Of ghost, obscene char koay teow and Satan

This is another photo and story aren’t related post.

Hungry [tag]Ghost[/tag] annual holiday starts just about now. All over the roads here, people are putting up temporary altars for the god of hades. Those huge things hanging there are supposed to be the new suit (for the god of hades, I think). So, folks, be warned. Drive extra careful, stay away from jungles and seas. Don’t pee just about anywhere after your drinking session. You don’t want your shee-shee to land on some angry ghost whom may make your kkc swollen to the size of a baby’s bolster.

My sons and I went for lunch today after picking #2 from school. We went to Swatow Lane. Drools, tee nya kueh.

This auntie go fry this obsence looking char koay teow with at least 8 prawns (some hidden beneath). OMG, can die of heart attack! Lucky one of my son helped me to eat the prawns.

Raw, bloody cockles, just how I like ’em. RM6 only for a plate.

My kids ordered one ice-kacang each and they piled on all the ‘liu’ like red beans, leong fan, attap chee, corn onto my cendol making it totally not nice anymore due to the mixed flavour. After that, my #2 kid asked me:

Kid : Mom, why do you think [tag]Satan[/tag] wants to take in all those people (who went to hell) and burn in the fire of hell?
Me : Ya hor.

Kid : It must be very troublesome to have so many bad guys there. Why didn’t Satan just send everyone to Heaven.

Me : Chey…God kicked them down there already, sure cannot enter Heaven anymore.

Kid : But why did Satan accept?

Me : Ya hor, isn’t it easier to burn them all into ashes instead of dealing with all these bad guys, murderers, gluttons etc etc in hell hor?

Everybody, any idea? Who assigned Satan to take care of hell? Kehkehkeh…

Ooops, did I just made everyone drools over the food? Here, have some[tag] ice-cream[/tag]. You should be able to find them from the nearest 7-11, 24 hours convenience store.

Don’t be a hungry ghost, ok?

In case you wonder whether I believe in the hungry ghosts existence, I used to. I used to offer little sweets and biscuits along the roads leading to my home on their arrival (tomorrow night) and departure (in another two weeks). And even now, as a[tag] Catholic[/tag], I wouldn’t want to mess with them. Tiu, of course, I don’t offer sweets to them lah! But if you see the intensity given to this festival, you better believe that a human’s mind is a very dangerous breeding ground for the fifth dimension.

BTW, do visit St. Anne’s church in Bukit Mertajam from today (actually started on Friday) until this weeked. I heard that it is very beautiful and all the stations of the cross are placed at the lower grounds around the church this year. I am going within these few days, to keep the legacy from my mother-in-law who is a [tag]Taoist[/tag] but faithful pilgrim to St. Anne’s church for decades.

Added: OMG, I just realised that Malaysiabest.net is one year old on 25th July, 2006!  Thanks to the good St. Anne!  ‘Cos my first post there was St. Anne church and when I re-checked, I realised it is exactly ONE YEAR AGO!  One year of food porn!

31 thoughts on “Of ghost, obscene char koay teow and Satan

  1. Wow..!! the char kway teow .. to die for man..!!!
    You gotta bring me there.. when i am in Penang the next time.. ok..!

  2. *drools heavily ****
    Wht r u trying to do to us? change me into a hungry ghost ?? Will try the food in a few weeks time when I m in Pg to visit my madar. Do try ‘Emperor Vegetable’, it was goood.
    Ghost? Satan ? God ? hmm… keep an open mind on this one, but do enjoy a good feast 🙂 I m more scare of homo sapiens, esp, politicians, lawyers and tax inspectors.
    #Fird – the Char Kuey Teow is obscene to people like us is becoz of its high cholesterols content and the effect on Lilian’s weak ticker 🙂

  3. Fird-its the cockles that makes it abit obsene.. as you can catch HepB if U don’t have a shot yet… *(uncooked shellfish in Malaysia/Far East pose this problem),… but dang yummy….

    I don’t fancy 7-11 anymore cos thanks to TESCO..I can head out to get 2 tubs of delicious ice-cream of £3 (or 2.17 each!)…24/7.

    Errgh! those inches on my belly.

    Hungry Ghost festival is always the time I land myself an appointment with the General Hospital, reason it coincides with Harvest/Haze period and hot weather and the fact tat even in the underworld.. I am not popular….


  4. omg! all the food looks so beautiful and delicious, i forgot to pay attention to what you were saying 🙂 you really take beautiful photos. drool!!! next time if i ever open f&b shop, must minta lilian’s help to take photo of the food lah…..*still drooling*

  5. Is Satan a big devil? Or is he the CEO of hell. I oso blur blur. Sometimes I see movie, they say the devil is doing all the mischieve.. is this devil Satan?

  6. Oh yes, we went to St. Anne Church oredi last Sunday. Beautiful Church and they are well prepared with marshall telling you where to park etc.

    Missed calling you to take us around the island for all the artery clogging food!!

    Will definitely make visiting St.Anne a yearly affair from now on.

  7. OMG!!! Now I’m turning into a hungry ghost when I saw the cha keuh tiaw 😛 yummy….

    Anyway, to your question who assigned satan to take care of hell… no one… he was not assigned there, but was rather thrown down there.

    U c..the story is like this.

    One fine day in heaven, God was walking around and was thinking of creating the universe and filling it with animals, trees, etc etc and also a new creation, humans, who would serve and praise God always. So, the angels asked God, how great this humans will be and God said, they will be so great that my Son will become a human and even the angels in heaven will have to bow to this humans….

    This made some angels very angry and the most powerful archangel at that time was Lucifer, the Angel of Light, and he found that the idea that he, an Archangel, the greatest of God’s angel having to bow down to a lowly human who can’t do anything but just praise and thank God is insane…so he complain and complain and started a riot in heaven and God , even though he is all merciful and kind, got angry lah and decided to cast Lucifer and the angels who revolted against the idea of the creation of humans into a place called hell, where they are seperated from God and thus, from that day onwards, Lucifer and his angels are called Satan and the devils and they, as the evil spirits, will wander through the world for the ruin of soul so as to prove to God that we humans are really uselless and will be easily tempted to go against our own Creator, God.

  8. Wow, the char kuey teow pic is one of the best i have seen….droooooools….i will have a triple size pls. Auntie ah, just out of curiosity, how does everyone around you react when they see you taking foto of ur food with ur DSLR?

  9. Now look at the mess u’ve caused! I drooled all over my shirt!!! Slurp! Slurp!!! Nothing like Penang Char Kway Tiaw…with prawns and see-ham some more?? Next time we go eat together, u give me all of yours!!!…can always detox b4 next blood test!!! Hah! Glutton also go to Hell kah!! Aduh! Die lah I like that! OK…move over, Wuching, make space for me!

  10. Luckily, I can drool now and fulfil my cravings end of next month. Can’t wait till I go back to Penang again. Haha….the mua chee!!

  11. chey chey chey! SI TUA PUI! where i got go to hell wan! when i die i transcend into a higher being! one that doesn’t require a physical body but can still travel everywhere when i want..then i’ll go see u suffer in hell! hahahahahahahaha

  12. Looking at your Char keow teow shots can still make me drool, even after a heavy lunch. Been in Pg for so many years, but have not visited swatow lane yet.

  13. OMG!! A reincarnated Wuching as a metaphysical being…die loh…have to make sure I die soon after he pass away..or else he’s gonna spy on me…hahahaha..aiyo…so choi one this comment….cis cis cis

  14. Thank God…..well…one never knows..being K-Po and such..might just decide to spy on people…Ohhh..Wuch…am I detecting a peeping tom tendency in you?

  15. hahahahaha….okie…

    Oh Dear!! Aunty’s blog has just been infected by the Q.V and Wuching Virus..she’s gonna phiak us 2 later on..better stop 😛

  16. Errr…slave boy? isn’t that ur job? I think I prefer to be her chef and spiritual advisor…actually..she can teach me how to cook all those delicious food and after that..I prepare for her loh…..

  17. Bad idea scaring man about swollen kkc. Like that no need viagra lar.
    Wah… if I want to open CharKaoyTeow store, can I license your photo or not? Drooling…

    Some reason why Satan become CEO of hell
    – in politics, it is call distactorship
    – in business, it is call PLC
    – in gangsterism, it is call power ruling.
    – In darwinism, it is call survival rules
    – in Zen – when hungry we eat, when tired we sleep
    – In animal farms – he is Napoleon
    – in HR – it is call appointment(yalor, the God appoint him to be CEO of hell)

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