Why did Superman wear his underwear on the outside?

Why did [tag]Superman[/tag] wear his [tag]underwear[/tag] on the outside? – Toxicle

Toxicle gave me this title. I woke up this morning (i.e. 30 mins ago) and the answer is ringing in my head. So I better make this revelation for the good of mankind.

Once upon a time, when Clark Kent was just a little boy, his grandma always reminded him to wear a clean underwear when he goes out. Grandma said, “Cukkie, remember to always wear a clean underwear. In case you got into an accident and they take you to the hospital, they will need to strip you. If you have bad luck meeting a doctor like Dr. House, then our whole generation will be dammned. Doctors like Dr. House can deduce a lot of things by just looking at a person’s underwear.”

So, Clark Kent always have the habit of wearing clean underwear and always, always wear an underwear, even when he is sleeping or bathing. Not just any underwear made of cotton or silk. Not manties or g-strings, not spongebob squarepants hole-for-kkc cotton underwears but the underwear which is laser proof, x-ray proof, red underwear.

Then, one day….the big bad wolf attacked the city. And Clark Kent who was in the midst of shitting was called to the rescue In his haste, he put on his Superman suit and almost flew out of the window. Midway, he realised that he hasn’t put on his underwear after he washed his bum-bum. The red light is blinking with fury, indicating the danger befalling the city. Superman had to make a quick decision so he put on his underwear outside of his blue suit. The end.

Now, about forgetting wearing undies. I was on MSN with a guy the other day and the topic was about forgetting to wear bras. I was grumbling why I hate courier service man calling in the early morning when I am still sleeping and had to get out of bed to sign the parcel. Our conver went something like this:

Me : Haiyah, don’t bother to courier, use normal mail easier. I hate waking up and meeting courier delivery man. Mah fan, have to comb hair, wear spec, wear bra.

He : No need lah, use [tag]handyplast[/tag].

Me : You siao ah, how to handyplast.

He : The other day, my girlfriend found out she forgot to wear her [tag]bra[/tag] AFTER we reached the restaurant. So, I fast-fast ran to a pharmacy and bought her some handyplast and asked her to tape up her [tagnipples[/tag].

Me : *fell off chair LOL* Like that also can? The nen-nen won’t jiggle-jiggle, doink-doink, dddnnnggg, dddnnnggg meh?

He : Haiyah, not very big cannot doink-doink lah.

So, now you know…two mysteries solved.

One – Why superman wears his underwear outside.

Two – What to do if you forget your bras.

17 thoughts on “Why did Superman wear his underwear on the outside?

  1. hahahaha..u are hilarious. I could not stop laughing throughout your story…hahahahaha

  2. Goodness! I gelak pecah perut reading the handyplast nipples.. actually quite common to lupa pakai bra if you are frequently braless at home.. must have a spare shawl/pashmina/selendang in car.. nowadays very the in-thing to wear around shooulder one.. can be stylo as well as cover whatever to coverlah..

  3. There’s actually these nipple stickers for sale. It covers the nipple so it’s not that evident. But, i sincerely believe unless you’re young and firm (or has a good plastic surgeon), you’re mostly likely uncomfortable sitting there with your nipple touching your lap. LOL

  4. Guess the handyplast is the substitutue for nipple concealer! Maybe should consider handyplast, cut them all in circles, cos the concealers are pricey!

  5. Now handyplast is going to gain extra sales for party pooper and wary boyfriend/hubby.

  6. Awwwww … so that’s why Supaman wear undies outside. I see now. Thanks for the explaination. Batman is smarter than Superman … actually both are idiots but Batman is smarter to cover his face šŸ˜›

  7. Ha ha ha ha ha! Very imaginative! Very hilarious!!! But plasters…after taking off, always leave trace of the sticky stuff on skin!! How to remove leh?? Rub…rub…rub…kah? Ha ha ha!

  8. Spoiler………

    If you do met someone like Dr.House, he might damned you and your whole generation or something like that……but as in the the finale of season 2, you can always SHOOT him, TWICE. šŸ˜‰

  9. I love Dr. House and i always watch this TV series after my day job.;*,

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