Road signs are saviour!

Last night –

Son : Remember ok? Tomorrow wake up early, wear your spec and handyplast and wait for the courier delivery man. (he was expecting a parcel)

Me : Sure lah, sure lah. Cis, next time don’t read my blog, ok?

Fast forward

Ooops! Got a call at 11 am that there is a parcel to be collected from the Jelutong Expressway because no one around when they delivered. (aircond, door closed cannot hear door bell mah) Feeling guilty that I didn’t get the parcel, I thought of driving there instantly. Dare not call atm ‘cos dunwan to kena lecture for sleeping like a log. Must get parcel ‘cos my son has promised to meet his Japanese friend after school (the parcel for both of them).

So, I drove without knowing exactly how to get into the Jelutong Expressway. My mind fooled me that I can go into it from Tesco area. Went around twice and realised I can only get into the lane from Gelugor. Drove up to Gelugor and on the look out for the courier company. Not a single sign of it, ended up in some Jalan Bakau gangster area.

Totally lost, have to phone atm and admit I am as brainless as the day he knew me. He wanted to phone the courier company for clearer direction. Cannot find their number. So, he suggested I drove down to town and take another attempt to get into the Expressway. This time, I ended up in Jalan Sungai and all kind of ulu places with cheap flats and continue searching for road signs leading to ‘Feri’. Lucky after following all the road signs, I managed to get the parcel in some foresaken new township along the Jelutong Expressway. It was on the other side of the Expressway so that’s how I missed it the first round. Stupid courier company told me ‘Yaya, lepas Tesco, dekat itu sampah sana.’ (dumpsite area)
Reached home only at 12.30 noon. My toddler turned green face due to the pusing-pusing and vomit. Duh! He even recognised roads like ‘This one we go Redang one hor’ and ‘This one we come back KL one hor’. Poor kid been taken for a ride by a blind mummy! Haih…if you put me in the Klang Valley, I may never find my way home, ever.

13 thoughts on “Road signs are saviour!

  1. hehehe… you must be referring to some obscure courier service. Remember spotting one there during one of my zoom2 drive down the driveway and at that time the fleeting thought in my mind was – How to get in to that place if I get a parcel from them!

  2. To go home from town, I depend on the road signs that point to Penang Bridge. I get those roads all mixed up (Anson rd, Macalister, Cantonement etc.)

  3. Oh….poor toddler. Hmm…maybe u shd install doorbell speaker inside your room. There are those doorbells with multiple speakers so that u can install them at diff places.

  4. Wah, your house so big hor… the door bell also cannot hear. My house so small, even i in toilet and close the door, people knock on the gate outside also can hear 🙂

  5. can la… in klang valley got so many road signs showing “ipoh”, just follow sure can balik kampung pulau pinang wan, LOL

  6. Go to those big big bookshop and buy the RM48++ Rimman map for penang, then you can get anywhere in Penang like the courierman 🙂

  7. gbyeow – Haiyor…by the time I type the blog entry, I reached already cos Penang so small oni.

    moo_t – This stupid roads keep changing. This one is the new highway but very disorderly. From highway suddenly end up in gangster overcrowded area and tiny roads. That’s Penang for you.

    sooi2 – Or use the compass, pointing North one.

    Neo – No lah, my apartment very tiny but I tidur mati only.

    shooi – I will live with the excuse, cannot hear door bell so that I can lied to the four sis-in-laws I have, when they ring my bell. Muahahahar.

    WMD – Ya, the roads sort of blend from one into another and they looks the same to me. LOL, sometimes, even I lived here for so long don’t know where I will end up whenever I turn into a road. Too confusing for me.

    Momof2 – Yalor, last time in Jelutong one and now moved there, so out of the place, only accessible from the ‘Ang Tek Kak’/Weld Quay area.

  8. Bryan – I oso dunno but start with S. Hahaha, lucky I saw their truck big-big by the road side and fast-fast turn into the Expressway.

  9. S courier is supposed to deliver to door. IF S courier deilvered and no one is around a simple phone call and S courier must deliver again to door. If S courier failed to deliver then S courier is not performing. Consignee can then get in touch with consigner for actions to be taken. In this case S courier has failed and I bet I know who they are!!!

  10. Bet Klang valley road changes is more rapid than Penang.

    Rimman map served me well, they always include “planned” road on the map, so the latest version will last at least 5-6 years.

  11. hi!

    really enjoy reading your blog. btw, your kids are soooo cute. wish i’d have the same patience as you to have kids when i’m married later. and ya, i also blur blur when it comes to maps and directions.

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