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From my last post, I got the following suggestions on what to write.  Contrary to some of the folks suggestions, it is not because I have nothing more to write.  I actually wanted to find out what would interest people in general.

To those who suggested, thank you very much. I got some very interesting topic to dwell on and will do so in the coming weeks.  There are 18 titles and they are varied so it will be fun to jump from funny topics to personal ones and challenging plus religious one.

Considering that some of them are rather ‘pressing’ issues, I shall start with Siti and Datuk K’s topic suggested by Helen!  Heh, the traffic whore in me is rearing its ugly head and Helen just help to make it more innocent.

Folks, if you have more funny topics to suggest, please drop them in my comment  box.  Who knows for the rest of the year, I have my blog topics mapped out.  Saves me from thinking.

  1. Your love life – Mama Bok
  2. Why did Superman wear his underwear on the outside? – Toxicle
  3. Is there a limit to one’s capability ? – K Sin
  4. How to Immigrate to Malaysia – Simple America
  5. How to cramp 48 hours into one day- MG
  6. The future of my kids in Bolehland – Nigel
  7. 101 Reasons Why I *HEART* Wuching – wuching
  8. Irritating comments in blogs – should you or should you not delete it off?” – Sooi2
  9. If I could turn back time…. – Phui San
  10. He is my ATM, I am his ……. – NyonyaPenang
  11. How to find Jesus in the most bitter person – Yvy
  12. Maternity Pads – why are they so big and thick?  – Sloggi
  13. Top Ten Terrorizing Recipes to Serve Your Horrible Boss During the Company Pot Luck. – Simon
  14. Why SIti choose K – Helen
  15. why do people choose gay names for themselves (or maybe it is the parent’s fault), e.g. Vanness (from F4), Fabio etc? – Loong
  16. If I could be a famous (you can add more adjectives like rich, young, etc. if you wish) person for just one day, who would it be & why? – SkyJuice
  17. Saya sebuah kereta… Abe
  18. Can women cry “Rape” within marriage? – alan2006

Number 19……keep suggesting…

12 thoughts on “To-do list

  1. And to add… our Pulau’s surviving Teng Teng / Bangkali Loti !!

    I for one once put my life at risk jus for 4 slices of bangkali loti, wif toasted to brownish black skin slap wif a generous amount of planta + kaya

    Long live Teng Teng Loti (that’s wat my late grandma used to refer to as)

    and also not to forget…. Long Live 5Xmom

    *grins wide wide

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