Haze so bad in Penang, weird town planner and rum

I just returned from Gurney Drive/Pulau Tikus area. The place is enveloped in a smokey haze which smells of barbeque. It wasn’t there earlier but whoosh, suddenly all hazy here.

Stupid, inconsiderate neighbouring country!

Talking about Gurney Drive, can someone freaking tell me what is going on with this road? Remember I wrote about the parking? Apparently, it is said to be the UK standard of having reverse parking. Fine, no problem. But recently, the council are painting the right side road (this is a one way road) with parallel lots. It could be for the pasar malam stalls (but these lots are way wider than the usual pasar malam lots) and it could be meant to replace the reverse parking lots. I don’t know. But it is a waste of money if it is meant to be parking lots. Those yellow, reverse parking lots were there for just like a few months.

Hrrmpphh…talk about smart town planning.

What to do when the whole island is covered with smokey haze? Eat, of course!

A rum and chocolate cake from Jenni Homemade Cake. My kids said, “Just like Captain Jack Sparrow drinking rum, hohohoho.” Hic, stupid haze.

10 thoughts on “Haze so bad in Penang, weird town planner and rum

  1. Aiyo.. haze so bad huh?? Bad time to visit Penang..

    Btw, thanks for your info. I think we’ll go on our way back to KL instead.. just so we don’t get caught in a massive human jam. 😛

    I know how to get there, been there twice but not during feast day.

  2. hmmph, biasalah stupid council. no wonder michaelooi called ’em Monyet Panjat Pokok Pisang (MPPP), LOL! besides, they got lots of money from taxpayers to waste wat…can afford to change their mind once every few months!

  3. Haze time should eat one ar??

    **Jotting down in notebook** Another reason to break diet… LOL

    pSSST, the reverse parking sounded technical… YOu sure those kopi license can handle?? 😛

  4. I just realised you have another entry on the parking issue. Glad someone actually blogged about it. I was outraged to see that kind of silly parking lots when i came back to Penang for my holidays.

    You’re right, my mom was already telling me how silly can our town council be. Gostan parking my foot! Now let;s see what they’re up to with those new paints on the right side of the road.

  5. Jlshayang – Ya, dumb idea. If it is a shopping mall car park or a less busy road, then probabaly that’s a good and safe way to park. But over here, when traffic is bumper to bumper and with our kiasu people who always try to snatch others’ parking lot, it must be hellish. Never try it before, can’t tell.

    Angeline – It tastes even better!

    helen – I also dare not park la. My Naza Ria so long, I don’t know how many rounds only I can get in without knocking the sides of the others.

    sooi2 – Ya lah, memang teruk wan. Wutudo….they never vote me mah.

    zmm – Don’t worry, the haze is not permanent one. Once the rain come, it will be clean. We get rains every other day. But hor, durian season almost over, so no more good stuffs liao.

  6. Can’t agree more abt the dumb reverse parking lots! Imagine trying to do that when the traffic is bumper 2 bumper! Although my parking skills are not bad, I almost gostan into another car when trying to park into that silly lot! What to do… kan cheong ma! A mile long cars waiting impatiently for me to gostan into the only available lot for the next mile!

  7. I remember once I was in Penang and the haze was really bad, wonder why it’s only on the island side cos after crossing the bridge over to mainland, it’s better. Oh,,,how I miss Penang and reading your blog is doesn’t help as it makes me miss it more!!!!! Oh how I long for the assam laksa and char kuey teow..yum yum…

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