Why Siti Nurhaliza choose Datuk K?

This is part 1 of a series of ‘Readers’ request titles‘  Helen asked this question :  Why [tag]Siti Nurhaliza [/tag]chooses [tag]Datuk K[/tag]?

Siti Nurhaliza is probably the most untainted, pretty, rich, capable woman of this decade.  Since I only follow the mainstream media and not gossip magazines, I don’t think I have heard of her being romantically attached to anyone before.

So, imagine you are 27 years old with young, eligible bachelors lining up from Perlis to Johor, Kelantan to Pahang, right up to Brunei, Sarawak and Sabah…. and yet, you manage to stave all gossips about being involved romantically with anyone?  It takes a lot of   self-control, focus, determination to stay above all the filth of the celebrity world.  For that I really respect Siti.

She must be one strong young lady who never got weak due to pressure from her job and go searching for some strong arms and eventually, bad image.  I believe it must be her strong faith and good upbringing.  There must be lorry loads of casanovas whom had charmed her but she had manage to keep above the water.

So, what makes her choose Datuk K then?  I am very sure it is the kind of ‘only love’ that she was searching for.  Age does not matter in a relationship.  Moreover, it is the woman who is younger.  Datuk K probably provides the kind of security that she needs?

Do you think it is for money?  Nay…both of them are so rich already so that is secondary. It is not like Madonna marrying some out-of-job bum of an ex-cameraman or ex-actor.
Ultimately, I think she picked him really due to love.  Love and only love.  I hope their [tag]perkahwinan[/tag] kekal bahagia hingga rambut beruban and hingga ke cucu cicit.  Anyway, LOL, whether Siti Nurhaliza stays the singer or become a housewife, aku tak kisah.  Tak kena mengena dengan aku pun…Cuma nak kepoh sikit aje.
The other day I was talking to my atm:

Me : Ei, dear ah, you are also 47 years old like Datuk K?  How?  You want to find a 27 years old wife like Siti Nurhaliza or not?

ATM :  Got or not?  I don’t care what she looks like, but as long as she is rich like Siti.

Me :  In that case, you perlahan-lahan mimpi lah ya?  (dream on)

ATM : Who knows, Siti may be available again in another few years….I will keep waiting.

27 thoughts on “Why Siti Nurhaliza choose Datuk K?

  1. love is blind…
    maklum ler jodoh apa boleh buat yer mama lilian?

    yesterday my collegue pass by my desk and saw i read those email and got Datuk K pic…

    me:eh…muka nye kedak Satdam lar

    she:ya lar…aku memikir kenak latuk punya muka mirip sapa aje sepanjang hari…


  2. ahnel – I adore men with moustache and think Datuk K is handsome wor. How ler? Maybe I go get one ‘WANTED’ poster of Satdam and hang in my bedroom.

  3. mama lilian -he can married 4 wife ler and its legal… :D…
    If u stick satdam pornster later george boob kam and attack us how ler? lol

  4. **Kiss Kiss** Thanks for doing my request… **more kisses…**

    Siti had always maintained a squeky clean image all these years. I guess that is why, many (myself included) had this image of Siti being the fairy tale good princess. Good girls should rightly marry the handsome prince on the white horse that came swept her off her feet. We had wanted that fairy tale ending for Siti. Datuk K (no matter how attractive you find him :-P) is not the prince Charming in the fairy tale sense. He was married with children and divorced his wife (I dun know if Siti was in the picture..) only to get married again to Siti.

    This is a good time to realize there is a big difference between reality and fiction. Nice girls dun necessarily choose nice guys…. and vice versa.

    Well, wish SIti all the best.

  5. Oh yes, I dun want to play the villain, but I think it’s prudent you keep track of your hubby’s assets.

    If any ‘wind blow grass move’, (Canto) you’ll be a blardy rich woman!! MUAHRAHARHAR

  6. Love aside, I actually feel that she picked him because he was a good candidate. You see, how many men of Siti’s age do you know would be able to accept the fact that their wife is better than them in many aspects, ie those that count (bringing home the bacon and fame/fortune)?

    Most men around that age I know would want their wives to be behind them and not outshine them in public. I even have colleagues who have a problem with the idea of the wife working in the same company much or less be the boss.

    I feel that this is one of the reasons why she picked a very much older man who is equally successful in his own right.

  7. In response to Mei, I am one of those men who don’t mind at all, if my wife is better in all aspect of life. The beauty, the cash coming in, etc… can’t get better than that.

  8. huh?
    Datuk K is akin to Farquaad, remember the little man in Shrek? A knight in shining armor? hahahah i remember Farquaad did that stunt too, then the armor opens up and out trots the short dude who builds High castle walls and wear Tall shoes. C’mon this ain’t no fairy tale, this is all sandiwara ler. Look at the dark site, CT probably like to -ahem- older men, like 80’s 5-kap series, Taboo. hohoho sick eh?

  9. i oso waiting like your atm. but then, i doubt siti would want an old and poor man like me. hmmm… maybe if i keep my misai thicker, stock up on my tongkat ali pills, i might have a chance.

  10. Married with children, what’s the problem! Instant ready-made family!!! No need to suffer for nine months each time, unable to eat or even smell food puking like hell and looking horribly ugly…!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  11. wow, lots to catch up on ur blog for the weekend!

    kc, u r right. lots of men nowadays (the younger ones) dun mind their women doing better than them…earning better pay and paying the instalment of their property & car…while they just sit around goyang kaki. shameful!

    so, i think what mei sed makes sense. personally, i’m a bit “kolot” and i hate the idea of working in the same company with my husband where i’m the boss!

    but in the end yeah, without love, nothing will hold together.

  12. Wah, good. I don’t mind at all my wife doing better than myself; pretty, popular, lots of cash… wahaha… great!

  13. We will know in a few years or several years from now if this love story is really fated…….. time will tell…….

  14. *** tak tau la, tp baca je la.

    pd sesape yg suka nk baca kisah dato k ngan siti.. ni ada cite lg, mayb
    korang pernah baca kot… ntah ye ntah tidak, hanya tuhan je yg tau…..

    mcm2 versi pasal ct ngan dato’ k ni…cher baca yang ni plak
    apa lah kan… dia yg nak kahwin, kita yg but speculations. but let me tell you the storyla.. kesian tgk korang2 ni buat speculation…

    Minah ni mmg nak kawin ngan Dato’ K. Before this Si Fazley ni pun dah 2 kali family dia gi risik Siti, but Siti mmg x sukakan dia. Masa family siti gi raya rumah dia, mati2 dia xnak pegi. Org tak suka jgn dipaksa. Dia suka org tua. Matured la kononnya. Parents Siti plak mmg sukakan si Fazley ni, kiranya sepadan la ngan anak dia yg muda. (infomer from Sham Kamikaze).

    Siti mula kenal Dato’ K masa tgh stage nak buat filem pasal Siti
    Remember that dia supposed berlakon satu filem.. last yr kot.. ha.. inilah masanya. Director utk filem patutnya Ahmad Idham. Dato’ K is the financier for this filming projects. Masa tgh proses2 nak reccee kg Siti, know her family background, Dato’ K ngan Idham went to kg siti. Masa ke kg siti gak yg diaorg jumpa bapak siti and mintak approval utk siti berlakon. Yelah, budak baik… ikut ckp mak bapak. Lepas tu, ada one time, family Siti (whole family tau, bapak, amak, adik beradik, termasuk Ahmad Idham & wife)
    went for a dinner at Dato’ K’s house. Jgn tak tahu, masa ni Dato’ K x divorce lagi ngan wife dia. Semua berfamily2. Masa ni, father Siti dah approved dah dia berlakon, but apakan daya.. pada masa ni jugak berdepan2 keluarga ni Dato’ K dah mula pandang2, jeling kat Siti… FYI, wife Dato K mmg suka giler kat Siti ni.. but dia mana tahu laki dia ada syok kat minah tu…

    Benda ni berlanjutan sampai Siti ke London. Dato’ pun pegi. Masa ni xde sapa tahu pasal kidah syok2 ni even her family. I think it started from there la kot. After her father got to know pasal kisah cinta ni, her father was fuming mad. Pada dia, he trusted Dato’ K, bagi approval berlakon but si Dato’ ni dok ngurat anak dia. Ini balasan kepercayaan dia.. Anak dia pun dok main2 balas sms kat si Dato’ ni. Sama2 miang. Now i think her father cannot say anything dah kot. Cinta mana boleh dipaksa2 beb… so.. itulah
    yg terjadik sekarang. Yes, they are getting married. Dato’ K & Siti. August la kot… Xde kena mengena pegi sbb si Fazley. I dont know la if dia org tu ada relation plak. (infomer kawan dato’ k la)

    For me, aku takde hal la diaorg kawin, just kesian kat wife Dato’ K je. Si Siti plak sanggup plak tu. Tu yg x sangka… apa xnye, kau pegi rumah org tu, makan sama2.. tiba2 tu ambik laki dia. Well, that’s not nice…. anyway, it’s just my personal comment..

    ps let sboycot all her shows

  15. Aiseeyyyy mann….u all dah tahu ke Datuk K dah transfer alll his assests n monies to CT bank….hehehe

    anyway….dulu I minat CT sayang2 sangat pdnya…but I started to HATE her after d annoucement….Ciitttt….Cunniii….AhhhhPhuiikkkk to CT

  16. im quite dissapointed due to siti’s marriage wif datuk k. coz i never expect that siti will become like a “gold digger”. tk cukop ke dgn ape yg dia ade skrg. she’s a billionaire. ape agi dia nk. agipon datuk k tu bkn nye hansem sgt. muke cam nk setengah mampos je. beribu2 lelaki yg tunggu dia tp knape org tua tu jugak yg dia pilih? wateva it is i really don’t like about siti’s marriage. she’s my favourite artist and i like her so much. hope she will be happy always wif her DATUK K..!!

  17. Maybe things are not as wonderful as a fairy tales…
    Who exactly know clearly about Datuk K’s background?
    Do you know how much money do Siti have…in cash?
    What if Siti Nurhaliza ‘kena bomoh’?

    Wish her happy anyway!

  18. A man can only love one woman in this world but this wedding is totally absurd. Its a bad example to the young because these 2 love birds will have nothing in common except for lust and that too will never last. So you ladies out there.. build that romance with your hubby before you grow old and crumpled and he’ll think twice looking for a young one.

  19. What do you mean? She dated Zamani and Yusry KRU before. How can you say she’s never been romantically linked with anyone.

  20. Hmm…actually just nak komen the REAL REASON THEY GOT MARRIED, its not really datuk k (dk) that is really ‘miang’ in this case, its actually siti coz altho si dk tu dah lusting over siti’s body, its siti yang lebih ske coz firstly, dier dah farking horny coz dah 27 tahun, blum lg merasa ‘kesedapan’ perkahwinan and secondly, si ct lgla ske coz yela, si dk tu kan experienced man, mestila leh servis siti kaw kaw punyer! Jadi pada saya la, actually siti tu yang farking desperate and horny tu pasal dier tergedik2 bile si dk ske kat dier. si dk lak ske coz yela, siti tu kan hot stuff kat msia, xke makin naik ‘value’ kejantanan dier kalau dier leh screw POP DIVA MSIA? memang dua2 dasar gatal, they are both rotten la. I pity si tengku Z tuh, mentang2 suami dier ada ‘hots’ for the singer, atas masalah takliq yang mungking KECIK JE HALNYA, dier di ceraikan. Just a reason to divorce the wife and marry ct. TAk ke siti nie, despite dah gersang, nampak yang si dk nie kaki pempuan, dah tu kaki cerai, si siti bodoh sgt ke smpai x nampak dier pun maybe lepas dier dah menggelebe, dah gemuk or kerepot, si dk kawen lagi? fark la, memang org x berpelajaran. kalau ye pun nak org ada status dan kedudukan kewangan yang stabil, jgn la merosak kan marriage org. tambah2 lagi yang dah DUA PULUH TAHUN TERBINA, dengan EMPAT ORANG ANAK lak tu!! Adezzz…. rase malu la dier nie orang malaysia…malu betul…

    korang tak rase gitu ke??

    p/s: sorry if any siti fans or anybody tersinggung, this is just my honest view on WHY she married datuk k.

    so in summary,
    siti kawen si datuk k bukan coz duit or nak dpt datin, tapi coz dier dah gersang and dier nak laki yang ‘berpengalaman’ untuk ’servis’ dier kaw kaw…simple as that. tambah lak laki nie kaya, ada datuk and dah tua dah, is a bonus laaa

  21. No, i will not agree with their marriage. Think again, their age gap are way too far & also what about her fans, especially in Indonesia? Those fans in Indonesia were quite pissed with her decision you know!

  22. whutevor it iz i dun like CT a.k.a Cangkol Tahi 😀 LOL… so gorgeous but so bloody stupidzz gal 😀

  23. ct kawin nagn duk k mngkn bkn cbb duwit kot..manalah tahu dia kawin cbb dia bek @dia…………

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