Is there a limit to one’s capability ?

Is there a limit to one’s capability ? – K Sin

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LOL, this is like some motivational guru question. But fear not, hampalang questions also I can tembak (shoot) wan.

First, let me introduce this super informative website by this groovy looking guy name Dave Taylor. I am in love with him already! He knows everything! And I mean everything. From the Holy Bible to the green, yellow, red wires in your electronic stuffs. But mostly because his tutorial is super easy to understand and I managed to hack into my phpBB code and did what I wanted purrfectly. If you think WP files and stylesheet are confusing, wait till you see phpBB folders and files. I had that forum for three years and never dare to even touch the phpBB forum files but with Dave, *looking with dreamy eyes like those ‘You’ve seen on TV’ ads selling some magic products* , but with Dave, I can do it! Yeah! (claps please)

So, back to the question – is there a limit to one’s capability? No. Definitely not. One can go as far as one wants or stay and gather moss. No money, no education, no limbs, no complete brain, all are not excuses.
For a parent – It is important that we give that kind of confidence to our kids. But not to the extend of pushing them. Whether it is from the first time a baby learns to crawl or venturing out into the world. Sadly, most children nowadays are pushed and not given their own space to grow, fall and gain that confidence.
Is there a limit to one’s capability ?

Ok, ok, back to the topic. I believe if a person puts his/her mind into doing something, the person should be able to achieve it. The only limit is when the person has no confidence of their ownself. Of course, one has to be realistic and take things step-by-step. And not forgetting that there are more important things in life than achievements. Family time, peace of heart, God, time to love etc etc. He/she has to sacrifice a bit, learn a lot and never back-stab, side-step to achieve whatever he/she wants. And don’t get conned by LamB Burger lah! Dei, I sound like Confucius pulak. LOL
Oh ya, last Sunday, John, a mental and physical disadvantaged 20 yrs old guy asked me to find him a computer. John looks worse than any of those people who walks from table to table to ask for money. He cannot take care of himself that well because he lived alone and does not have total control of all his body functions. He needs time to compose his words and push it out of his mouth (and you have to watch out that his saliva does not spray all over you, he can’t help it). He has to arrange his steps to walk and that is also not in a straight line. He was educated well in the Spastic Children Centre and knows English. If John has the desire to improve himself, there is no reason why others cannot do it. (all those links about John leads to other pages, do read if you have the time)

Aptly, the Gospel of John from the Bible , John 3:16 popped into my mind. BELIEVE. If you place your trust in God, all things will come to you. Jesus’s words (2 Corinthians 12:9): “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

Makes a lot of sense to me. Unlike the saying, An empty vessel makes most noise, I like to see myself as an empty vessel that has a lot of space for Godly stuffs. Amen!

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  1. Hey, I dunno who is Dave Taylor… but I bet I’ll do after you talked about him. lol

    I’ve been taught, God never test a person beyond his limit. 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more! With children, pull…don’t push!! I know of one parents who put so much pressure on child and to do well, child resorted to getting others to do work, copying…and lying to get away with it…always because child did not want to get into trouble with parent!!! Sad case!!!

  3. Of course there’s no limit to ones capacity if one has set his/her mind to do it.

    Btw, I have a favour to ask.. I’m going to Penang this weekend and would like to go to St Anne on our way. I know it’s St Anne’s feast day, but I’d never been there during its feast day. Is it all crazy there? We plan to go in the evening of Saturday, probably around 4pm. Do you know if that’s a good time? If it’s going to be all crazy, then we may instead go on Tuesday when we are to return to KL. This would be after the feast day.
    I have a 20mth old tagging along, and I’m pregnant, so I don’t want to get caught in a big crowd.
    Please help to provide some info. Thanks. 🙂
    You can drop me a mail at, or just reply to this comment and I’ll come back to check later.

  4. zmm – Saturday maybe a little jammed because of the procession and masses throughout the day. But it can’t be too bad because the roads in BM are all widened now and St. Anne’s parishioners are the marshalls taking care of the car park. It is very orderly. But don’t ask me how to go to St. Anne though ‘cos last year, we accidentally stumbled upon it after our car punctured while on the way home to Penang from KL. By luck.
    This link provides the times of the masses. If 4pm, it should be still ok ‘cos the procession starts at night and that’s when a lot of people gather there. If I go within these few days, I will email you the situation if it is bad.

    STP – Wait I write about the good boy turned bad.

    ahpek – What? You pee once instead of twice?

    helen – That website is full of ‘How to…’ so I like. Yeah, I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. 🙂 Hehehe, into the mood of quoting Bible verses.

  5. Dear Lilian, commenting on the Death of the late Hani Mohsin… I am somehow unable to express my feeling for his daughter of 10 years old who was at his side at the LCCT ALONE save for strangers (scarred for life mah!)… for her courage, I hope she will face the future… Tiara & Effendy notwithstanding… I pray for her..

  6. Dear Lilian, sorry hope my hani mohsin thingie not out of topic since its about a child’s confidence and capability… excuse me i need to go find a group hug… snif sob tearing up orredi!!

  7. fire80 – Yeah, what a shocker for the little girl. Life is so unpredictable ya? I remember Hani Moshin from the time way back when he played in a movie and disguised as a botak monk and caused a big hoo-haa. So young, only 43, I am 42. Haih…life. May Hani rest in peace and comfort to his family.

    wingz – Yakah, tenkiu. I oso derno why my topic can skewed to religion LOL. Usually, I started with one thing and end up with something else. I kasi you the empty chair and empty field to rest, okie?

    nyonya – But we only believe this when we mature and not when we are supposed to be studying. Hahaha.

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