got malaysian sponsor as they driving white Gen2…muahaha…

    so much drama i watch i stil like J drama…the best go to “innocent witch”…

  8. omg… taiwanese dramas… they’ve been around since the dawn of time. i remember there was one called ‘green green grass of home’. Every episode got people crying non-stop.

  9. I think he looks like Ah Pek leh… i remember he did put up a pic of the younger him as avatar once, right? ..”har pah tau tau and round round also” 😛

  10. Old grandmother stories I don’t watch lar…..draggy like hell….cannot tahan…can vomit blood one…..

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