My love life? Ewwss….but read on

MamaBok suggested to me to write about my love life.  LOL, over my dead body, dear.  You have to pry it from my locked jaw at the morgue!  LOL.

Your love life – Mama Bok

But I will tell you why I got married.  ‘Cos I got tired of first dates and all those stuffs you have to prepare for first dates.  Like making sure your hair is clean, smells good and purrfect.  Your armpit got no hair. Or finding a dress that suits the right place and occassion.  And all those stupid guys who bored the hell out of you telling you when ‘I am rich’ stories.

So, one fine day when I was bored out of my secretary desk, I went to relieve the receptionist.  Do you know that being the receptionist is the most wicked job?  Ooooh..back then, when most clerks I dislike didn’t have a direct line, I can tell their boyfriends who called, “Sorry, no one answered after putting the guy on hold.”  Muahahahar…. don’t ever mess with me.  Ok, ok, back to the topic.

Then, one insurance salesman called for the Senior Marketing Manager to sell insurance.  He wasn’t around but   somehow, I was despo for people to chat with.  Back then, there were no blogs and definitely no MSN.  So we chatted and chatted and chatted and chatted.
Fast forward to 20 yrs later.

My son : Dei, where is your husband?

Me : How do I know wor, maybe he went down to check on the bike or car.

Son : You two know each other for how many years already?  How come you don’t know what your husband is doing?

Me : Ya hor…lemme think…..August 30th 1986.  OMG, it is 20 years already!  Gosh, I lived with him for half of my life already!

So yeah, we have dated since August 30th 1986 and been living together since then. 😉 We lived together ‘cos it is cheaper to rent one flat  than for us to rent a room each and pay double the price.  Not to mention the travelling, the extra beddings, extra bed etc etc.  Save cost, save the environment, save water,   live together!  Kahkahkakah, I got no daugther so I no sked ler.

During Parkson’s sale on Saturday.

Me : Dear…which pair should I buy?  Red or orange?

Dear : How much?

Me : RM79.90, got 50% discount.

Dear : Haiyor…so cheap, buy both lor.

So, there…. story of my life, in a gist, short & sweet.  BTW, my atm is no longer an insurance salesman.  I make sure he got no other clients to call, of course!  Oh ya, one more thing to jot down before I got too old to remember.  He was the only guy who never expects me to get down from the car to line up to buy movie tickets.  You see, last time cinemas have queue for male and female.  The male Qs was always long.  Every damn guy I knew always stopped the car in front of the cinema, wait for me to get down and Q ‘cos ladies’ row is very short.  But not my atm.  Heh, he would get down personally and charmed the first few women in the Q to buy two tickets for him.  Smart guy, eh?

Movie poster from Click the movie, starring Adam Sandler.  Coming to a cinema near you.

And, and, and….I hope those guys who never made it to become Mr. 5xdad eat their hearts out now ‘cos their wives bored the hell out of their mundane life, fed them catered foods in tiffins, never give them kids as cute as mine, never get complete satisfaction like a good foot massage or backrub or wateva or had become stonedeaf due to too much nagging from their respective wives.  Nyek, nyek, nyek.  Oh God, let them discovered my blog.

23 thoughts on “My love life? Ewwss….but read on

  1. wahh.. this eve have to go to parkson too.. so tergoda with your shoes.. have to get a few pairs for me…

  2. eh, what was it that u and atm chatted and chatted and chatted first time on the phone? different types of insurance? LOL!

  3. Agree with Wuching, not juicy enough.

    What about the first date? The first kiss? The first hand-holding and…..the PROPOSAL???!!!

  4. You know what I found most funny about this post- the last line “Oh God, let them discovered my blog.”

  5. Aiyoo…wish my hubby could be more like your ATM when it comes to shoes…..Lucky lucky u!

  6. ks – No lah, but hor it was his name card that got my atm to phone the office so in a way, I must thank him hor? You know who hor? LOL.

  7. hi lilian,

    wah both sandals also nice…nyway, am going penang this weekend for the penang bridge half marathon. will be staying at the gurney hotel. just wondering if u can recommend me some nice place near by there to eat. i wana try the curry mee, fried koay teow, roti babi….argh i just cant wait. yummi….

  8. So receptionists got all the men lar! lol

    Yeah, I’m with you regarding the initial dating phase. It’s damn tedious. Everyone is on their best behaviour, best looks, etc etc Damn sien, hor? It’s just an act.

    The best phase is where everybody come clean and confident enuff to reveal to the other party whom we really are! *and they usually run off after this… back to phase one..*

  9. Add one more topic to write, can?

    “How are we (you & ATM) gonna celebrate the 20th dating anniversary?”


  10. lol damnn.. u and ur tongue in cheek blogging style:) always loving it. hehehe..

    Why, I was only but a 4 month old fetus then!

    imagine, one little human being sitting inside an amnion sac anticipating life, …then one bigger human sitting in the receptionist chair and falling in love….

    then fast forward 20 years, become blogger friends.

    such is life.:P

    i’m so lame.. so late already.that’s why:P

  11. U mentioned armpit hair, reminds me of joke I got from Penang friend…about this guy just got married, phoned mom to ask her what 2 do. She said put your biggest thing in her hairiest thing. Son answered: OK, I’ve got my nose in her armpit, now what do I do next???

  12. Wendy,
    Make your way to Swatow Lane. Not too far from Gurney Hotel n eat your heart out 🙂

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