Mob, mop, mob, mop, wateva

I love this quote so much I am going to paste it on my blog so that I don’t lose it next time.

Group intelligence is multiplicative when idiots are involved – combining a half-wit with another half-wit does not result in a full-witted person, it results in a quarter-witted person (1/2 x 1/2 = 1/4).    Combining a full-witted individual with a half-wit still only yields a half-wit.

(found this from SEOmoz blog   Posted by   Oatmeal on Thu (7/20/06) at 5:52 PM )

Which is a good point to illustrates what mob effect can cause to a situation.  Especially the kind that is in the cyberworld where mobbymonster sucks out everyone’s brain, blind everyone’s eyes, cause everyone to have a louder voice, have a faceless face and   shrinking the balls smaller while giving the person that high that he has the opposite effects.
So, I shall go back to my little corner and just keep to myself writing about mop.  Yeah, spell with a letter ‘p’ at the back.

But I like to paste here what I wrote last month, June 29th 2006:

What if the [tag] bullying case[/tag] involves [tag]Malaysian [/tag]children of different races? I am sure things can get blown out of proportion.

Sometimes, it is good to just remain calm and don’t say a thing.

7 thoughts on “Mob, mop, mob, mop, wateva

  1. Neo – Chey…It’s easier to get people to mob you.

    mob1900 – Heh, you tell me lor. I better go buy and stock more maggi mee if it doesn’t. Because ultimately that is what will happen if it gets out of control.

    ahpek – Close the mouth better. 😉

  2. Jon – Didn’t your father teach you? That’s why Chinese are like the cockcroaches….we survive and we are everywhere, no matter what the condition? Ask your dad about the oak tree and the lallang plant. Which is stronger?

  3. Malaysia boleh “close an eye” lol
    No offense, it’s just an easy target.
    Being Chinese, I think we should voice out and make a stand more. Yes, I did my part and pick my fight as I thought appropriate. Get in trouble once in a while, but, hey, sometime, you got to do what you got to do.

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